Life of Christ


Here are some nice notes from church today.

  • Matt 5:15-16: a city on hill let our light so shine.
  • Light a candle in a dark room and it will immediately toss the darkness away.
  • Light of Christ enlightens knowledge and influence on mankind. It is not a personage. It is preliminary to receiving the Holy Ghost. Lead the honest soul to find the gospel.
  • Light of Christ is an influence for us to do good.
  • Who receives the light of Christ? Every person who is born on earth receives the light of Christ
  • As we yield to the light of Christ that influence will increase of us. If we ignore it, it will diminish.
  • Every time you seek an influence of the Lord you seek his light.
  • As we seek forgiveness and offer forgiveness will increase the light. Light also references the spirit and truth.

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