General Suggestions:

From various sources, I will hear useful advice and I thought I’d share. Any bad info is my own. Take the proper precautions when taking this advice.
About 90% of garages don’t contain cars.
A people’s history of the united States = book
After Christmas purchases: what to buy after Christmas
1- clothing
2- anything with a holiday theme (dishes)
3- video games and other electronics
4- jewelry
5- linions
6- weight equipment (look later on Craig’s list slifhtly list)
7 = how to stop stress
8- stick to the schedule.
9- don’t do too many activities during the weeks.
ATM gene = you have the double the risk in developing breast cancer. There is a test that can for this.
Australia = In Australia way to find precious metals look at ant and termite piles of dirt to see if there a precious metals under ground that is in ground that is usually difficult to dig in.
Balloon and kites cannot occur within 5 miles of an airport
Battery Extension: to extend batter = 1. tweet setting (don’t have automatic checking email, 2. turn off notification, 3. some battery packs that have batteries attached in case. 4. have a secondary charger in car and it can recharge while you drive.
Battery myth = have to drain all battery each time you use it. You should only have to drain and recharge only the first time.
Being Followed: life hacker = how to tell if you’re being followed. do 4 right turns. exit highway and get back on, If you are being followed=call the police. don’t take matters in your own hands.
Blackfriday myths =
1. all things bought can be returned, no read small print.
2. On line purcheses will always be delivered, no only while supplies lasts,
3. not high demand not made as drop low price
4. prerelesed ads are not always acurate
Body Language:
1. the art of manliness = when doing eye contact
2. lean back and it will not seem so intimidating.
3. Body language: says: posture when standing
if your posture leans to the right = talk longer to make a decision and make smarter decision.
if you lean left you decision making is quicker
4. How know if someone feels positive about you a. Uncrossed limbs b. Long, direct eye contact c. Leaning forward d.Genuine smile
Book = Getting things done by Sam Grobart?
Books = 10 most read books:
-quotations from chairman mow
-harry potter
-lord of the rings
– The Alchemist
-the Devinchi code
-gone with the wind
-think and grow rich
-the diary of Ann frank
bpa lining in cans = can contribute to brain cancer as reported. eden foods only company that doesn’t use this coating.; canned meals like spaghetti-o’s has more bpa.
Buy the following now in end of august
-2010 vehicles
-Winter coats
-Kayak, canoes, and snow boots etc before new models come out.
-Certain trees, patio furniture
Car = ‘key fob remote,’ whereby I would have to step on the brake pedal while pushing an ignition button to start the car.
Cell phone: how to tell is cell phone battery is dead. Make a call and if it goes directly to voicemail, you know the power is drained from battery.
Contract rates = ask about seasonal rates
Catch phrases that make you buy things
-Free -Buy one get one free
-for a limited time
-money back guarantee
-Dr. Recommended
-New and Improved
-4 out of 5 recommended
-Not late fee
-opportunity to Opt out
-$25 free shipping
Cell phone: if lose your mobile device while flying = look in bathroom. that is where it is lost most often
Children: help kids learn how to clean clean by combining water and vinegar and have kids spray and wipe to help clean.
Counterfit money: tips to catch fake money
1. make srue portrit is lifel ike
2. points of fedra l clear
3. serial numbers are evently spacked and printed in colo
4.look for fibers in
Credit score: how to improve credit score
-pay your bills on time
-pay off one of your credit cards to raise your credit score
-maybe get credit counseling organization, national federation for credit canceling. Look for non-profit. Avoid debt settlement co.
-take advantage of your annual credit report. From each of the three agenci3es. If anything on them you can dispute them. The creditors had 30 days to provide that that fee is legitimate.
-maybe call to settle between debt. When negotiate have delete or good will adjustment on credit card. Should reflect as 0. Have in writing how it will be affected.
-Settled on credit card still hurts.
-look for secured credit card; where you deposit money in advance; still treat it like real card by paying on time.
Credit: to fix credit =
1. pay recent past dues first.
2. request credit report adjustment and contact creditors to make a good adjustment. end of repayment ask for items to that are paid off to remove from record.
1. soft credit point = report that doesn’t go against your credit, employment.
2. hard credit point = apply for car, loan, tickets
Credit score = credit card invites is a bad hit on your credit rating. Accept little store credit stores.
Credit: How a credit score gets created
1. use credit occasionally to show people you can handle your money.
2. never max out even one credit score. Fico-looks at each individual card.
3. takes times to create good credit. oldest account for high credit is 20 years. and has not applied for new credit for the last 3 years.
4. Any inquiry by a potential lender will pull down your score. if you switch from a bank to another.
5. all credit cards are not created equal.
6. annual credit is place to get free credit for all three reviewers. look at
Crooks will call hotel rooms where people are staying and say they have wrong credit card info. and customers will think that front desk wrote it down wrong and give info. Go down and give it not over the phone.
Ctr F = on a computer means FIND and Replace. Do a control F on a web page to find something
Christmas trees: A fur tree has better chance in lasting throughout the Christmas season. Shake it is bristles do not fall off. Shake it before you buy. Put tree bag under tree for easy removal.
1. -buy tide for cold water save money by not doing laundry in hot water.
2. if do too much detergent = rinse will work until there are no suds thus using extra money. 3. gain = original fresh & cheaper 6C a load.
Death: If I die= app that lets person post on their page after their death. must have 3 people to verify death.
Put in will = your passwords.
Eat less: use a smaller plate.
EdX = by mit and Hartford. Stanford . Stanford does lectures at home and solves class in class.
Extened warrinty = is not worth the price for cheap itesm. If item is very expensive than it might be more wroth it.
Facebook offers: Avoid free offer scams on face book = will share personal info of you and friends to other spammers.
Face book = for those who don’t want political messages on face book. There is a new service provided by chrome and face book. It is called noppl: It means “no politics please.” is a chrome extension and it’ll let you block certain words for any Facebook messages you get. Check it out.
Facebook = will now let you post that you can be a donor. Can post how it affects your life. (22 K people enrolled) go to timeline and life events)
Facebook: Watch what you put on Facebook as it will prevent future political goals because of past content displayed on Facebook.
Financial aid: misconceptions 1. If you take a loan it will reduce your cost = it cost the same. will increase because you have to pay interest. 2. Free ride scholarships = student body presidents 3. Collage costs are the same every year= wrong they increase. 25% more on senior year. 4. The grants awarded will be the same every year = it is only good for one year. 5. Student loans is good debt = debt is debt 6. You don’t have to make straight As to get a scholarship. do your research. 7. many scholarships end up being unclaimed.Total debt should be less than the amount of money yo make the first year after you graduate.
Financial infidelity = where a partner hides purchases from their partner – each partner agree upon an amount they can spend a mo with no questions asked. -Decide as a couple how far money spend that requires joint decision
Fire flies in Utah: Fire flies now found in field in Spanish fork.; Bear Lake reported to have them, some seen in Huntsville
Fortunate tellers are accessing Facebook to give info on their clientele.
Funeral = Liquidations = alternative to cremations of body. Liquid better for environment than ashes
fundeal homes and grandparents. How to make it easier for grandkids.
1. don’t wear your anxiety on a shief.
2. keep postive. They will go to a place where they’ll shovel
3. maybe have a soveneer of grandma
4. see if center has a grandpartent/grand kid event.
Free shipping, when using check following =
-see if min purchases account.
-certain shipping rates make take more time,
-limited offer of certain products,
-free shipping might cancel out another deal,
-look at the last screen to see if you if additional charges are being added.
-watch out for any check boxes.
Frozen pipes = dont use open flame against pipes, use hair dryer.
-make sure heat high eough in basement
-open doors of cubberts to sinks etc. to have warmth of room keep pipes thaswed.
-have water flowing to prevent freezing, drip.
Garage sale weekends
-do not do on long weekend
-have entire neighborhood to bring people join and help advertising
-Craig’s list,, online or neighborhood blog
-start at the crack at dawn.
-have electrical stuff plugged n
– bright sparkling items in front to attract kids
-maybe cook hotdogs at the time
-learn to barter.
-always give options to buy all of it.
-Don’t give a price. Let them make the first offer.
-maybe research how much the bigger items are selling for.
Generic: Not all generic means cheaper. don’t assume that generic is cheaper.
Generic Brands: what to buy in generic store brand: cereal, flour, salts etc., batteries, baby formula
Get rich quick = book sell web sites =s tick to generic names etc.
Goals = to more accurately measure a bench mark start at the end result/number and work backwords and see what littles teps are needed to add to the big goal.
tech goals = back up your computer, scan your photos into electronic format,
Good credit: when a good credit score is a good thing
-when sign up for an account at a credit union.
-decreased insurance premiums
-certain jobs are running a credit report
-influence fees when getting a new loans and will influence interest.
Gift cards = avoid gift cards; iTunes, sears, Kmark, lambrant, FYE, radio
Graduation: Way to content with problems of cheering of graduation guildleisn = admin should teach audience to cheer for only to sec.
Groceries: Need to wash grocery totes that are reusable. Otherwise it spreads germs from various grocery’s
Haggle: How to haggle = don’t worry if it makes you look cheap; get more with honey than vinegar, learn to haggle on the phone, , you need to practice, point out you’re a good customer, try the phrase – can you work with me? you must be prepared to walk away.
Home resale: -Best thing to do to make a house most resalable. Change the front door. Adding a wood deck, windows and siding help.
Home resale = Worse return on resale = additions for kitchen, bathroom, roofs, garage etc.
homes = best time to list/debru your home for sale, Friday. Sold 99% of asking price. 4 times the traffic. Tuesdays second best day. Homes on Sunday are the worse.
HOme declutter:
problematic and piles start to pile in one room and cant park car
tipping point: rooms full of piles and b oxes are piling
Home sales: bake some cookied before the customer arrives. some that have a natural smell such as lemon.
Home sales: give your home a name. Elvis preseley had Graceland. Works best if house is near the water. Some of my ideas: Caldera, Saratoga, etc.
hording: doorways are blocked, boxes and shelves are crosed. flooor in a narrow path.
-are you ashamed when people come over
-do you own multiple copies of the same items becasue you can’t locate the origional.
-keep borken things you think will get rapiaird
-do you have clothing that is older than 10 years old?
-mail, papers and canned goods and clothings, crafts, books and furnitrue is the sequence of how things start getting horded.
sqwaller: walking over stuff.
Harpoon: UK wants to use harpoon to collect space trash andcollect satilites.
Hotel: room service you don’t have to tip. its included.
Hotel amenities: ways to use hotel amenities = reused them for you own shampoos. soap. grade it melt it and put into fun molds and add colors and oils to spice it up., little shampoo containers you can put condiments in it.
Hulu: how to skip ads on hulu. pull up two shows/movies. When one goes to comercial, put on mute and play other show.
Inovation: 5 paths:
– performance gap= privide different products at differnt abiities and lwoer prices.
– Infrastructure gap= developing coutnries usually lack infrastructure, but when get it usually very highly developed.
– Sustainability gap= developing coutnries face environmental environments that ifnluence adqpation.
– Regulory gap= developing coutnres don’t have regualtions to slow them down but get them later.
– Preference gap= want rpodcuts that are locally approprite to fith their taste.
Job Advancement: How to advance in company
-do you own job well
-Find ways to help your bos do their job
Job Interview tips from forbs
-Echo personality of interviewer
-10:30 on Tuesday best time to be interviewed
-Wear shoes that make you look taller. Sit up straight don’t slouch
-Make them laugh it helps build a bond.
-Wear glasses. Makes you look smart.
Job search = Social sites: Spolio and Google to put on resume.
Job search: Standing out in job search
1.Provide all necessary info things you’ve done while unemployed
3.hand written thank you note. will help you stand out. 4maybe call back if you don’t get a job ask them what you need to do in the future.
Identify theft: 1.Credit cards not getting used makes a good as easy target. 2. those who do a lot of social networking they get share happy 3. Thief will charge little charges to see if its noticed on the account 4. people will be share birthdays, names of pets etc. that is info that is used by identity thieves. 5. have bank account that offers an auto password. 6. Make it so don’t offer email account using the over the phone. have acc. rep off the info they have.
Ifentity theft protection: risk for identify theft
1. how often od you change your passwords.
2. where do you keep your social security card.
3. what kind of security code on your cell phone.
4. best way to protect credit =
5. how often do you review financial statements.
6. what do if ask for credit card no.
7. when on public sites what accounts do you log into.
Items needed on our persons: what every man should have in his pocket = pen, keys, wallet , handkerchief, , breath strips, smart phonewomen in purse = lip gloss/ chap, cell phone, credit card, , cash, keys, , insurance card, and tissue
Job interviews tips for older people: demanding too high a compensation, over confidance, hinted of inflexable in working style or hours.Job search: 1. Even if you don’t meet all the conditions of a job, try anyway, believe in yourself. 2. managers look for work ethic, teamanship. most job descriptions are written by someone outside.3. Send a fellow up thank you note and you’ll stand out. 4. know the names and people in the co. you interview and history 5. also know people who are under your employment level 6. don’t bad mouth co. on the premises you don’t know who is monitoring you.
Job interview = aim high when asked how much you’ll be paid. Aim high. Speak with confidence about desired salary (that $$ is the value I can bring to the company)
Display confidence in job interviews
– Eye contact
– Keep your eyes forward
– Avoid the pockets
– Good posture
– Don’t fidget
– Take wide steps
– Firm hand shakes
Home buying= See what busiensses are around that can cause stink, maybe ask neighbors etc.
job salaries: = may give salary ranges
Job search web sites: 1. dareer deva = discusses trends 2. cornonthejob = staffing professional
Job search: How to make yourself more marketable in job searching
-Getting a QR code (quick response code) little square to replace the bar code. Kay1W1, pingtab connected to

Leather book care: Don’t expose boots to direct heat after a heavy soaking in water, will become dry and brittle. Dry them slow and easy. Wipe them dry with a towel. Put newspapers in. leave them in the open dry place to try as normal. Try to rotate your foot wear.

linckton. Stick QR code on back of business card.
-stick a video of yourself on line. And some references
-do something on resume or graph yourself pie charge with attributes
-recommend letters for women discouraged if they rely upon stating personality. Need to be work related positive attributes.
July: July is the best month to see the milky-way an hour or more away from the city.
June 23: Piza patrone= day in june (23) if your order pizza in spanish, its free. (maybe June 23
knee defender = stops seat in front of you on an air plane.
Lemons: half lemon by using it to clean a stove top. (maybe lemon juicke)
Lemon slice is a natural teeth whiter. Its important you rinse so the acid doesn’t stay on teeth
Liquid Tide = used for the manifacture of illegal drugs.
Lottery = Winning the lottery = sign your ticket,
-scan it and put in safety box
-estate specialist and tax specialists,
-reach out to former winners on how they spent $$
-kidnap and ransom insurance
-hire security to family
-send attorney to represent you.
-went for 2 weeks vacation,
Loyalty and discount cards and credit cards cause you to spend more money.
Loss of Job: Things to avoid when getting laid off.
1. Don’t start a business you don’t have an experience in or lack the funds
2. don’t transfer to a new occupations without experience and education for the new career
3. don’t flood with unreadable resume
4. don’t turn down an interview or network opportunity
Marathoners: Advice for first time marathoners:
1. make sure you have a good source of good carbohydrate, mild yogurt, grains
2. Get carbohydrate and protect after the work sessions
3. Make sure that people are staying hydrated. Otherwise, no distribute nutrients properly.
4. Dietary tips when training (lookup for training schedules to build up endurance) from web.
5. Give yourself plenty time to train.
6. Get good quality shoes. (Need to tracks 300-500 miles)
7. Do other exercise other than running to not add to much stress on the same body parts.
Memory: Say important info out loud to remember something.
memory: if study before you go to sleep – brain will continue with remembering what you attire, Recommendations for , From = If black or brown shirt = have shoes and belt that match; Have pants that match your ageMisconceptions in history by PC grey?= Book:
1. Vikings having horn helmets (didn’t)
2. lady CA diva=did not ride naked in city to lower taxes,
3. napoleon = Napoli an did not have a short complex. He was not short but average height;
4.Romans did not vomit to provide more room to eat again vomitorium=meant hallway that many people travel through; 5. Columbus was the only one who thought the earth was round. It was accepted before. went on trip to determine the size.
micro manager = Working with a micro manager
-confirm the manager’s instructions. Get clearest instructions i.e. emails follow up product.
-beat them at their own game, micro-report back.
-choose your battles. Sometimes have to stand up for yourself. Might tell boss ‘that’s too much’.
-mangers should be willing to see what each employees do.
Money earning during Christmas =
-legacy keepers = be a personal historian, help them put service called legacy keepers. (Some people have scrapbooking skills etc.)
– shop kick= earn gift cards by scanning items in competitors stores.
– Foap: When you take a picture, they put in stock photography catalog you get $5 bucks.
–collect info about business in your neighborhood with Bing: go take pictures of business. Get app from gigawalk.
-help is an expert in various areas: answer questions on line.
Most regifted ereaders = kindle fire because of problematic email access and Internet access.
nasa = says clouds are flying lower. = theory its due to climate change. may cool the earth.
night owles: night owls have higher IQs
Office Etiquette:
1.-chew with mouth closed
2. nail clipping
3. playing music too loud
4. ear plugs tell don’t disturb and seen as not friendly (elevators and hallways is a prime spot for network. 5. on cubical = announce yourself. Set up cubicle appointment 6. give indication that you’re near the cubicle 7. -no speaker phone in public area
password=use grammer if you’re using a phrase, otherwise easy to break.
pay increase: How to get a raise
-was I worth to you more this year than last year. and talks about inflation.
-always negotiate in person not by email or phone.
-If not raise of paycheck ask what other ways for compensation like flex days etc.
-see what your position is paid in other areas of the country and then ask boss what you can do for the company to get the same pay as others around the country.
Poinsettia plant = is not poisonous, eating it may get stomach ache.
People prefer getting soething for free rather than at discount.
Pet owner mistakes
1. buying a pet spontaneously (have child take care of stuffed animal first to see if they can take care of a real pet.)
2. skip obedience training.
3. being inconsistent in the rules.
4. dispensing too many free reats .
5. not socializing them with strangers.
6. skimping on exercise.
7. neglecting to give animal mental exercise (tricks or mental games)
Phishing= hit students in the summer since they do a lot of internet browning.
Political Debates: General political tactics = (if you use tactics in a political discussing, it shows you as closed minded.) 1. you attack at someone’s as the individual and not their point. 2. doing a doge and weave and you ignore what is said and use on. 3. Group in = “You are just like all” the other republican or democrats or such and such 4. You can understand or talk about it because you haven’t experienced it. When you watch political debates see who is using these techniques.
Promotion = How to promote yourself to new clients: 1. ensure your profiles include a link to your website. 2. Joint groups set up by companies who use your type of services.
Social network = Best practices for using social networking:
1. Familiarize yourself with rules for speaking on an organization’s behalf.
2. Ensure you know what the content is considered confidential.
3. Answer customer queries in real tie.
4. Update customers about new products.
Refurbished items = are usually just as good as the orgional and save a bunch of $$.
Restaurant: getting good quality and fresh food for fast food etc. make your order unique so that it has to be made fresh to be delivered.
Resume myths =Terrance Cameron = career adviser job resume myths
1. the more the better =keep two pgs. or less.
2. one resume does it all. tailor your resume do research on company. build resume around ad with words 3. include salary or references = don’t add 4. embellishments = don’t add.
If you don’t fit the basic requirements, don’t apply
-use the terms of the industry
-dont make commoen mistake. mismatch fonts, provide samples if asked for spelling, no name of person
-have questions for your interviewer ie; how would you decribe leadership philosophy, why do you like working here, is this a new opening or an old and if old why did the past person leave. don’t ask for info that could be easilly found.
Retirement: if you wait until 70 to start social insurance = you’ll get more money then starting at 62.
Retirement: if parents live with you put their money in an account to use in they need 24 hour care later. 2. helps finances, 3. forges closer bonds among family.4. work as long as you can.5. Phase into retirement by working part time.
Rfid = is technology that thieves can scan your card by walking by.
Saving money:
1. there is a sky swap (shared resource)
2. one phone among kids and they take turns with it.
3. Cut off most benefits on phones.
4.. Parents has control.
Saving $ at end of year. 1. itemize deductions of taxes
2. spend your flexible health care account.
3. organize yourself for your taxes.
4. use your vacation days
5. Maximize your contributions to yur 401 K.
6 Last Minute tax savings for Low businesses.
7. do taxes for bills for the end of the year. (not good for alternative tax)
8. buy office supplies this year.
9. splurge on equipment and use before end of the year.
10. pay bills early that aren’t due until next year.
Save money: 12 ways to save $$
– buy at thrift shops
– buy kids sizes for adults if size
– trade with friends
– buy clothes that both you and your spouse can wwar.
– never pay retail look for sales and $ savings apps.
Saving $$$ for school supplies
– who ever gives away free pens take one
– if last years spiral not used tear out old pages
– don’t send kids with pencil sharpener – kids over sharpen
– maybe see if do a little shopping in the school’s lost and found
– Don’t auto pay=
– look for bills for unexpected expenses.Cell phones Or utilities or Gym memberships, Cable bill or premium channels
Insurance bills
– Should auto pay= Mortgage Pay in advance monthly payment for Christmas; Retirement payments; Emergency fund; Savings
Scams: 12 scams of Christmas
-phony classified, see it first
-dangerous ecards = from someone you know or reputable card. Click on it and it’s a virus.
-fake charities
-phony retailers
-smishing = banks won’t ask you to verify personal info through emails.
-bogus gift cards = not from third party seller
-Skype message call
-iPads etc. Don’t buy iPads from conveyance stores. Open package at cashier to ensure item is there.
-don’t click on links
-beware of travel scams
-be careful of free Wi-Fi connections
– don’t rely upon their link to PayPal.
scams in Travel:
– Rent motor scooter = get off scooter. They take scooter; you have to pay for the scooter.
-Tour guide says this is the best place to buy such and such = guides might be kick back from those place.
– Motor bike scam = designed to break down. In addition, get repair costs out of you.
Scams = identify a purchase of an item on line or ad
-language age
-out of state
-not available or busy
-grammar issues
-never seen the item
Security: suggest you set up a separate email account for all your transactions.
Signal out of a roundabout so others know when you’re exiting.\
Social network: Facebook, googlePlus, Fring (free web caller) using skype. also use chat.
others suggests: Shazam (looks up music), Mirium WEbster app, flashlight app
dining’s apps: urbon spoon, yelp,
Spring Break: Utah mom=says that for spring break= each mom takes turns; If a kid likes viceos may have kids make a video from beginning to end. or host a spring picnic = and paid for a whole week
Tax: things you can write off from
-A percentage any items you use for work like PC
-selling things of personalized items or advertisements on work
-gifts to coworkers, gadget used for work up to $25 work.
tale gating: if someone is tale gating behind you, lengthen your distance from the car in front of you so that you will have response time and better prevent the person from hitting you.
Teaching Finances to Kids: 1. when kids ask about money of home, that’s the time to tell them 2. If they ask ‘are we poor’try to find out what the real question is.3. emphasize success in other ways than money.4. -show them the restaurant bill and utility bills. can teach them perspective.
Thing to buy in Oct/Fall: buy in fall/oct = kitchen assories, gas grils, shrubs, bushes and bulbs, toys and games, new cars; wedding supplies. oct=broadway tickets., insurance, jeans
Tickets: Tired of parking book: is there a problem officer = 1. check that everything that is on the ticket check make of veh license #, address, accurate time and date, and signature of the officer. It can be thrown out. 2. Get a statement from a eye witness. on speeding = be honest. Don’t’ be angry. Don’t cry. 3. have ins. And license documents together and put both hands on the wheel if you have a overhead light on turn on your overhead light.
tomatos: were once considered poisionis.
Travel interntioal: don’t eat in places that all the tourists goes. go in the less travelsed area. off a main cannel
Travel: Ways to travel from airplane to airplane faster
-don’t check your luggage in.
-Print boarding pass the night before
-Wear shoes that are easy to take on and off.
-Pack jewelry and watch etc. maybe put in carry on front flap before getting to security.
-Put all your gadgets put in packets.
-Put coat and stuff in bag.
Twitter name= don’t put the name of your employer in case you leve the co and that way your followers are your’s not the companies.
Unbroken: book about WWII
US Manifacturing: newsweek = says 88.5 % of consumer materials are made in the US.
Vacation blues: How to counteract back to work blues after vacation PBS”
-before you go on vacations
-let everyone know you’ll be gone.
-clear inbox before you left.
When you return from vacation
-clear your schedule os there are no meetings on the first day
-arrive to work an hour early
-gracefully bow out of as many obligations that take you away from your desk
-Take a break at least once an hour (away from desk)
-don’t forget to eat
-under promise and over deliver.
Vertical strips in clothes make you look thinner.
Ways you try to save money but it costs money 1. avoiding regular checkups with dr or dentist. 2. taking in store discounts offered and then paying the minimum. 3. doing your own taxes 4. buying the cheapest product to save money (like tires)5 putting no money in the parking meter 6 getting caught up with bogo free deals. (two for price of one) 7 driving extra miles for cheaper prices. 8 avoiding car maintenance 9 buying food in bulk (and throwing half away)
What influences a person returning a wallet
-If you have pictures in the wallet
-picture of puppies
-the two above items personalize the owner of the purse
-Don’t have a lot of other stuff (crowded) wallet
Web presence: Web presence: 1. -brand yourself = will give you three top web you want to be top. type your name into google. 2. buy your domain name 3. get all version of your names net, bus etc. 4. Build your personal web site ie word press or tumbler. or redirect to face book. 5. Do some basic search engine optimization. 6. Sign up for (put your alert in) and social 7. brand yourself and
WillyWank Movie: Original Willawonka candy room was real to give actors an authentic reaction when they entered.
Xbox is the only item that people will buy on black friday compare to other purchases.

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