Motto: A rising tide lifts all ships:


This website has a theme: A rising tide lifts all ships.

When I learn something new I am happy to share it in case others may benefit. I have a rich mix of interests many of which I hope to use to improve my understanding of others and in turn, improve my writing, storytelling and communication skills. As I have several works out in the market, that is always a good thing. :)

Also, knowledge is power. I can increase my personal power by widening my perceptions.

If you feel there is content on this site, that interests you, enjoy. I invite you to comment on the subject matter and maybe add more links that can, in turn, expand all readers’ understanding.

That creates a win/win situation for all of us.

I have a lot of pots on the fire. The ones boiling at the highest temperature are my books, stories, and storytelling. If you have a specific question please send an email to melva@melvagifford.com.

My weekday blogs all touch upon different subjects that provide a rich variety of subject matter. Please glance over the explanations of blogs lower on this page and see if the topics interest you. It is my hope to update that theme once a week. Come visit the blog that interests you. Note that I encourage group participation. The blogs themselves are also listed in the side menu.

Everyone have a GREAT day.

There is a new blog each work day and occasionally on weekends for good behavior.

Blog Themes:

Monday: Teaching Embellishments

Object Lessons and other teaching ideas are discussed on Mondays. You and I will discuss what we find to be successful techniques in teaching such as things people have done to make memorable Sunday school sessions, humor, youth camps, class techniques or lectures. Some of these ideas are gained through the observation of some excellent teachers and others, I created. Mondays often cover object lessons which may be useful to youth ministries, family devotionals and family home evenings. if you have used a tool or technique in your ministry that has proven to be successful, please feel free to share. Sometimes this blog will take a different slant and be dedicated to different religious topics or on an item/subject where I have learned something new. Some content comes from church or firesides etc. Hope you enjoy the variety.

Tuesday: Tasks, Errands, and Projects – Oh My

I make up lists and many people do the same. On Tuesdays, I come up with a topic to create a list on or tell an idea of something that has helped me organize a part of my life. I’ll invite a conversation where we discuss what needs to be added to the list. For example for international travel one needs to remember that other countries use a different voltage for their electric equipment than those in the USA. USA citizens may need an adaptor. These are the types of things discussed on tasks etc. If you were part of a group who organized some event and you would like to share the things you’ve learned, contact me.

Wednesday: Rock Soup

This day involves a discussion on different types of creativity. It may overwrite, plot design, storytelling, inventions, art, and humor. I might also touch upon plot; which has to do with brainstorming and writing. The topics may range from fun ideas I’ve come up with in my brainstorming sessions to what I’ve learned from others. A lot of people say they have difficulty coming up with ideas. I’ve never had that problem. As I pop out a plot, I’ve come up with, let’s see if my ideas can help those who have difficulty with creating a story. If you took notes while attending a great author or storyteller presentation and you want to share it with others, contact me about posting it up on this site and to include proper credit acknowledgments and your website.

Thursday: Speller Beezy and other ailments

Everyone has their own techniques on better spelling and learning things. I’ve had a difficult time with spelling all my life. So on Thursdays, I share with my visitors, things I’ve learned such as new ways to improve my spelling or other interesting tidbits. You get to come along for the ride.

I use mnemonics as one of my tools to help me memorize things. Let’s see if the combination of our ideas creates some great results. We will discuss mnemonics, visualization, or other techniques on how to remember the spelling of difficult words. There can also memory tricks for history and science etc. In there I will also allow the temptation to share some famous quotes I’ve liked.

Friday: Goulash

This would be a weekly blog on topics not discussed on other days of the week. This also might be the day that I invite another to guest blogger so that you can be introduced to their website and talents. Also when I attend a lecture or writing workshop I often take notes. This would be a good day to share something I’ve learned.If you have taken notes on a lecture about any topic and you would like to share them with others, let me know and if I like it, I’ll share it with your name and website attached.

Random: Vent

In recent years I have become increasingly concerned about the state of our nation. This will be an occasional blog where I will share information I am learning about or I might post audio files of lectures or presentations I attend locally. Join me as I take my fledgling steps of becoming more educated on national and local issues.

A Chapter a Day:

I’m going to try an experiment. I’m going to post a chapter a day on my latest fantasy novel on my website and get feedback on them. I’m requesting comments on various things. If you want to participate please provide input in the comment section of the blog. Just ignore the post if you’re not interested. Items sought: 1. Things you like 2. things you don’t like. 3. Pacing. 4. Plot and 5. observations of world or characters and whatever else in the comment section of the blog. for those who want to provide feedback on my wonderful spelling and grammar etc. please copy and paste the text into the comment section of the part you see needs help. Those who know me, know how little that will be required. he he he :)  Thanks

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