Living a Christ-like life:


Some notes from a church talk. Any misinformation is the fault of the note taker.


  • We can give offer up our hands to serve God.
  • You are my hands. a statue of Christ in a town in Germany was bombed in WW 2. Restored it but could not do the hands. They could have a sculpture create new hands. The people decided to have no hands. Instead, they put a sign under the handless statue. We are his hands.
  • The Savior himself could do things for us. But to be a part of this gospel we need to help each other.
  • Who do we serve?
  • Jesus served everyone. He served people who didn’t like him, served sinners, served people who were poor.
  • Luke 18:9-14. Two people went to the temple to pray one said thanks for all. Republican man hit his chest a far off. Christ went and testified in the house of the second.
  • We must not judge others.
  • Lady said, “I’m a battered $20.” Someone responded to her. The money is battered, torn and dirty. But it’s still worth $20.
  • Urdorf: when we serve something happens to us. Our own spirit becomes healed.
  • Jesus loved us all unconditionally. Love others as I have loved you.
  • Jewish legend: two men zimmeron and Abraham who owned a field together. They agreed to divide labor and harvest. Zimmeron thought the other has a family to support. Went out into the field and took a third of his pile and put it on Abrahams pile. Abraham put 3rd on zimmeron’s pile think he has no family.
  • President Kimball was an apostle was at an airport. A pregnant woman had a Two-year-old daughter. The child was upset and tired but the mother had dr. orders to not lift the child. A stranger came up and offered help. Went up the line and arrange for transfer to get on next flyer. Years later the 21 yr. who was the baby entered the mission field.
  • Urdorf: as a young pilot went to Texas. He was worried about competing for the desired position. He worked on building a chapel for the branch between studies. Brethren we do not honor Priesthood if we are not kind of others
  • Be kind and loving and Christ-like all year around not just during Christmas.


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