In recent years I have become increasingly concerned about the state of the nation. This will be an occasional blog where I will provide information. More later.

ABC: American Black Conserstives (term from Hermain Cain)

Amnesty or Illegal immigration and related topics:
Immigration reform could be bonanza for Democrats:
Bailouts History of U.S. Gov’t Bailouts Or Use of Taxes:

Capitalism and the Common Man:
Bono says capitalism takes more people out of poverty than aid:

Common Core Info: or Education:
Dr. Duke Pesta Testifies Against Common Core in Wisconsin :;utm_campaign=EdReview
education controlled by government:
Obama’s new Common Core condones creative math answers: 3 X 4 = 11

some republicans against conservatives:

Constitution Infringements:
I’ve got a pen:\

Democrat Policy:
How ‘Pro-Choice’ are Democrats?

words of mass destruction:

DNC railroads its own delegates in the name of God & Jerusalem:

A bill against free speech:
Why Democrats Love To Spy On Americans:
murder mit Romney:
DNC railroads its own delegates in the name of God & Jerusalem:
A bill against free speech:
Seeking signatures from Obama supporters to terminate the Bill of Rights:
Seeking signatures from Obama supporters to terminate the Bill of Rights:

Democrat Scandals:

change history:


Obama admin ‘blackmails’ developing countries into adopting ‘sexual anarchy’:
french march for marriage:
Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Sexual Rights vs. Sexual Health:
My 2 dads: Childhood not so ‘happy and gay’:
parents no longer in control of own kids = \
Cultural Imperialism: The Sexual Rights Agenda:
Nigeria: House Dares Western Nations On Same Sex Marriage:
Brussels takes aim at books portraying ‘traditional’ families:
Same-Sex Marriage Ten Years On: Lessons from Canada:

Fiscal cliff:

Founding Fathers:

Global warming scandals/knews:
Controversy over new hockey stick::
wrong assumptions:

Gun Owners Protecting the community or guns:
policeman survey:
Documentary of why we should not have a national gun registry:
Fast and Furious scandal:,0,3828090.storygallery
ATF used “Fast and Furious” to make the case for gun regulations:

Media bias:
Reporters Say If They Ask About Benghazi, They’ll Lose White House Access:

Media / Political fabrications:

Obama Care: pricing feature can be off the
The Political Argument Today:
Senior HHS Official To Brief Only House DEMOCRATS On ObamaCare Mess In Closed Door Session:
I wonder why conservatives suggest that we should reduce the size of government? I wonder if one reason could be for efficiency? Obama care web site $500 million:
Results: John sterwart on Obama care:
Paul Ryan Takes Down ObamaCare in 6 Minutes:
How much is Obamacare REALLY going to raise your premiums?

On-Line Courses:

Trey Gowdy Goes Off on National Park Service Director for Treating Occupy Protesters Better Than Nation’s Veterans:
Catholics prohibited from worshiping on military base:
British Foster Parents Lose Children Because of Their Politics:
Christian couple ‘doomed not to be approved as foster carers for views on homosexuality’:
Freedom of speech restrictions::
The Smoking Gun in Plain Sight:

CNBC’s Steve Liesman Says Mexican Music Should Be Played Behind Ted Cruz:
25 Examples of Liberal Racism in Quotes:

Private army?

some say not:

Real American History:—Interesting-.aspx?bcmediaid=5deddc82-aa9b-4968-903d-dd41c0245cc8
Ben Franklin Wasn’t Allowed to Write the Declaration of Independence Because the Boys Thought He’d Sneak In Bad Jokes:

Republican scandals:
The Secret Saudi Flight on 9-13:

Republican Policy (who counter other republicans)
Republicans anti conservatives:
Some republicans are becoming anti conservatives:

Sequester: freeze rate of growth:

Tea Party articles/Groups:

controlling the cume: can steal someone else idea by having high exposure and the original inventor looks like a copycat of their own idea. Can be done if you have control of the media or have a wider audience
The Overton Window: I learned of a phrase called ‘The Overton Window’. OW is the principal that someone will propose an over-the-top/excessive idea to the community that is received very badly. A federal example is giving rights to animals). Anyway, once the idea is proposed there is a big outrage by the people of the government going too far. The persons making the outrageous claim then back pedal and provides a less outrageous suggestion and the opponents agree to the lesser proposal because it is as bad as the original. But that was what was planned from the beginning.
Push Polling: Caller calls to conduct a political survey to ask opinion, but the real intent of the survey is to share negative information about the opposing candidate. (next time I get one of these I need to ask for sources to substantiate their claims.

Topics Of Interest:
how did those national park closed signs get there so fast?

$500K to access President:
john wayne on liberalism:
ban all sharp objects:

Hate in america:

United Nations:


Voter Fraud: (both sides of the isle)



Recommended Web sites:
Citizens Against Government Waste

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