Operation Middle School Madness

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Thomas is obsessed with his military video game WASP. He dreams of being a Special Ops soldier. But pretend becomes real when he moves to the cold of Alaska. Valuable equipment is being stolen from a military base. The base, family and country are in danger. Thomas and Jake must employ all their skills of game playing to catch the culprits’ behinds the thefts. They don’t have to look very far to find the key suspect at their very own school.

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Operation Middle School Madness Ch. 1


I thought the book was overall engaging and I like your writing style. There were a few chapters which moved abruptly from one scene to another, so I was a bit lost until it made sense with more information. I thought the character developed well. He started out as a naïve 11 year old, and grew throughout the story to a brighter more mature individual. True life experiences came to mind causing a chuckle and warm fuzzies when reading of some of the antics of the characters.

-Dean Foote

It was exciting. I couldn’t put it down. I know my grandkids will like it.

-Joan Herlin

It grabs the reader. There was one page I found to be confusing. I liked the characters.

-David Richter age 12

The book won first place in Middle-Grade Fiction at the Utah Arts Counsel for 2016.

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