Rock Soup list: Writing, Storytelling, Speech etc.

Each Wednesday I post to a blog called Rock Soup. It is a blog that touches upon the creative process of writing, story telling, presentations and other areas of the imagination. Much of the content comes from lectures I attended and took notes on. I share my notes for the edification of others. I’ll try to document the source of the knowledge as opportunity permits.

I thought I’d put the last two years here and I’ll see if I can update it from time to time.
Bungee Plot:
Pet Projects gone wild:
List of Books Publishers Want:
Collect Data and Ask Questions:
Useful story telling techniques I’ve observed at Weber State Story Telling Festival:
Fiction Panel with Dean Hughes, Anita Stansfield and Stephen Tuttle:
Blog Your Passion: My notes from a presentation by Leigh Anne Wilkes:
Writer’s Digest on its 101 Best Websites for Writers:
Presenting a Facebook image:
Promoting my Inventions: Shader, GrocGrip, Hippy:
Notes on: Writing up A personal History:
Blog Infrastructure:
Avoiding the one trick pony in creativity:
Press Contacts for Utah for when you want to send out a press releases:
Writing for Young Adults (Conduit panel):
How to get published:
Gods and mythology in Fantasy (Conduit panel):
Writing Fantasy that isn’t base upon Europe’s middle-ages (Conduit panel):
My next writing project: EBooks on successful community events:
Troubleshooting Microphones during Story telling Events:
When conducting an Interview:
What I learned telling stories to a class of deaf or special needs students:
Today’s topic on creativity is dialog tags:
Visit to a sound studio at PBS radio station KPCW in Park City:
Beyond Twilight Panel:
Passive voice Sites:
The creativity and dimensions behind quilts:
Insights on writing and publishing by Rachel Muses:
From the condo, writing suggestions: From the condo, writing suggestions
More notes from the condo on writing:
Review of WSC event w/ Kevin Cordi by Kathleen Lund:
Historical fiction advice from author Lee Nelson:
Tips on writing from author Rachel Muses:
Historical Research Advice from author Lee Nelson:
How to Make Characters Real from Anita Stanfield:
Best and worse writing advice given LTUE 2011:
Writing Action:
Character Arch:
How to scare people: from LTUE:
Killer Openings LTUE panel:
Dealing with Deadlines:
Plots, Subplots and Foreshadowing:
Slush piles (LTUE):
Business of Writing:
Writing information from fellow writers:
Finding a story: a presentation by Steffani Raff:
The art of Podcasting: LTUE symposium:
Writing nonfiction:
Writing panel by Josie Kilpack, Greg Park, Stephen Peck:
I want to write a book, baby step One:
Marketing and Promotion, LTUE:
Does your book have a sound track:
Observations of storyteller Laura Sims:
Dealing with Deadlines:
How to write a Good Short Story:
What is an Agent and what can they do for you:
Crucibles by guest Blogger Dave Farland:
Broadening our abilities in speech via Toastmasters:
Dialog Tags and Speech Patterns: LTUE panel:
Characters’ Morals/Theology:
Book bomb in support for Dave & Mary Wolverton and their son:
Plot-Storming from character:
What you Can/Can’t do in a YA novel:
How to get and develop Killer Story Ideas:
How to do well in a toastmaster’s speech contest:
What I wish I had done: A guide to New Writers:
How to recover from writing slumps:
World building the Patricia Wrede way:
Suggestions for giving a good presentation:
Punching up your Presentations:
Using vision boards to create new stories: Using vision boards to create new stories:
Making it personal:
Setting in your story:
Blogging panel:
Getting recommendations from contacts in LinkedIn:
Relating school knowledge to life, brainstorming:
Making topics in school relevant:
Using technology to promote your storytelling:
Using technology to organize and track your stories:
Suggestions for Storytelling:
What is a humorous speech?
Running my first speech contest:
How to read to learn writing:
For the Love of Romance:
Technology, tools of the trade:
First-time novelists:

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