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At different parts of the day I have a chance to listen to the radio. I am becoming a much more informed individual . The radio show The Browder on the radio station KSL gives me interesting info. I’ll listen to it at various times And I thuoght I’d share things I’ve learned here. For example i didn’t know what a QR code was until I learned about it on the browser and made sure to put it on my business cards.

Any incorrect info is my fault and spelling is sometimes a guess since I heard the reference rather than saw it. enjoy.

Browser web

Draw something = app that lets you play draw something and one co. is having applicants by playing a game against the company.
FindmyIphone = can help you track your phone from people’s who stole it.
Lostkidz=app to find kids.
Podcast app = new app, just offers pod casts.
Pole tracker = app to see all the poling’s on politicians.
Shazam app = listens to a song and it will identify for you. Shazam is working on providing info for TV shows
sound hound app = can identify songs. is an alternative to shazam to idenfity songs.
Thesuperpack app = will tell you who finances an ad (such as super packs). And points you ton nonpartisan sources i.e.:, political fact
Tooth fairy app = will tell the going cost for teeth. Some now pay $3 a tooth
Unbabyme = app that replaces baby pictures and terms

Beverage only run = restaurants are offering a time in the middle of day that just offer drinks only, no food.
Coca-Cola is being sold in the country of Burma. Only two other countries are left to not sell Cuba and North Korea. Iran is considering doing a ban. Belevia will ban soda at end of 2012.
Companies with Cloud technology: Many cloud companies do not confirm emails are accurate and thus compromise security. When you sign up it should give you a verify email. And might be a security flow.
DoritoLocoTacos = restaurant that offers Dorito flavored shell.
Family Fun Bikes = seven people on a bike at the same time. Can take tours around the city
JetBlue =offering Wi-Fi with flights starting in 2013
Microsoft = Office 2012 = offer a subscription service. (Enterprise> version of windows for $99 play for 20 gig cloud.
Microsoft is in the process of creating a holo-deck. Complete 360 surround gaming.
noplacelikehome shoes = by redantaniaa. does that show you where to go. they light up when you get closer to destination. On top of shoes and arrow to point you in the right direction. Click heals will activate you GPS. Light on left shoe turns on that tells you to turn left
Tiffin Project = Canada restaurants will offer to put takeout in a container that the customer provides and customer gets discount on their takeout.
toilet paper: World’s scariest toilet paper = will feature a horror story written by author of the ring. . Book called DROP. Cost 250 a roll.

ATM card skimming = little black sleep will put in card reader and have a camera to video your code. Report is from secret service
Cell phone stats = 9 of 10 adults have a cell phone. Pay as you go phone plans are often used by criminals
Dangerous celebrities that when you click on an evil site that has high chance of getting infected with a virus or will fish to get info for your info. Eva mandezes, holly berry, Jessica bill, Emma Watson, Salina Gomez, jimmy Kimble. You have a 1 in 8 chance of landing on an evil site and may hurt you.
Facebook time line is being duplicated as class projects to timeline points of history.
Food to make you lessfat: 1. grass fed beef, 2. olive oil, 3. coconut, 4. dark chocolate, 5. almond butterHonesty: 6. People are have more tendency to be honest if application of agreement to be honest is in the beginning of the document rather than in the end.
Glass potatoes = bake potatoes with other ingredients and dump water on them. Look on You Tube.
Impactful influences on food by Royal Society Fellows = Made a list of what were the most impactful revolution of food.1. Refrigerator 2. Pasteration 3. Tin cans 4.oven 5. Irrigation 6. Combine 20. Coffee
Launder hints: 1. Do not leave laundry for longer than 30 min if stuck in the washer. 2. Wash your hands after transferring clothes to dryer if longer than rewash. 3. Should wash your bed sheets more than once a week. Do it in hot water. 4. Make sure you air out your washer especially with front loaders. 5. Ventilate your laundry room
Mobile Etiquette = 95+ % adults says need mobile etiquette. Study done by Intel.
Paying for a broken item if = 1. If sign was in store that if you break it you pay for it. 2. If you don’t have a sign. Can claim you were negligent.
Save money for shopping = coupons, generic brands, buy more canned, show at discount groceries, buy bulk, freeze large amount of food, buy food you have to prepare yourself.
Relay rides = people rent out their car to other people.

Gems: (Jay’s gems) ways to use items around the house in a new way
Alka Seltzer = from = 1. Unclog drains 4 tablets 1 cup vinegar over them then flush down with boiling hot water. 2. Soak linen in two tablets. 3. Baking soda and vinegar cure all.
alka-seltzer (stomach upset plop plop fiz fix) = uses burns food stuck on glass cook wear. Throw in a couple of tables and it’ll come off. Clean your toilet.
Alka-Seltzer: From savasurgar blog. Unclog drains 4 tables and 1 cup of vinegar before flush it down with boiling hot water. Publish journal with two tables, use it to burn cancer sores off gums, soak whites in water and tables in cold water with two tables.
Bacon drippings candle: Put bacon dripping on bowl and refrigerate and get an all-natural wick and make a wick
Bugs: How to discourage from bugs from pestering cups of soda = use cupcake liners to cover the soda
Butter = When you bake you don’t want butter to be too melty. Take cube of butter, stick in zip lock bag and put in Ziploc and use roll pin. If it’s too soft it doesn’t hold up in cooking process. Butter will not clump if you mix with sugar thoroughly.
Bread: Can clean up glass shards = with a piece of bread.
Cell phone: If drop cell phone in water = get out of water a.s.a.p. Don’t push buttons. Immediately turn off, pull out battery. , get rid of sim card, Bury it in rice in sealed zip lock dry uncooked rice in air tight container for 48 hours will draw moisture out of the pho Put in matter y and good luck.
Don’t blow with air dryer, don’t put in freezer, and don’t poke paper and toothpick in it. Don’t clean with alcohol, look at LCI indicator, it tells if it went into the water. It’ll turn red
Clean up shards of glass: Dropped a plate and a lot of tiny shards of glass = use a potato that glass will stick in. wet paper towel is one solution by
Can opener Alternative. Rub rock against outside rim of lid
Can’t jump a car: When a car won’t start when you try to jump it = Many jumper cables have small jumpers and it often doesn’t have enough juice to start the other car. So try a second set of cables it has enough juice.
Card Scammers = Avoiding card skimmers: cover your fingers so you can hide your fingers.
Don’t be gentle with the card reader, shove around or jerk card
Charley horses = pickle juice is supposed to have. Gatorade is supposed to help with cramping. Need more potassium.
child from rolling off bed; How to prevent a child from rolling off bed. Put swimming pool noodle under sheet on side of bed and it’ll stop the roll.
Cream of Tartar: Clean grim=stainless steel cream of tartar. Pinch of cream of tartar, put on wet sponge and a minute of scrubbing.
Fish Smell: How to take care of fish smell when you cook the fish. Soak the fish in fresh milk for 30 min.
Frosting: How to lengthen icing. Throw the frosting in a mixer on a high speed. Throw a bunch of air in frosting.
Honey or bees wax is good for chap lips. Use honey and little bit of bees wax with almond oil.
Lemons on your glass on windshield or clean glass.
Milk: = milk is the best ways to get rid of the burn of a hot peppers. Sugar is an alternative. There are normally packets of sugar on tables of restaurants.
Milk and lemon juice and let it sit = when it starts to curl a little bit whisk it up. Kind of makes butter milk.
Painting = to remember what color you use on those walls. Take the life switch cover and paint the back side on the switch. Take off wall when you need to remember.
Plastic cups now keep bugs from in the cups. = put cupcake liners in cup and poke a hole with the straw.
Powdered Sugar: Need powdered sugar = take granulate sugar and put into blender and it’ll make powdered sugar
Potato (raw): You can also use cut potatoes to remove a broken light bulb from its socket.
Sugar: Clean grease off our hands = sugar can also decrease (a tea spoon of sugar with a little water and a little bit of liquid dish soap.
Worms = homemade jelly worms = Get recipe on line, handful of straws (bendable straws can create the swirly pattern) pour jello in the straws, cools and setups and just put briefly under water to get worms out of the straws.

Biggest health concern for children = lack of exercise.
Blood pressure (how to fix) = lose weight, especially waist width. Limit alcohol, tobacco and caffeine
Cardio = can tell your heart rate by looking at you. Pulse influences the light on your face.
Cgrb = chemical that causes migraine
Dark chocolate = can help against heart attack.
Diabetes types: Type 1 diabetes = can’t make insulin and Type 2 diabetes = can’t use insulin.
Diet soda makes you fat = Gut flora determines out health influences is the key to staying fit. Alters the signals by the body gut flora starts to alter the signals in the body.
and influences apatite.
Disitel chemical that is in microwave popcorn = may cause in old-timers.
Doctors in hospitals are starting to carry iPads and it is improving response time on medical
DyiInc utensil set = can be put on the end of a pen for use if you forget your utensils.
Earworm = when someone hears music/song and it keeps being stuck in their head. To fight it=put in a different song in head or listen to the song all the way through from beginning to end.
Exercise: BYU researchers find that morning exercise showed that their response was lower after exercise. When exercised they were more active throughout the day and you won’t be eating to replace calories you used up.
Face: Your face can tell you about your health 1. Cheeks = connect to respiratory system rash on cheeks may mean your starved for oxygen. 2. Mouth = digestion. Spots and coloration can indicate further down 3. Bloody gums can mean acidic stomachs 4. Dry and flakey lips sign of dehydration 5. Chin = kidneys and blotter. If have congestion under the skin (skin) kidney might be working overtime. 6. Center of forehead = heart small intestine, bladder. Zits on forehead
Facebook = will delete deleted photos. They were saving it in the past. Will also start featuring ads.
Fat: Study = to burn the most fat need to go 10 hrs. without eating
Insomnia = How to sleep = 1. can’t sleep 15 min go to another place and lie down and then when get tired come to bed. 2. -concerns keep you up = Associate sleep with conflict with married partner.
3. restless leg syndrome can be interpreted as insomnia. 4. behavior influences same to bed and wake up, avoid caffeine sources after 2 pm, avoid sources of light. 6. -Cover the clock so that you can’t look at it. 6. -Not looking at computer screens before you go to bed. 7. -soothing music or such 8. -warm bath = your temperature will drop
Jelly fish sting = urion does not help.
MED modicule = suppresses vitamin d and it causes balding. When they prevent the Med it should stop balding.
Mom’s depression may lead to shorter kids. (in journal periotatics) Parents that are depressed (post mortem depression) often influence that their kids are shorter. May be due to not doing good feeding procedures. Maternal depression can lead to stress to kids which causes rises chemical called cotozal which influence the growth hormone.
Nickateen vaxeen = turns your kidney into an antibody factory and prevents the positive stimuli of wanting to smoke. You will never be able to smoke again for a life time. Brings up the question if it should be given to children without their consent.
Obesity: University of North Carolina dept. of medicine finds that kids of age 10-17 overweight children consume less calories than non-overweigh children. restless leg syndrome can be interpreted as insomnia.
Obese stufy by Trust of America = says half of America population will be obese by 2030
obesity paradox = If you’re already overweight or obese you will live longer with diabetics II than if you were not.
Raisins: Snacking on raisins reduced glucose levels.
Radioactive band aid =new patch placed on skin cancer/tumor healing cancer.
Salad Dressing: Certain salad dressing (mono unsaturated fats i.e. corolla oil base dressings) = helped body absorb nutrients of vegetables of salad. Also don’t need as much dressing to satisfy.

Bathroom = Use the bathroom stall closest to the door. = it’s the one that has the least germs and most toilet paper as people usually skip that stall.
Lying = can influence your health.
Rudeness online = Computers and human behavior research dhows that the reason people are nasty because there is no eye contact. You can see how they are feeling.
Sleep: Perfect temperature to sleep: 65.
Staying up late does not help remember things for the test better. Those that cram the night before are not successful.
Thermal images used to detect who is drunk = can detect when people are drunk. Nose is redder is one example.
Video Games: Research shows that playing video games with a group playing video games provides less aggression than an individual playing video games solo.
Wobbly chairs research = influence people’s opinion. If the chair is wobbly they are reluctent.

Ageman = suit that gives people the experience of old age. weighs 15 lbs., ear mufflers, pads on elbows and knees.
Bacteria cell phones may be powered from living bacteria.
Beet juice = known to help athletes.
BYD auto: is a remote control car that will go slow by remote control. This may be good to reposition the car after you parked it.
Clear wireless = can still get unlimited hotspots but it’s terrible to cancel it.
Cloud technology: Storms can influence stability of cloud storage. Have hardware backup with cloud. Cloud technology is good to store photos if have to flee your home.
Compression stockings = helps with snoring, sleep on side, paly woodwind instrument.
Cooling glove = helps on muscle fatigue and can do exercise longer.
Dip Jar = will automatically take out a dollar for a tip by putting a phone in an area and it will access your account.
Fire Tracking: Way to keep track of fires = web sites and Google maps = aerial view that can show where fires are at.
Force glove = can move objects without touching. Toy is $20.
Google glasses = work like a computer screen.
IXclick = brand of serach engine that will not save your search history
Long Hair: People with long hair = can hinder your career
Lumoback=is a monitor attached to phone that will give alert every time you present bad body posture
Magic carpet = that tracks your walking patterns, can tell you when someone falls, monitor coordination, detect fires or chemical spills.
Microscope fiber = technology that will make brain cancer cells to glow and makes it easier to cut it away.
MCX / merchant Customer Exchange = buy anything through any type of smart phone.
Net neutrality = some interpret it that company cannot dictate/restrict how customer can use the internet.
New energy technology = developed spray that can make solar panels. Put on windows.
Nex Phone = can become a phone, PC, Tablet, You just dock it wherever you’re ad.
NFC = technology on phone that will aide you in doing a financial transaction wave it at the screen and the exchange takes place.
Pogo seat = will show you which seats are available and you can pay extra to move down to the lower levels of the stadium.
Power charging PJ = recharge energy suit. Aid and recovery of muscle fibers. Used in place of normal PJs. used by Michael Phelps. From underarmer.
Rain laser = being studied to create rain.
Scent blaster = can cloak their gun powder smell etc. good for military.
Shoe pants = shoes part of pants
Signal guru = dashboard you will answer your phone will tell you when phone is about to change and tell you what speed you need to go to not miss the next light. Resulting in 20% fuel consumption.
Smart Trashcans = in never lands. You wave a card toward a modified trashcan. Then put trash in the can. It will weigh the trash and then bill you for the weight of the trash.
Spray that can harden sand and can make a bridge and cross a cavern as you go.
Sun Paper bracelets = Tells you when you’re near your limit of sun exposure. It will change color when you need to get out of the sun.
Teeth = Japanese university has created little sheets of enamel (same material on teeth) can be put on your teeth that creates enamel to hear perfection. Can color your teeth. Should be available to public in three years.
Text scarf =Can print text on a scarf from a book. It is a perfect gift for Literature fans.
Twitter snickers = lCD screen is on the shoe. You can access twitter feed by looking at your shoe displays.
Water bottle: New water bottle that will wrap around your wrists.
Virtual fridge lock = every time you go into a snack it will notify others so they can shame you
XRay = Amazon has X-ray = which lets you identify an actor.

3D Printer: University of So CA made a printer to build a house in 20 hours by a 3 D printer… floor tiles, wiring, plumbing. There is also furniture printing. Printers that use sand to print bridges, used to make bridges.
Air Bags for motorcycles = vest worn by motorcyclist to provide air bad if they crash
A ton of money = is about the weight of a dollar bill. One dollar weighs 1 gram the total of a ton of weight is $1 mill.
Face time = video phone (like Skype) call over cell iPhone to iPhone.
Floating airport = have airport in the water. Suggest tarmacs and terminals to be on the Tems River in London.
Hash tag is the # sign in twitter and is part of the identity/name to identify subject or name of the tweet.
Klout score = monitors retweets of your tweets, of social network. Might be added to part of a resume. Go to to check and it needs access to all your accounts
Physiological time is Time perception can be altered that events slow down to some athletes.
RSS Feeds (streaming content from web sites) into one source so you can access mass amounts of data at once.
Samalie = expert in wines.
Smishing = is fish scheme is combined with some texting. Has a message like getting a free target or Wal-Mart gift card. File a complaint with the FTC so that maybe they can pursue these people more.
People may get their twitter accounts hacked when the owner of the account clicks on a tweet that might say “this person is saying something bad about you.” Spam or email will use a phrase that will hit you emotionally. When you click on the link you might get a virus or have personal info hacked.
Telecommunications lab in Germany = mode in wireless routers. = routers become cell phones
The shaker board = is where people wag a sign for advertising outside a store.

Web Sites:
Bacon the driver will pay for all his needs for travel with bacon. Done to promote a new brand of bacon.
Blue river technology = came up with a weed killing robot. Useful to farmers. Injects bad plant with bad fertilizer to kill it. Can detect lettuce plants but will program for more.
Buzzfeed = media site ask stars what they prefer bacon or nortella = technology site site that sells used electronics.
Gotya parody = president Obama = is a site where someone has contacted retailers to get a product or service for a certain price if many people buy it.
Senior Discounts = Often senior discounts that are not as good deals as possible, bank charged more, travel =higher. Go to to access discount deals
Shakespearean insult skit = gives samples of insults what causes brain freeze = when cold in the roof of your mouth will widen the blood flow and it causes pain. = best bargain shopping. Best on-line shopping is labor weekend (clothes and accessories)
Roomba = little vacuum that can clean a room. web site gives voting info of candidates Vote! = game where president candidates fight each other with balloons, sparklers etc.

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