New Technologies:

I will learn interesting things concerning research. See if any of these interest you. Inaccuracies are my fault. Take the proper precautions before implementing: Some items on this a list of upcoming technologies. This would make a great source materail for sf of a story if once of these items backfired.

Alt 4 = to quite current application
3 d printer using plastic but now there is one that will use 40% wood and will help toward making furniture.
2050 = Japan working on a space elevator
466453 (spells out of goggle) and you can get dumb phones to be smart phones. text to that number and put in movies and zip code.
Acustic bar code. they etch the symbol into wood. run it around the top rim and it plays a sounds
Apples: genetically generated apples = they have disabled the browning of an apple.Require no chemical treatment before being processed.
Avitor technology that a person can remote control a robot.Cantastic=will clean trash cans.
Backpack radar kit = les than 20 lbs, It will scan 150 anchor area and look for movement for movement. Might be used for hunting also has HD camera and zooms in.
Backlofen = may help with alcohol addiction.
Bacteria m13 = when put under mechanical stress it sets off an electrical charge. . Good place to use it is on a keyboard. the more you type the more it will charge your battery.Built into the circuit board. use it on bottom of shoes. Bacteria in body that can become magnetized = may eventually be evolved to create bioengineered magnetic and thus bio hard drives.
Bananna: New sticker on banana = will tell when a fruit is ripe or when its no longer good. it will be edible.
Bar codes: use bar codes to put on instruments and other items so that surgeon won’t lose track to items left in the body.
Bathtubs that are 3K viberscistic. bug tub vibrates to the invisible speakers.
Batteries: android/smart phone batteries (by Perdue university) = a lot of free apps use a lot of batteries 20 % used on apps (game) but 80% is used by accessing downloading Advertisements
Batteries that look like a strip of gum that can put on the back of your phone and it’ll provide battery energy. Can buy from vending machine.
Battery: iphone low battery on phone.
-turn off push notifications
-lock your phone
-turn off where am i location program
-lower light intensity
-fetch your email
-turn off muliti backgrounds aps.
-turn off wifi off if not using it.
Bike QR code: QRCode being put on bikes to help monitor them in case they get stolen and can be returned. $ $250.00
biometric atm = scan palm print and password and pin and you can access your bank account
Birth control for pets is in the works.
Boost turbine = hand crank phone charger. Min wing get 30 sec. power
Cans: self-cooling cans = uses c02 claimed from the atmosphere.\
Cap = that can monitor the alert level of the wearer. Good for drivers etc.
cardissian = means 72 hours
Car: self parking car = find a parking spot automatically
Cat ears = that will read your emotions.
carrier iq = software on cell phones keeps track of events happening on phone. mostly used on Android phones.
1. carriers and manufacturers want to find out if phones have a problem.
2. log on phone could potential be hacked.
3. is on I phone and is disabled if turn phone on diagnostic setting it will turn this on.
4. gismotto site gives list of what phones don’t have it.
Cell phone and kids: kids and privacy in cell/smart phone. Conditions to have one 1.state that they can have a phone on the following condition. 2. Parent can look at the phone any time you want it. 3. you can’t have anything that is bad. 4. process all the phones that are processed through a central account. 5. inspect on surprised attack 6. do it monthly but at different times. 7. have a proactive meeting and discuss sexting or share netflic, what stealing is. 8. cell phones giving to communicate with parents. calls to friends is a bonus.9. for negative behavior remove bonus or restrict bonus. 10.teach how to manage their own time with technology. You can turn off the phone. teach discipline 11. show that when they are open and upfront about suspicions behavior parents will work.
cell phone: Possible technology = cell phone that can be turned into a stun gun.
Cell Phone: Wearther service is going to have ability to send weather alerts to smart phones. offer 1. President alert, 2. weather alert 3. amber/child alert.
Cell phone: Japan working on new technology for speaker on cell phone to make it so clear that people think its a voice in your head.
Cell phone SIM card: Can a sim card of one model of phone be used in a different model they won’t work if not the same sim. but if have a phone that uses a different sim if models use same sim.You can unlock a phone so that any sim card can be used of same model.
Cell Phone soap: phone soap = box to put phone and it’ll clean surface of phone and also recharge. Cleans through UV rays
champ = from boying, can fry all the electronics of the target. a localized emp hit without caleradol damage
The chilly bed = bed mattress that has to different heating temperatures.
Climb walls without ropes. new technology is created by uvc university of utah.
Cloud Technology: storms can influence stability of cloud storage. have hardware backup with cloud. cloud good to store photos if have to flee your home.
Concrete: Dr. richards = involved in a new type of concrete used in construction that won’t crack. can be used to fix cracks and holes in current buildings.
Connect = by Microsoft = reads your body actions to control device. speakers might be able to monitor hand motions. Computer will know when you’re in the room.
Connected me = no long need to use usb cables between computer and devices. your body become the cable instead of using usb cables as we have some electrical current in our bodies
Contact lenses that can sense glucose in tears and can notify that you help as a diabetic it will change color. monitors blood sugar. eyes will turn red.
cup that will give out a flash every time a picture is taken with a flash.
Data collectors- what they won’t tell you.
1-You have to send a written Cease and Desist letter to not call you.
2-dept collectors will buy up old debts.
3-depts beyond 7 years will not go on credit report. except for student loans.
4-keep a log of when they call and take to court and can have dept dismissed.
5-collectors can’t tell employers how much money is owed. Do a cease and desist to not contact co
6-collectors cannot arrest you.
Deaf Glov: Glove for the deaf, made to translate sign language into voice.
Device gate = will let you know what is the best hot spots that are around you and tell you which one is free. Only available through horizon. ‘
Disappearing Ink: publisher printing books in ink that will disappear after two months.
DNA gun= pain ball gun, go through clothes and skin to identify robber, could be used to identify mob members.
DOder tags – Fabric patch & put on under arm of shirt, maybe from a nano pores material and takes away oader. Made by Odigone co.
Easy park parking meter = will read credit card to pay for parking.
EcoAT = machine that will scan old cells and check their working condition and offer payment or can donate wroth to charity.
Elrad= sonic weapon, is used by police to get rid of obs.
Emergency Lights: LED emergency lights = used to replace burning flairs that are used to identify a problem car.
Escape jacket = block in the inside the inner pocket of the coat will block all incoming and outgoing signals while in a pocket. Helps with security
Eye movement recognition= will watch your ryes to if your reading it and keeps the monitor turned on.
Extra fuel = non flamable alternative fule to store in the back of your car. 91% octaine. good alternative for fuel $24.99. $35 srom amazon or manifactorer.
Facebook phone = being developed all things will be done through facebook.
Finger print technology that tells if someone is dead or alive. New technology will let you use biometrics to make sure that a finger print is alive and thus can’t cut off finger, also can be used to see if you are using illegal drugs by reading megabytes.
Freedom pot = phone case will turn your iPod touch into an IPhone plus one gig memory. Provides 4g hot spot built into a case similar to a regular Wi-Fi hotspot.
Fracture puddy = puddy that can be injected to an area where bone is broken. and it will make weeks to heal a broken bone verse months.. May be available in a few years.
Frankin fish= bioengineered fish to grow faster.
Fires: Way to keep track of fires = web sites: easier and Google maps = Arial view that can show where fires are at.
Food glasses=that make food look less because things are magnified. To make things look bigger that you eat use a smaller plate.
Glamping = glamor camping = luxury accommodations
Glove one = is a phone glove that you wear and you make a phone symbol thump2 ear and pinky to mouth and that activates the glove to be a phone.
Glow doggie = glowing collars for dogs = have reflective strips on them turns off and on by motions sensor chip
Google glasses and augmented glasses = = can display info on glasses.
Gps will be using earth’s magnetic field to locate your position.
Happyness counter is an attachment put on a fridge that if you don’t smile you will have hard time opening your fridge.
Haptic = touch response if you have a blackberry you feel a slight vibration (may put tattoos that will buz
Hapifork= uses sensors, lights, vibrations to tell users to slow down, or eatcing too much.
Heads up display = data will show up on windshield like speeding or temperature and navigation systems like a gps instead of having it on the dash board.
Heat stick = lets you boil water. used by special forces and may be available to public.
Hic-up pops = to help stop hick-ups. made of vinegar. vinegar triggers nerves.
Homeland security using scanner can work 50 meters away = can sense what you are carrying.
Hug and dream mini= will provide breathing pattern to encourage the child to breath deep and fall asleep.
IBitz = (by IOS) is a toy where children exercise and nutrition keeps their virtual pet alive.
IBM=computers working on creating computers that will have five senses.
Interseasonal Heat Transfer = london Hethrow = excess heat tarp mac is stored and brought back when head is needed. might eventually b e used for home use.
Instructable = is a program that a plan for an object that can duplicate the original in a 3 d printer.
Intelligent Mouth Guard = monitoring hits to see if they need to be pulled.
Iphone is good for people who change from stupid phone to smart and for people who don’t like to tweek phone.
IPod technology requires the electric component of human flesh (finger) to activate. Army needs combat proof IPod.
Iris scans: 2014 = will be using iris scans and will start using instead of finger print. catching criminals.
Irect = if get flat tire or crash it documents times of accident
Joggobot= program little air copter and it runs with you. Links to T-shirt.
Kissmetrics = a way to track name of visiting, where visitors come from when visiting your site, and where they go after a site visit. Once used by Reported by
Lampbrella= umberella opens on street lamps.
Laptop mousepad: Put post it note on laptop and it will keep the mouse pad/finger pad clean
Liposonics = ultrasound being used to destroy fat cells
Liquid body armor: hardens when something hitds it. Better than cavlor. Liquid inside the vest. Disperse the hit
Liquid glide= uses nano-technology that is in a spray on bottle that help catsup come out easily. will let you rub a sample of your oil on the sensor and it’ll tell you if the oil in your car needs to be changed.
Luggage: by ben hack = makes inventions by others idea. = luggage that will follow you around the air port.
Magic bullet that can hang around for 30 min. until it can find a target. part drone, part stun
magnetic artwork = hook up with tattoo to have it vibrate. Created by okeyia.
Magnetic wall paper = from magscape. can hang magnets to wall, some put magentic paper inside doors for recipes.
MarsOneProject = plans to set up a colony by 2023
Mcgiver robot = will use things in a disaster area and use it to rescue people
Microzap = will not make bread not go stale
Mirror from MIT that can monitor your body conditions.
Mitque = will alter the temperature to the room according to the wrist.
Mp3 player plays music that plays music through teeth feelings.
Nest=is a temperature thermostat that will learn your preferences and change temperature in room when you enter it. Available at Lows.
New algorism=will be able to verify if your tweets are truthful.
Never wet = is a new produce. It is a spray that when sprayed on any object, resists water. uses nao technology. used for anti icing, anti bacterial, anti corrosion and anti cleaning. Better than rain-x similar technology of navy seals guns from being functional after submersion in water.
NewMe toilets=heated seats, built in dryer. mirror that can change into a TV screen.
Paint: Cam tech = enhance signals by using nano technology. paint spray on tree and it will be a kind of an antenna.
Parking Meters: Colorado parking meters= will 0 out as soon as people exit the slot.
Password protection: 1. -do a goodle search to see if ther eare complainsts. 2. make sure the password progrma works across multip platforms. 3. if you con’t use the cloud than everything is stored on the local pc.
Pink noise = helps hide noise in a office of cubicles.
Plate top= can put left over meals in this
Play a grill = music through retainers?
Pogo plus club = makes hard drives into a cloud. Can access hardware files in a cloud. Can access at any internet connection.
Posters: working on posters that will respond if someone kisses the poster.
Printer / Paper: Xerox has a printer that will change old letters on paper (change tonor) where a page can be print4ed on up to 5 times.
On-star = can track a family member when someone arrives as a certain address. good for kids or grandparents. also available through other companies besides on star. Like maybe their phone.
Oquatbeckhydraview = theoquatbeckhydraview=drone for underater and high definition video help to repair boats.
pcr personal content renager. tracks eyes and allows you to control and see what you want to view on a game etc.
QI = pronounced chi = consortium (group of companies) that will provide wireless charging.. when buy a new phone, see if its qi compliant.
QR codes may be used to provide audio presetniaotn for historical sites.
Qrcodes that can be scanned for use as tickets for flights or coupons for restaurants or posted on cars to show details on a car. To create a qrcode type in google “qrcode creator” Put on business cards.
Recharable battery: using military by recharging batteries of flying drone while it stays in flight.
Remote control light bulb = 60 watt bulb. can remotely control by phone
Rimmac=electric car = range 370 miles on a single charge. $1 mill made by Quosha.
Robo glove = glove that uses pressure sensors = provides extra grip. 15-20 lbs and helps with not having hands get so tired.
Run Core = (for ss D drive hard drive) in case of emergency it will instantly overwrite the hard drive the hard drive. Lets you overwrite the hard drive over files you deleted but are still there. Red button will physically short out data on hard drive. (no security attached as anyone could push it.
saving $ while eating out = 1. look for dishes that are complex and hard to find ingredients and seasonings. 2. buy what is strength of the location ie: seafood by coast places and beef in Texas.
Screambody = made at MIT. will obsorb the scream and you can release the scream by seqeezing the bag.
Security: turn off Carrier IQ, monitoring of your location or actions 1. settings 2.general 3.about 4. dialogistic 5. don’t send
security ??? = Microsoft virus program = free
Seri = voice program with IPhone = 50% satisfied with service; -used to make phone calls, can be used as an alarm. Seri uses a data connection to work. (not good for limited data plans)
Ski retriever system = put homing device on your skies. works only up to 400 feet. Police offers a sky registrations system = at park city.
Silicon chip: univ of camerage = came up with scanning technology that looked for unexpected features built into silicon chip. found a back door crated by the manufacturer. many us military chips have this chip. if use key can disable or reprogram the chip. Such as weapons, nuclear power plants and public
Sizemetic wall paper = invented by guy in Germany. Put up on walls and good against earth quake.
smart rounds= bullet knows when makes contact with skin and will respond accordingly. won’t pierce skin. a gas will be released upon contact. ie. smart bullets
Smart sand = at MIT, you can bury an object and the sand can form its own copy of the object. Has special magnets. Maybe can make different objects.
Smart tires = that will alter the tire to match do conditions of the road.
Smell a presence = put on iphone. has an attachment of predefined smells.
speech jammer = gun that can stop someone’s from speaking. good for someone who is protesting. uses delayed auditorial feedback.. can’t articulate. Found out it helps people who have speech problems and it will help them from stop stuttering.. Made in japan.
social media: bill collectors and potential employers will look at your info on social media.
SOCL: social network from Microsoft part Pinterest, face book, twitter mix
Solar reader = power kindle by sun light and will transfer excess to battery
Solor Spray: new energy technology = developed spray on solor panels. put on windows.
Solar tent = powers by sun and glows at night.
Stem sales=can create new blood cells from the patient.
Steri-pen = uses ultra-violate light and batteries to sterilize water
Suction door mat = from japan has suction to suck trash cost $6200
Targeting advertising to put sensors on phone or computer = read your location. temperature light and air
Teeth: Colgate has antimicrobial mouth wash= can wipe out mouthwash that will stop tooth decay.
Teeth: msuical tooth drill that will paly music in your mouth at the dentists. won’t work unless mough is open.
Thermadoor = create stovetop that will start a heat as soon as something is placed on the surface. Put pan anywhere and it will start to heat as soon as something is put on top. diagram goes on control panel to alter the temperature.
Tires = tire valve that will automatically monitor tires and if low air it will suck in air.
tps = miles per hour tweets per second.
Toothbrush flavors = jazzmen mint, cupcake, scotch whisky, egg plant, bacon, chocolate, pickle, curry, allo, black liquish. , coffee, pine, champagne, honey, bamboo salt, blueberry, Oreo cookie, cocoa cola
Touch Keyboard: keyboard that dsiplays on a touch screen = and you can type on screen as a keyboard. same for phone dialing. joysticks etc. by Taxtus Co.
Towel mate = towel that has pocket that holds keys etc. water proof. = tells other people’s advice on travel. or try touristlink
True fit = maces’ provides true fit for jeans.
True flavor rule = cutlery (knives/spoons) don’t leave an after taste. $20 for a set. Good for people who had chemotherapy where tastes buds are sensitive
Upgrades: On games that you upgrade to get enhancements. Many enhancements will already be lock on the cd you originally purchased. And when you get upgrades it simply gives you a key to access the content already on your Cd.
USB thumb drive that has a wax seal to let owner know if the usp site has been accessed without your knowledge.
UniCub = looks like a pudgy unicycle. chair on wheels.
Velcon Screencast = can transmit html signal so you don’t have to run cable. Internet Wi-Fi will become wireless
Video Presso = bring social media post and show in a TV broadcast. Lets broadcasters to respond to issues that have a brig draw from the audience.
Virtual keyboard: Univ of MD = creating a virtual keyboard. it will adjust the distance between keys as it monitors your typing and will adjust key board location.
Voice lock USP device that requires voice confirmation as security in order to use
Wall paper = or on house that can stop others from accessing on free wify alternative use a password.
Wandant = item on collar that can monitor dog’s health
Wave = created in utah provides dinner plate disk (which is a charging cell) that in put in pavement that can tasfer power a bus.
Water beds being used on cows to increase milk production.
Water = Bottle will fill itself with water with nanno technology copied from a beetle.
Water proof cell phone and has gps and texting capability
wickishells = package food in edible material (like a skin of a graep
Woman abuse ad: UK has bill board in train station where people can push away a man yelling at women and he’ll be transferred to another billboard until he eventually gest to last billboard and it restarts
wonderwall = (from munic) keeps track of things for you such as health, keyes etc.
Worm catcher = Sticks with wire that can put electric in ground to bring worms up from ground.
Wrist band shimmer research wrist band can connect to iPhone. it can tell when you’re really into a game. can monitor different emotional levels and might have movies change in response to your response.
Xshot = special case that lets you have an extenable arm to take photo of yourself and scene behind.

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