Pocket Troubles

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Mike doesn’t like attention. Let his best friend have all of it. But for his tenth birthday, he has more than enough attention with an unpredictable birthday shirt. Strange things are happening that involve him, his entire class and perhaps the world. Every attempt to make things better only makes it worse, turning Mike’s school field trip into chaos.

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Pocket Troubles Ch. 1


Clever, imaginative, and fast paced to keep even the most voracious reader satisfied. Mike and his friends are in for the adventure of their young lives in this entertaining tale of wishes, danger, and magic! Have fun and hang on tight, the ride is just beginning!!!

-Rhonda Johnson

I loved the book. I relly Love the crazey Grama.

-Irene’s Nephew Jesse

This book Pocket Troubles is very imaginative. It is one of Melva’s best works.

-Mehgan O’Neil

I just love to read, and your book really was great. I don’t read books when things don’t flow together, or they are boring. I have been known to stop reading a book half-way through if it doesn’t grab me. I loved yours. I hated to put it down.

– Stephanie Kayte

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