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I am doing research and took some notes off several sites who gave advice on writng synopsis. The sites are listed below and here are some of the key ideas I learned.

–          In the upper left hand corner you should have the following info:Synopsis of “Title here”Genre:……………..Word count:By__________ Single space your synopsis.

–          One page.

–          The short synopsis of power starts with SETTING – when and where the story is set.

–          Written in third person, present tense,

–          The first mention of each character’s name is put in all-caps

–          We describe the chronological sequence

–          Reveal big problems in your story. Include core conflict

–          Use active voice, not passive

–          demonstrate what is at stake

–          Choose your descriptive words carefully, ensuring that you’re using words that carry a lot of weight

–          written in the same style of writing your book is written in

–          Opening hook

–          synopsis includes the characters’ FEELINGS and EMOTIONS.

–          book: Archetypes that Make Your Story Resonate

–          Incident (Story Advancement) + Reaction (Color) = Decision (Story Advancement)

–          The main plot elements – the main conflict, the dramatic high points, the climax, and, of course, the resolution

–          include all major turning points associated with that formula.

–          ending paragraph must show how major conflicts are resolved

–          main characters’ conflicts clearly defined?

–          Leave all the complex subplots out.

–          Don’t include any unnecessary detail, description, or explanation.

–          most agents finally settling on 1-2 pages, total. If you write yours as one page, single-spaced, it’s the same length as two pages, double-spaced — and either are acceptable

–          Read through what you’ve written and check that every event in the story naturally leads into the next. Imagine beginning each sentence with a Because

–          (Synopses longer than one page should be double-spaced.) Its paragraphs are usually indented, with no spaces between paragraphs. You do not use a cover page or any fancy headings or fonts.

–          use the type of energetic and brisk voice you need for your synopsis read the backs of paperback novels.

–          Write your synopsis in the same format as your manuscript.

–          removing excess words and phrases that don’t help you tell the story.

–          what is at stake for your heroes, what they stand to lose, and how it all turns out.

–          Cut adverbs and adjectives from your synopsis – write as minimally as you can.

Want to add to the list? Please do so in the comment section of the blog. If you have done a blog on this topic, please share your link.











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