Helpful Tips For Around the House

I collect useful tricks of items around the house that can help accomplish a task. Here are a few: (inaccuracies are mine. Take the appropriate precautions before trying anything).

Allergies: How to handle allergies = drive in car with windows rolled up and air conditioner filtes 90% pollen, wash clothes etc.
amtrack=created by congress. costs about 2x cost of airfair and a lot of help from gov.subsitities.
Anomas = has put in a YouTube video who are a bunch of virus makers and hack Facebook pages.
Apple peels = remove aluim pots stain. fill with water put in apple peels and simmer for 30 min.
Appliances = source for used appliances. Habitat for Humanity may be able to sale for good price if you pick them up.
Avocado : Quick way to ripen a avocado = food bloc just store avocado in paper bag with a banana
Avoid spills: pour one liquid from one container to another. Get a chopstick or straw and put into the the mouth of the bottom bottle and pour liquid from top bottle so that ill pour against the straw/stick. This’ll cause the liquid to cling against stick as it drizzles down the stray stick.
Bacon: best way to cook backon for 425 for 15 min with crinkiled tin foil under neath.
Bacon: green sheen on backon is a presersative.
Bacon = 400 degrees in oven for about 10 min. on crinkled tin foil
Bacon tips:
-Put strip of bacon strip at bottom of meat loaf will prevent
-Cook bacon with a waffle iron
-Crinkle up tin foil and spread out on pan to oven bake
-Use leftover bacon drippings to make oil lamp.
-Use 3 tablespoon bacon fat to pop corn.
– Weave bacon together. Put in foil lined buffing tin.
Bad breath = water
Baloney: round corners are not in the edge of the bread. Put two baloneys in sandwich, one in center the second one cut in half the round parts in middle and straight edges reach the corners of the b read.
Bananna ripening: if don’t want to bananas to ripen too quickly. Separate so that the gases don’t get on each other.
Bananas = preserved banana wrap cling wrap around where banana cluster. Tin foil around going wipe from snap guide. Get piece of cling wrap around fist then wrap around where the crown of the banana cluster.
Bananna skin: shine shoes with inside bananaa for leather shoes.
Bananna: way to show down bananas from ripening too quickly. separate the bananas at the top (around the stem)
Band-Aid =remove a Band-Aid = a hair dryer melts adhesive.
Banna: speed up ripening banana = put in paper bag
Barbecue grills for winter = don’t clean grill as it will protect against winter weather
Battery: Extending battery life of your IPhone myths ie: 1. turn off unneeded running apps one that use is music, or checking location, drain batter to end won’t help but do anyway to reset battery for tracking of battery’s over charging or constantly charging will hurt =false will extend library Using an iPod charger on IPhone will speed up recharge of battery. may do a quick boots but overall not help. To extend battery life = turn down screen brightness, the lighter pixels will use more light than darker, GPS, geofesing, I cloud blue tooth and WiFy, access to 4G, push notifications off, set email to manual, turn off spot light.
Battery pack: Swapable battery pack= where electric vehicle can stop at a station and just get a new battery instead filling up a tank.
Bat in the house. capturing a bat = fill water in tub will draw bat to tub
Berries: keep berries fresh longer and mold free. Wash berries 3 cups than vinegar and dry off
Boiling water over pan: quick and easy way so that boiling water does not boil over. Put a wooden spoon across the top of the pan the spoon will pop the bubbles before it can boil over.
Bread: Fresh baked bread = how to avoid smashing bread. flip the bread over. cut load from the bottom. Just cut break without adding presume
Bread: bag of stale bread = make Kupon. How to make fresh lifehacker. add a rip of celery in bag for the night.
Bug bites= clean the area, put on a cold compress, and anti-itch cream but other drugs don’t really help on bug bites.
Butter: when you bake you don’t want buter to be too melty. take cube of butter, stick in siplock bagk and put in ziplock and and use roll pin. If its too soft it doesn’t hold up in cooking process
Butter = if butter melted. From microwave pour it over the ice cubes and then can mix
Butter will not clump if you thoroughly mix with sugar
Butter: Aide in swallowing pills (makes them lubricated)
Butter: Nourish dry or brittle nails = it will strengthen nails and prevent cracking.
Butter: Slice through sticky foods – put butter on the knife before you slice such as cake and icing.
Butter: Removes tree sap and sticky residues apply butter and rub with soft cloth.
Butter: Remove glue from hands
Butter: Greasing a creaking door.
Butter: Prevent moldy cheese – put butter on exposed portion and it will prevent mold.
Butter: When shoveling snow and snow gets stuck on shovel = before you go out to shovel and put butter all over the shovel. or try spam.
Butter: soften your hands
Butter: Remove gum from your hair
Butter: loosen a ring from a finger.
Butter: Shaving cream
Butter: Will help = dry hair
Butter: Untangle a tangled necklace.
Butter: One tbl spoon on watermark on wood. =remove watermarks from wood
Butter: Revitalize an old candle. = make a nice glossy lustier
Butter: Put small butter on paws on a cat to avoid cat’s efforts to give visitors attention- it will lick its paws.
Camera: how to get a wrap around picture. Put phone in cup and turn the cup.
Candy machine: If candy stuck = open and close the drop down door the door to create a vacuume several times and it might help the candy drop
Candles: stop candles from dripping = dip in salt water.
Canada dry’s gingerell has ginger in it and candied ginger and pypia enzyme.
Car = stale car smell, lay fresh Basel on a newspaper in the back seat and let it dry and it’ll freshen up
Car alarm light: to fix car alerm light = unplug battery for 10 min and reconnect and see if the problem goes away, sometimes due to lose gas cap.
password protection.
Card info: Use phone to take pictures of cards, and id or credit card and driver’s license etc so you can remember them. and access in an emergency.

carmel apples. hollow out apple and put carmel in it. Put together and back in fridge.

CD: scratched CD. take to game stop or library to have scratch remover. or peanut butter, toothpaste, baking soda and soda. (pop) smooth tooth paste over disk and then peanut butter. and filled in the scratch. apply second coat of tooth past and peanut butter. pour soda and baking soda inside and let it set a while. and polish itself. ( (someone says that plain on tooth paste will work) (put tooth paste on disk and then wash it off)
Cell phone: Put discarded cell phone in glove box in car to act as an emergency phone because without a sim card, it can still dial 911.
cell phone: If drop cell phone in water – put it in rice it will suck it out of the cell. Try Beasty bag can dry out any mobile divice $20.
Cell: iPhone put in bowl will help in increase sound or car board toilet paper roll
Cellphone, keeping it clean: baggie: good for hotel control, zip lock also good for sand
Cheese; cheese grader or cheese gets balled up in it or clogs it up. keep from building up on it. Spray it with some pam before you start
Coke can be used in a batch of laundry to help with grease stain on cloths.
Charly horses: To avoid charley horses in bed, put bar of soap in bed.
Cheesecake cracks: cracks in cheesecakes = Ehow says sour cream, sugar and vanilla extract and push it down into the cracks. Put in oven for 10 min and then let chill. Cracks caused by not letting cake get to room temperature
Cherry juice = tart cherry juice before a run can minimize our muscle strain
Cherry pits: pit cherries easy way. get glass bottle that has small top and use a chop stick and put the cherry through. and puts p its in the jar.
Chips: clamps of a clothes hanger can be used to clamp chips closed
Christmas lights= how to wrap them. wrap them around a plastic clothes hanger and you can hang them up.
Clean baseball hats and visors = put hats on dish washer. Fill detergent box with borax. Then place over glass or jar and while damp still mold it. Might be good if want to reshape.
Cloaths = when buying new cloths sit down and do shoulders, knews and toes to see if it fits.
Clogged toilet = warm water and dishwashing liquid. Add warm water and then dishwasher liquid and it’ll work without plunging at all.
Coconut water = similar benefits to a sports drink, coconut helps with hydrations better than water, canker sores helps fungal infections in the mouth
Cookies: take cookie dough and put in ice trays= and freeze it.
Cookie: stale cookie = apple slice
Condiments = muffin tin to hold various items for a barbecue such as catsups, mustered etc.
Coconut water = similar benefits to a sports drink, coconut helps with hydrations better than water, canker sores helps fungal infections in the mouth
Cookies are just a little over done at bottom = get a mini grader and grade off the bottom of the cookie.
Coffee grounds: used coffee grounds is good for plants. Put a table spoon to your plants.
Corn: to easily shuck corn, cook in microwave for 4 min then cut .
Corn: shuck corn = take off hairs. cook for 4 minutes and cut off ends and haird and all will fall off.
Crispy Bacon: how to prepare crispy bacon from America’s test chicken.
1. place bacon in skillet and cover with enough water to cover the bacon.
2. Set in high get bacon to boiling
3. lower heat to medium 4. when water is simmered away set to medium low
Deman material hints:
-clean, hang upside down and dry in air.
-first time wash jeans use vinegar instead of soap will save dye.
Dental floss = to make perfect cuts of cheese, or other soft items.
Directions: best place to ask for directions = pizza delivery guy.
Directions: how to tell direction without sun or landmarks = most satellite dishes point to orbiting satellites around the equator. So for Utah they would face south
Dish washing: how to prevent dishes from rattling around when in drawers. get peg doors and wooden dowels and put four dials around the late to create an holding area
Dropped food between counters and friges/oven etc. Buy a tub that matches width between both walls and insert ner the top. Food will drop on the tube and not fall on the floor and beneath appliences.
Dry erase maker and tip ids dry or flat = get out pliers. Pull back out. Pull out cartridge. And reverse tip.
Dry plants when on vacation: way to make sure your plants to be watered while you’re away. . Fill bathtub with an inch of water in put plants in tub.
Drug disposel in water: anti depressents get in drinking water becasue body of patients expell ujnuess drug and is caugh in drinking water. maybe contribute to altimizers. 80% od drug foes though body. Water could be drank by pregnent somen may be a cause behind Autism.
Eggs: from altin brown = food network. Better way to hard boil eggs. bake them instead of boil at 323 for 30 min. have eggs placed parallel to the bars. maybe 20-25 min. backed is easier to peel
Egg onion rings = take circle of onion ring, fry it on one side turn it over and cook egg inside the wring of the onion.
Egg: why take time and effort to peel egg shell. Cut egg in tall and use spoon out egg.
Eggs bad: How to tell when eggs are bad: Put them in a bowl of water. If eggs sink = good. If egg sinks but but its on its head = is good but will go bad soon. if eggs float = they’re bad.
Eggs: way to make eggs perfectly round. use mason jar lids and spray with pam and pour egg into lid after its sprayed. use metal cookie cutters for fun shaped fried egg (I suggest using big onion rings slices.)
Eggs: way to get eggs to last longer = from suggest mineral oil and coat over egg and douse the eggs after warmed up oil. should add three weeks.
Email spam: use this word to filter out. Put in word ‘unsubscribe” as most spams has this options at the bottom of the email.
Emergency contact: Put ICE = on contact list InCaseEmergency to notify emergency people who needs to be called on your cell phone. Put * in front so that they don’t have to page down to “I”s.
Emergency candle: if find yourself and you need a candle but have a tub of Crisco oil and a string can make an emergency candle.
Fall purchases: things to buy in fall or October: new cars; cookware and kitchen items, gas grills and air conditions, shrubs, bushes and bulbs, toys and games, wedding supplies, October= Broadway tickets (off season) health insurance, jeans
Fast: people coming off a fast = turn instanlty as high calery foods.
Fire alarm gets triggered. Take a shower cap and put over smoke detector. Concern it might be left up.
Fish oil: freeze fish oil tablets will help prevent fish burp.
Fish smell: get ride of smell of fish soak of milk 1/2 hr before cooking or 1 tbl spook of punut butter andp ut in same pan with fish. from peuntu butter put near it will absorbve the semll.
Foggy windows: keep the inside of windows from fogging up = get a sponge, salt in water and rub down inside windows.
Flame/sky wiper virus = used for espionage = malware. Tracks key stokes, activate microphones, takes screenshots, screen shots, may have been active for 8 years.
Fluoride : Boost protect of toothpaste. rub tooth paste on teeth and gums and message
Feet that are callosed: How to fix callused and blackened skin after summer of wearing sandals = clean feet, cover with shaving cream and cover with hand towels and set for 30 min then wipe feet and warsh off with wash rag
feet that smell = Smelly feet = put in bleach 3 times a week
Flies hate cloves = hang cloves around picnic area or clove oil or cleaning products with clove oil.
Fog = clean off lights off fog of lights = tooth paste. Toothpaste on mirror can stop the fog.
Food cold but avoid drips from baggie: Put sponge in bag to catch meling water when when melt to keep items cool
Foot prints: how to determine if mouse or bat = put down a dark cloth, put on peanut butter & marshmallow and then flour or baby powered to see size of steps
Fruit flies: Get rid of fruit flies = glass funnel and put in bait in bottom. apple cyder vineager (heated up) worked. incense helps prevent.
Furniture = buy furniture in Feb because that is when new models come in and the old goes on sale
Gag reflex: How to stop gag reflex. have them grab their left thumb with their left hand (fist around their left thumb) and make them squeeze as hard as you can.
Gardening: gardening: place buckets with warm water. when son goes down and water will cool down and plants will stay warm.
Gardening: getting ready for a garden. Take rug and put over that spot and pull off the carpet to make into the garden
Garlic: faster way to peal garlic = stick it in microwave 15- 20 seconds.
Gas: doing all right turns = improves on getting to location faster. (confirm at myth busters)
Ginger in various forms should help with motion sickness; also cold air helps with motion sickness.
Ginger ale = flat ginger ale = good for nausea.
Glass pices = Bread or tape = Catch small pieces of broken glass. Pick up broken bread with a slice of bread or tape
Gum = gum stuck on jeans. Put jeans in the freezer and that helps get gum off.
Grease: tough greasy stain on shirt = put it back in the washer and add a can of coke along with soap. Also good for blood and helps deodorize clothes. may also use to clean the grill to break down that grease.
Grading the butter before you put it into cookies makes it better.
Grilling tips
-let meat thaw before putting on grill
-later cooking, let it rest and it keeps cooking and keeps the juice inside
-put oil on wires after cleaning to help clean later.
Hamberger: put hamberger leftover and crumble into spaghetti sauce.
Hair: static electricity on hair = bounce on hair
Hair = shampoo myths: washing hair every day is not good= you can.
Hair: stop static = lotion on hands on hair, leave in sheek and shine, static guard. and walk through the mist.
Hair: How to get off pet hair off furniture. get a par of flip flops and put on chair and it’ll pick up
Hanging Pictures: How to hang pictures. put photos on wax paper behind photos, draw boxes around the outside of the photos to get each one placed.. put on pictures and then label put picture on paper and then mark place for nails.
Heated slippers: how to create heated slippers. get pattern for slippers (free on internet) choose material of your choice. as you sew them. before sew bottom layer and put rice in the layers. And thus warm in microwave to warm up.
Herbs at good price = herbs at a good price at international grocery store like itilian or Mexican stores.
Hick Ups: fix by drinking pickle juice.
homemade candle = hollow out the orange but leave the stem on the inside. Put the olive oil in orange.
Honey or bees wax is good for chap lips. yse honey and little bit of bees wax with almond oil
Honey: honey is good journal in microbiology = honey is good against strep.
hotel with a dirty tv remote = put remote in shower cap or baggie on tv remoteIcing: how to lengthen life of icing. thow the frosting in a mixer on a high speed. It will add a bunch of air in frosting
Hungry = try skim milk
IPhone won’t turn off = hold down power button if not that than power button and home buttonInsanely simple = book that discusses more about Apple and steve jobs
Iron, dirty = use iron on towel to catch dirty iron.
Jeans= how to buy exact style of a pair that has worn out. Look on the inside of the jean and look for a small tag that is sprinted or embrodieried upc or a style number, goggle that nubmer and you can find who is selling that
Keys = getting keys on key ring = staple remover use claws it will open fine
Keys: how tell which key is for what door nail polish
Landry: fluff up langry or speed up drying time. Put in 3 tennis balls. Or 3 tennis sized balls of yarn and works as a fabric softener and all essential oil and it will give . Wrap around giners 20 times and turn and wrape 20 times.
Leather = what not to do. Things not to use to restore leather. apply olive oil or peanut butter. =wrong. Using oils on leather oils will not nourish your lather but will accelerate its deterioration.
Light = want to light up the area with a flash light. Get bottle of water. Strap light so beam faces the water and it will illuminate.
Losing weight = keeping a food journal is a key issue to success in losing weight also don’t skip meals., avoid eating luch out.
Lost = for something you don’t want to lose. = put nylon on vacuum hose and put on rubber band and vacuum will pick up small items and keep captured on knitting.
Lunch: store car keys on top of lunch helps you remember your lunch
Magic marker (dry) How to revive a dud marker. =freshen dip the tip into rubbing alcohol until ink drips and then put cap on and hold for 15 min than then try again;
Magic marker on white board: if you accidently put a real black marker on a white board cover the area with erase board marker and you can remove the magic marker
mayonnaise =dry elbows or dry hair.
Mexico: In some parks in Mexico City. You collect dog droppings put them in a bag and put in receptacle and it offers you more free WiFi. Everyone at the park, gets free wi-fi
Microwave: best way to check the cooking pattern of your microwave – take a plate of marshmallows and put them on a plate. See how they are cook and you can see hot spots for the microwave. Cup of water and vinegar and cook for 5 minutes it cleans microwave

How to get a burned smell out of micros=cut a lemon put in water and boil for 5 min.

Moving = moving books = use your luggage for books because it has wheels.
Mud stains on jeans = rub potatoes and trube on mud on pants and it’ll break down the mud.
Nigerian emails = intentionally has bad spelling etc to filter out the excessive dumb as more alert people won’t ignore bad spelling

How to deodorize a fridge. Oatmeal has the same observant abilities.


Oil: tennis ball soaks up excess oil or such in a swimming pool
Oil splatters build-up. Mineral oil on a metal surface on our rag it will break up buildup.
Omelets: fluffier = 1 teaspoon baking soda for every three eggs. Doesn’t affect flavor
Onions = used to protect plants against insect. mix together 4 onions, 2c loves of garlic 2 tablespoons of cyan pepper and put into
Onion cures warts onion slices, crushed aspirin and water and put on
Onions sooth a bee sting.
Onions skis for a yellow dye.
Onions is a good for zit =crushed onion slices with water and apply on zits
Gas = if cook whole onion with beans no gas
Maynanes dressing makes a great facial but clean face pours after your done.
Onions put in room and will absorb smell of fresh paint.
onion = if dog sits on couch you don’t want it to be. put onion on the place where they sit and they will get discouraged.
Onions: how to you get to stop onions to not stink = cut off the ends and peel the onion and put it quickly in water. then slice on board later. . If onions are very cold that usually doesn’t cause as much tears.
Pancake = put pancake mix in catsup for spill free pancake batter
Pans: stains on alimum pans = apple peels. put in water bring to boil let simer for 10-15 minl.
Paper towel/ toilet paper roll ring: use paper twol holder to plant seeds or to put around plant to protect against bugs.
Paint = put paint tape that go around the rim/sides. open up can before you paint and put painters tape around rim and ten pull tape off to close for storage.
Paint = paint brush and get off excess paint. Take rubber band on top and bottom o paint can, and rub brush against rubber band. Piece of masking tape across top of paint also work.
Pans = what not to do don’t use oxygen peroxide and soda to clean pans = causes bad fumes.
Pasta: fast way to cook pasta = put a quart and half of cold in a big fry pan.(stops from sticking) turn up the heat. It’ll cook in a faction of time. as a bonus you will have enough in the pan for a butter and cream sauce or garlic permasion sauce. With less water will boil faster
Pasta = If you need to strain pasta, panty hose
Parking in a garage: how to judge when car is enough in the garage. put a tennis ball hung from ceiling to tap on the back window determine the length.
Peanut makes a great shaving jell as said by
Pests: how to pest proof your house = spiders= get rid of clutter, house plants, sweep cracks of doors and windows
Pets= How to respond to yellow grass from pet urine = something to put in pets dog food to stop
Pets & Medicane: How to get a dog to swallow a pill = put it in peanut butter
Pickle juice = helps with cramps and charley horses.
Pillows: how to plump up pillows. ,open the curtain and let them sit in the sun for an hour and that will fluff them up.
Pizza = use car seat warmer to keep your pizza warm
Plants: Keep in door plants watered paper towels and glass of water. twist paper cup. and make a wick to draw water from cup of water from to plan.
Plants: how to keep plants well fed, need an aquarium use waste water from aquarium for plants
Plastic = cub through plastic use can opener will cut open thick plastic.
Pop corn cornels = pop corn in a bag poke a little hole in the corner of bag and turn upside down and all the un-popped cornels will come out of the bag.
Potatoes peels: fry up potatoes peels with salt and pepper they make a delicious snack.
Powdered sugar = take granulate sugar and put into blender and it’ll make powdered sugar.
Product manuals = put them in the bathroom and it will increase the possibility to read them.
Recipe holder = use clothes hanger for cookbook hanger.
Rice: don’t throw rice at weddings becasue it will expand and it can kill the birds. (or seept it up when done)
Rust: when finished with garden tools and avoid rusting, keep them in a bucket of sand.
salt: salt=
1 clean copper and or silver with (vinegar and salt)
2. clean pans with it, clean canker sores.
3. kills slugs
4. remove blood stains
5. put salts across window seals doorways etc to stop ants
6. use salt over dropped egg to help pick up a egg.
7. too many suds,
8. Lock in colors in clothes by half salt and vinegar and soak for 30 min.
9. if put salt in rinse cycle of wash and can hang and clothes won’t freeze.
10. kill poison Ivey put on leaves and stem of poison ivey.
11. relieved bee sting
12. scower a oven.
Sandwich = to prevent a soggy sandwich :make sandwich night before bread, meat, mayonnaise then meat then bread and still get flavor twist bacon
Sap = Christmas tree sap on hands = toothpaste needs an abrasive. Or Wd40, pam, mosquito bug spray,
Saw homemade = put toothpaste on teeth floss it becomes a mini-hacksaw
Scams: To determine if you have a potential email. links will read the last .com that occurs after the last / in the path. The link will go to the very end name even it it begins with homedepo in the path. Look at the rest of the name.
Scratches = get ride of lite scratches = life hacker. Peanut butter. Let it sit and remove with soft clothe or tissue use creamy Peanut butter

Seran wrap: How to prevent seran wrap from losing control, stick in wrong areas.
-Store it in the fridge/freezer. Shouldn’t stick
-may hook one end of wrap on counter to hold it.


Shampoo bottle = pours out with a palm full of shampoo. Push out bottle to get air out tip outside down and suck it back in.
Shazam = can tell you what song you’re listening to.
Shower caps make great said bowl cover plastics, or put shoes in there to keep shoes clean in suitcase
Shower head with a lot of buildup = take a sandwich bag put vinegar in it. tie it shower cap and leave it overnight and it’ll clean the head. put bag over the head.
Skin: sugar and lemon juice = to soften rough skin.
Sleepyness: pulling down on ear loads can help you stay awake
Smells: How to fix stinky hands from garlic and onion = stainless steel neutralizes the smell. Rub hands on stainless steel spoons or forks. Gets rid of small.
Soap = how to add small soap to big = put lines on side of old and new soap, wet them and put together and when dry = merged.
Security: Camera on ipad to monitor your station to catch people coming to your desk and doing things.
Shoelace= use as a gift tie.
Shopping = remind of what you have in fridge = take three different pictures from angles so you know what you have.
short on head set = take wire out of old click pen and put next to connector of headset to device.
Smell = how get rid of smell that permeates the entire house, put two caps of vanilla extract, and put in coffee cup and put in microwave in oven for 2 hours,
Soggy Bread: when making sandwhitches and to avoid soggy bread. Put stpead in between meat. Between layers do plactic wrapers then put lids in containers.
Soggy sandwiches: how to prevent sandwich from getting soggy = get a tablespoon of dry mustered and a stick of dry butter and mix together and put in a fridge. use that as a topping to put on your sandwich instead.
Spam = Email = spam email: use this word to filter out. Put in ‘unsubscribe”
Spider on wall =use lint roller and have it pick up a bug.
Spray Bottle leftovers: bottled/pray cleaners/spray bottle you use at home you still have a little left over liquid that is too low to use or squirt out of the bottle. You dump the old into the new bottle.
Stinky clothes: Put clothes in freezer and it can take away smell of clothes.
Squirl or Chipmonk mouse trap: red neck mouse trap for chipmunk or squire = 2 x 4 from floor to rim of bucket, put sun flower seeds in bucket, they will fall in and can’t get out. Ca put in water to drown squirrel.
Stale Bread: To revive sale bread = bag with celery with fridge overnight.
Straw wobble in a can: to stop wobbling the straw in a can of soda = twist tab around and put the straw in the hole of the pull tab
Toaster= turn toaster into toaster oven and turn it on its side. did burn a little.
Toilit Training for boys: Can use cheerios to teach a boy how to hit the target.

How to prevent tomatoes from ripening too quickly: Keep out of fridge and store tomatoes with stem end down on the counter.

Tooth paste: clean silver, filling cracks in wood or wall, used for hanging picture frames,
Tooth paste: Put toothpaste on back of hook so you can press it against wall and you can see where the picture hole is to then put the hold., cleaning acne, removes scuffs, make a mirror fog free, good for Mosquito bites.
tortilla chips: fix stale tortilla chips = lay chips on aper twoel and microwage on high for 30 sec.
Tourist scan: Fake police = says you have are missing the correct visa and have to pay on the spot. Check because some countries do require certain paperwork as soon as you enter the country.
Trash bag air pocket = trash bag in trashcan. Drill a few holes in the trashcan 3 inch from the top and it’ll not create air pocket.\
Vegtables: buy fresh vegetables cook them first. They will last longer. You will have instant snacks
Waffleiron use: Put cookie dow, browning mix or sweet rolls (frozen cookie roll into waffal irion.
Wasps: How to stop wasps from entering in beverage can = use little tab, turn it around and wasp can’t get in.
Way to hide suspicious communication = create a gmail acocunt. share acc and password. update sent folder, and update unsent email used by spies and teens. check history and get trackin sofware

Water Mellon: chosing the est one
-look for one that is a little dull. the shiny melons haven’t had time in the sun to ripen
-look for a nice clear cream color field. spot on the Mellon  the darker the spot the longer the time it has had the chance to ripen in the sun.
-thump for firmness. bottom should be firm

Wi-Fi at home but weak signal for entire house. Get soda or beer can. Cut bottom off. Size down middle of isle kind of make a satellite dish and put over antenna over Wi-Fi antenna.

Windshield = frosted windshield = cardboard or tarp, spray windshield with vinegar and water.
Wood Put wet cloth on area of floor and iron for about 5 min. this will raise the wood a little to fill the crack. may need to buff later. Good for dents in guitars.
Wrapping paper = hole punch or paper shredder and use for confetti for news years or use as place mats.
Yellowing of grass. Tomato juice in dog food with each meal. Check with vet to confirm that is not harmful to the pet.
Zippers: jacket has zipper gets caught in the cloth = way to prevent. Put wire in seam if it has a funnel setup and put wire down cord.
Zipper: Fix stuck zipper =bar of soap will unstuck or liquid soap

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