Terms I’ve been learning about:

When I hear a term or phrase I am unfamiliar with then I write it down. See how many you already knew.

ABC= American Black Conservative, compliments of Herman Cain.
Al Dente” means “to the tooth” in Italian and describes the consistency of perfectly cooked pasta, no longer crunchy, but not too soft either.
Android fragmentation = because there are so many manufacturers with different capabilities = its hard to make an app for to work across all platforms
Armed doors cross check = means turning on the rafts on emergency exit. sterwardess sometimes forget.
Arrow shot = caffeine powder
ashpoopie.com = product that burns pet poop.
A ton of money = when each dollar bill weighs 1 gram the total of a ton is $1 mill.
Automatic tipping = happens on room service meals or over 5-6 customers.
Aviator = fake identify
BMI / Body mass index = alternative (DXA) Duel Xray = gives direct measurement
Blind panic = term that explains why men don’t ask directions, because fear being forced that their system does not work.
Boomerang kids = adult kids who have left home return home to parents.
Buddy punching = have a coworker punch a late person’s time clock
Busking: name given to street performers. (some have rules
cables = high end of cables are not necessarily importanct to add to quality. cnet found no difference in htmi cable between $5 and $00 for video but for smound = want better cables.
Cash mob = where a company is chosen to be visited.
castle doctrine: a home owner has the right to protect themselves if someone invades their home and jepedize life or property.
cat phishing = someone poses as someone else like a female on the internet with the goal to extract money.
Click jacking: displays bogus web pages and then in the background they gather your personal info to sap your fiancés.
consolate = is place where visa servuces are provided and america services are offered.
Crowd sourcing = getting feedback on a question through social media such as Facebook
Dash= is not associated with one specific measurement; it is estimated to be between ? and 1/16 of a teaspoon
Diaespima = name for space in the front of your teeth.
Diet soda makes you fat. gut flora determines out health influences is the key to staying fit. alters the signals to the body gut flora starts to alter the signals in the body.and influences apatite.
Digital zoom = modification of photos to add clarity of a camera.
distextia= if a person sends garbled text may be a way to identiy a stroke
Domain name squatter = buys a bunch of domain names and companies buy those names.
Echo chambers, online groups that form around shared ideas
Embessy = primary diplemantic facility of one country located within the bounderies of another country
EmotiCon: symbol to exptess emtoion in a text message
EOM at tend of message means end of message to tell reader end of email.
farther distance
fewer for thins you can count
Flex lanes will be traffic lanes that will change directions depending upon the time of day you’re driving.
Fracting = techniques to get gas out of shell rock. blast water into release gas.
FOMO: Fear of missing out.
further means more
Gadgets refer to hardware not software.
GeoFencing = alerts triggered by location.
GeoTagging = photos of military of helicopter got traced by enemy and 4 helicopters were destroyed.
Glocalization: Business create products globall but sell “lightly modified version” to less developed marktes.
Glögg is a wine that has been heated and mixed with sugar, spices, and occasionally citrus fruit.
Great Britain includes England, Scotland and wells
Grinding = having to work hard to achieve something. often used in sports of a player trying to score.
Guard = term for acid reflex reaction or heartburn.
Hast tag = #in front of a work a key word so that it can be searchalbe and it can start trending.
Hubul= means a big sand storm.
Jail breaking = where users to alter what apple phone can permit additional apps to work on the phone.
LDL patterns A and B are used to refer to the size of cholesterol particles in the blood. Those with pattern A have healthy large particles. Those with pattern B have unhealthy small particles, which may put them at greater risk for heart attacks.
Legacy keepers = be a personal historian; help them put service called legacy keepers. (Some people have scrapbooking skills etc.)
Less for things you can’t count.
Like jack = virus on facebook 15% of videos contain these virus.
Magic jack = gives you voice over ip, free internet call, lets you make calls without paying. There is a magic jack phone app.
1. Doesn’t use phone service.
2. Works best over wi and 4 g..
3. Doesn’t work well with high speed. Than you can move your phone to the lowest setting.
4. can use different magic jet phone numbers.
5. see if you can use I touch into a phone. (talk free icon) Goggle voice should also p prove the same function.
Mandals = sandals for men
Mantra = Repeating a word or sound such as “om” can help calm and focus your mind, directing it away from the source of your stress. Mantras are often used in a type of meditation called transcendental meditation, which many people find very relaxing.
Mashup = putting words and photos together (anything goes for audio and video.
meter = is when a rock falls from space and flies across space.
meterite = is what is left of a meterior when it hits the earth.
Micro apartments = 275 square foot apts.
Monophobia: People who are over sensitive to noise called monophobia. may tend to over react. (can be a sign of selfishness. Get over it.
Murse = Man’s purse
MVF = most valuable follower. how many followers your followers have. mvf app.com
Oceans = Many people use the terms “ocean” and “sea” interchangeably when speaking about the ocean, but there is a difference between the two terms when speaking of geography (the study of the Earth’s surface). Seas are smaller than oceans and are usually located where the land and ocean meet. Typically, seas are partially enclosed by land
Optical zoom = moves lenses of a camera.
Phishing = scan techniques. Caller or emailer pretends to be a bank or government agency — and ask for information through emails or pop-up messages. This can also happen by “phishy” telephone calls Glogg is a wine that has been heated and mixed with sugar, spices, and occasionally citrus fruit.
Pink goo = term assigned to meat parts that are used in lunches over normal beef.
Placebo pills for sale (which is fake medicine.
Key fob = is the device used to push a button to open your unlock your car door.
QI = pronounced chi = consortium (group of companies) that will provide wireless charging.. when buy a new phone, see if its qi compliant.
Reinovation = where a sucessful idea is devleoped in a less deveoped coutnry and is copied to more developed countires.
Rumble strips = road that plays a song as you drive acorss it.
selective service = another name for draft, where when your age 18 you have toregister for the militar.
“Sell By” date is the date the manufacturer suggests that the food should be taken off the shelf.
Sell old technologies = cells, etc. gazell or nextworthskinned to change the look and feel of the user interface of an android device
Show rooming: people come in compare prices via phone.
Slate tablet, which acts as a full computer function ability.
Smart limits – turns off texting except for parents.
Snailmail.gmail.com = will permit 1 letter to be written up to 100 words.
Song sharking = companies will take the lyrics a song maker comes up and say they will be accepted. (like companies for inventions) and scam that song writer for money.
Staging Families = people are hired occupy homes that need to be sold. used to sell house. (it can be abused by people not leaving when they want to.
Temporary threshold shift = temporary bad hearing for about a day or two after a loud concert. Permanent damage if always going to loud concerts.
Throttling = slowing sown speed of downloading to discourage overuse of downloading or streaming
Tweet sourcing = flavor of food based on what is being tweets.
“Use By” date is the date the manufacture suggests you “use” the food. (aka: eat).
uk: is England, Scotland, wells and northern irland.
Wash-it. Shower and washer. Same water you took your shower that will also do your laundry.
Zester = a utensil that flakes off the outside of the citrus fruits

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