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I recently attended a Book of Mormon evidence conference. I listened to a number of panels that gave archaeological evidence of where events occurred in Northern America that matched the events in the Book of Mormon. It was a great conference. This blog touches upon some of a panel discussing the signs of the times for the coming of Christ. This is a continuation of my notes.

Past, comet:

– Constellation Perseus depicts a father who is a son of a God, could be compared to Christ. He slays the monster medusa who has surfaced in her bare. Satan is known as the surface. I constellation is an eye, called algol. It is known as an evil star.
– Two great comets came to earth one in 1996 and the other in 1997. In the heavens. The first flew across the eye of Algol from the left and then exactly a year to the day. Later in 1997. A second, crossed the same algol star.
– DC 88:93, all the earth will see a comet.
– Joseph Smith on April 1843, said that Jerusalem must be rebuilt
– DC 88:, A, comet will come before Christ.

More notes coming in a future blog.

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