Writer Press Kit

Melva Gifford has been writing since her youth. She has fiction and nonfiction shorts published in various publications and websites. She won first place for her MG book, Operation: Middle School Madness, at the 2016 Utah Arts counsel. She’s won two semi-finalist awards from the international contest: Writers of the Future. My fiction touches upon many realms including:

  • Childrens’ Mainstream, SF, F.
  • SF, F, Romance, nonfiction, and mainstream for adults.

For nonfiction, I am creating a series of object lessons to promote Christian values. These lessons are geared for family devotionals, youth ministries, family home evenings and family activities. The book I Know You THINK This is a Toaster: Promoting Family Values Through Object Lessons is my largest collection of lessons. Additional lessons are available through my Monday blog Teaching Embellishments at www.melvagifford.com.

Current published works on Amazon include:

Pocket Troubles

Operation Middle School Madness

I know you THINK this is a Toaster: Promoting Family Values through Object Lessons

Please go to www.melvagifford.com to get updates on future works.

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