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I know you THINK this is a Toaster: Promoting Family Values Through Object Lessons


After teaching for years at church and in homes, I have decided to compile a list of my objects lessons which I feel are useful in teaching family and Christian themes. My intent is that this book would be helpful in Sunday school, family devotionals, youth camps, family counseling and family home evenings.

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There’s not just DoDads Anymore


There are some wonderful techniques to enhance the teaching experience. This book moves away from lecture and object lessons to other techniques employed by popular teachers. These ideas touch upon youth camps, pictures, activities, websites, video, lectures, a teacher’s personality and handouts to name only a few.

Seriously Speaking: Using Humor to Teach Serious Topics


There are some great jokes out there. Why are they so funny? This book touches upon the themes of popular jokes, human nature and how their humor can be used to touch upon serious topics of everyday life. The virtue of using humor in teaching is that it can liven up the lesson and often offer a unique perspective to any given theme.

Reflections: God, Family, Country: A Collection of Free Verse Poetry


Throughout the years I have used poetry as a medium to express my feelings and observations about God, Family and the Nation. Come see if we share similar views.

The Book of Lists


Some of us are list makers. We make a checklist for various project and errands. This book contains lists I have used or have created. Some of the items covered include creation retreats, camping trips, international travel, organizing storage sheds, storytelling concerts and organizing a community events to name a few.


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Additional books are currently in the works: The books listed are either done, in production or they’re awaiting covers. If you would like to be notified when a particular book is ready, please send me an email so I can put you on the notification list. Contact me through Thanks.

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