FBI murder

These are notes from the meeting I attended tonight they are from a speech by Jeanette Finicum. She was LaVoy wife (LaVoy is the man who was killed by the FBI in Harney County, Oregon. This rancher plus others have been occupying part building to protest overreach by the government and the BLM. A private video was released by the local police that showed that LaVoy was killed while his hands were up which conflicts with the silent video posted by the FBI that indicated that LaVoy was not shot until he reached for a gun.

Jeanette told about LaVoy as her husband and the father of nine children. They were a blended family. He had six children and she had three. They also had adopted and responsible for multiple foster boys. LaVoy taught the boys what was right. The boys learned to love the land and to enjoy the benefits of a ranch. LaVoy came from ranching family while Jeanette came from military family. Former meets city girl.

The last seven years LaVoy did a lot of reading. He read on both sides of the issue. He came to realize he was not being true to himself or the Constitution if he didn’t follow his honest police. He felt it was wrong to work with the BLM and publicly announced that he was the fire the BLM in managing the property that he purchased somebody else and not the BLM.

He wrote a book that talked about what was right about eclecticism. He wanted to teach. People that sent reviews of the book told about a really enjoyed it and how to help them. He couldn’t understand why people were not willing to stand up what was right. He felt that the BLM was doing wrong and it wasn’t ethical for him to continually pay fees to them, especially bought his ranch from the previous individual and not the BLM.

LaVor also created a bunch of videos that talked about his feelings on various subjects. He has a YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=lavoy+FinicumYouTube+channel+

LaVor was one of the riders who participated in Clyde Bundy’s objection to the BLM a year or two ago. He and other ranchers and citizens met together? They decided that they wanted to support the hands share their grievances by civil disobedience to the local government who was ignoring them.

One of his favorite quotes on freedom is that the man stands for freedom stands of God.

Jeanette mentioned how the media is very good twisting the truth and making people feel isolated and alone.

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