Tidbits of knowledge

What better place to store notes on various points of knowledge than to dedicate a page to it. I will add tidbits of knowledge from time to time.

How to find a hornet’s nest in the wild. Since hornets are carnivorous put chicken chunks out until its found by a hornet and as it carries a chunk away, track the hornet. If you lose track, put down a new piece of meat where you saw the bug last. Wait until another hornet harvests a piece and track that one. Eventually you’ll be able to track them back to their nest. (got this from a Hawaiian documentary)

Push Polling: Caller calls to conduct a political survey to ask opinion, but the real intent of the survey is to share negative information about the opposing candidate. (next time I get one of these I need to ask for sources to substantiate their claims.

Man verses nature notes so far: host:
-The host is Bear Grylls
-Use a bottle to act as goggle to look into sea water.
-The eyes of the fish are a very nutritious part of the fish when you need to eat
-Cactus with a white milky substance is not edible. There is a plant called a ufoiba with long spiked limbs that looks like a cactus but it is not. Its milk is poisonous
-A group of sixteen people used the dried branches of a Ufobia as fuel for their fire. It poisoned their food and killed them.
-There is a green bush that has circular leaves the size of silver dollars. The leaves may look dry but you can squeeze the leaves together and get a bitter juice that can give you needed moisture. Squeeze the leaves between your hands and use your thumb as a spout to have the juice drip into your mouth.
-Let good high quality boots be your weapon if necessary. One episode the guy stomped on a porcupine to kill it and the villagers he stayed with later ate the meat. The boots stopped the animal and prevented damage to the humans.
-When fishing for piranha fish you can single them out in shallow sections of water. Avoid large pools since a lot of fish can attack back. Make sure the meat is well cooked to killed harmful parasites.
-Heat rocks in a fire to put in a container of water to get it to near boiling.
-Boil shell fish for 20 min to kill germs
-Stinging vines can have stinger metals removed by starting at the base of the stem and go strip the leaves along the stem to the tip and the leaves at the base will take the brunt of the stingers as you remove the leaves. Bash the stalks to break up the fibers and separate the vine to make threads that can tie things together.
-If you’re dehydrated don’t eat too much. Digesting food will sap away important fluids.
-Can cook snake by burying in hot sand and put coals on top. Skin will protect the meat.
-Bone marrow is a source of protein.
-A branch from a tree (3 inches thick 12 feet might be used to catapult you down 8 foot cliffs or across a river
-Cat tales make good fire kindling and good padding inside a jacket to keep you warm.
-Dig a pit to put the fire to help hide the fire. Dig a pit next to the first and dig a tunnel between the two it will provide an air source for the first pit’s fire.
-make a griddle with green sticks
-Lush vegetation is a good source for a water source
-Dig in ground and dig out mud. Let the settlement settle. Dump the first collected water and the second water that collect should be cleaner
-A strong branch (made of study wood) might be used as an ice pick to help you climb up a steep hill.

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