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St. George, Utah
Jul 06 – Jul 12 2015
Jul 12 -18 2015

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Ever need a long weekend or week up in the mountains or in some desert terrain to finish up a novel or short story? Well several times a year I host a writers retreat that usually occurs between Thursday – Monday. Many members will come in Thursday afternoon and leave Sunday afternoon so that they’re home Sunday night and be ready for work the Monday morning.

If I am in a very very creative mood and Muse and I are on speaking terms I have been known to write a first draft of a children’s novel in one weekend. Then I spend months later repairing the damage.

Several times throughout the year I host Writers Retreat in various locations around Utah. The next one is Nov. 2014.

Different attendees have had some very productive times at these retreats. Come find out when and where the next one is. I have a membership to WorldMark Resorts and they have 37 locations in the United States and different spots of the world. My membership also gives me access to RCI resorts which includes quite a lot more resorts. I do have to admit that when a bunch of friends and I went to Hawaii we didn’t do any writing that week. I feel really really bad about that. If you a nature nut (I’m a pecan) than the various locations should appeal to you.

If you would like to have a retreat for your own writing group, family or friends and simply want to use my condo points for a get-a-way. Contact me to see if we can schedule it. I have access to condos around the world.

-Just got back from Boot Camp with Donavan and he couldn’t sing your praises loud enough. – Anna
-We had a great time, and the condo was great! – Chris P.
-Love the condo and we are having a blast. – Donavan D.
-The retreat was very focused for me. Everyone just worked and worked. I was delighted that I finished a story, and started working on another idea. I met a lot of wonderful new writers with loads of talent. It was fun. – Maurene
-Thank you so much for the condo last week. It was really a great help! – Jeremiah
-I sure did enjoy the one I went to with you, Susan, Marlene and Barbara. – Kareen
-The condo was great. – Joshua E.
-It was wonderful! Thanks so much for letting us do this. I thought people would want to run around, but they got up there and were content to just veg. KrisAnne and Brian played video games, Cheyenne read and my dad entertained himself with his pictures on his computer. We really had a nice time.- Jean Baker
-Want a relaxing, enjoyable, no hassles stay away from home? Of course you do! Then I have the answer—rent a condo from Melva Gifford! She’s friendly and easy to work with, and the condo was fantastic, the scenery beautiful, and the stay delightful. Give yourself an adventure. Give yourself a memory. Book a spot with Melva. Go! – Brenda Sills

Many have been in Northern Utah but the last few have been in Southern Utah when I provide accommodations for Dave Wolverton’s writing workshop (St. George) Here are some reviews from those who stayed at the condo during Dave’s workshops:

The Worldmark Condo in St. George, Utah, was a wonderful place to stay while I attended a writing workshop in town in August 2012. It was clean and roomy, had a homy family room and fireplace, open kitchen, and three sizable bedrooms. It had all the dishes and refrigerator space we needed. We had a beautiful view from our balcony of the Utah cliffs surrounding St. George. The staff was friendly and the pool was gorgeous. The only drawback for me was that the fitness room didn’t open until 8:00 in the morning; however, this was a relatively small issue, as I was able to run instead, and had a very pleasant experience doing so. Overall, I had a great time and made some fantastic friends! I would definitely stay in this condo again. Rebecca Hogan

I just returned home from the David Farland editing workshop. It was amazing on all levels. David is brilliant and his insights invaluable! One of the side benefits I experienced was staying in Melva’s world Mart condo. I was able to save money by cooking, and laundry. The rooms were large and comfortable. The best thing about staying there was the community atmosphere. I forged the bonds of friendship that can only happen when you live with someone for a short spell. Melva is a generous, caring person and I am privileged to know her. I believe the people I stayed with will be friends for life. Adam Hakim

The condo was absolutely everything I could have possibly wanted, a true home away from home. It had three bedrooms, five beds and two bathrooms, more than enough room to get comfy in. With a complete kitchen, dining room and living room, it was roomy and perfect for entertaining guests and sharing the space with friends.
Everything was impeccably clean and the condo was stocked with any supply I could possibly want. The only thing that would have made it better was a tea kettle to go with the lovely teapot.
At the front desk, the staff of the WorldMark were very helpful and friendly. They introduced themselves by name and went out of their way to make sure that I was comfortable and well taken care of. Regards, Vivian Trask
“Just finished the Rewriting to Greatness workshop with David Farland. The condo was great. So nice to have a homey atmosphere to write in rather than a cramped motel room.” –Greg Vose
For those who want to know how well stocked the kitchen is of dishes, I made a list: http://www.melvagifford.com/2012/09/17/the-essentials-of-a-kitchen-when-in-a-resort-condo/

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  1. Linda Bell says:

    The condo, the fellowship, Dave’s workshops were all great!

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