I will learn interesting things concerning research. See if any of these interest you. Inaccuracies are my fault. Take the proper precautions before implementing:

1/5 adults ‘admit’ to urinating in the pool.
80% of fatal accidents are driven by women.
Airplanes = those behind the wings have a higher percent of survival.
Bird poop: Study out of UK =color of cars birds hit with poop = green cars safest 1%. highest color attract birds red 18%,. followed by blue 14%, black 11%,
Cheese = craving for cheese indicates a fatty acid deficiency, which is pretty common in a lot of people. Rather than reach for that huge slice of cheese pizza, toss a handful of walnuts into your belly, have a serving of wild salmon, or add flax oil and flaxseeds to your diet.
Chewing gum = helps you think better as reported by Bailey. Chewing games help HAD kids concentrate
crave sweets = You may be craving gummy bears and giant mounds of chocolate but what you’re body is telling you is that you have low blood sugar. Rather than get on the roller coaster of refined sweets (like cake, cookies and candies), which will only lead to more cravings, try something that will stabilize your blood sugar like whole fruit.
Dorito bomber= drone will read GPS unit and deliver Doritos from the sky.
Ebooks: Readers may not remember as much reading from an ereader instead of a hard copy book. Because people help remember things by appearance and hard back makes things look different on pages rather than an ereader.
Electronic locker will engage on car if customer is late on payment.
Elementary kids playing video games are becoming more aggressive at school
Fasting: Research has shown a correlation between regular fasting and lower risk of heart disease.
Food= kids like meals with 7 different colors. also eat healthy if kids asked which selection wouold superman eat. (1 healty 1 no)
Food: those who eat in front of the TV eat 288 more calories.
Fruit flies: after 40 regenerations of fruit fly learn to not touch sides of shaking bottle.
Generosity: People tend to be more generous when they are told to pay what you want. ie. try that for lemonade stands where people can volunteer how much to pay instead of limiting a customer to 50Cents people will often be more generous.
Group eating: eating with seven or more dinner guests can make you eat 96% more than usual.The more people eating, the longer everyone east,
Heads are growing bigger, may be due to more interracial breeding
Honesty: People are more honest in texting than other forms of communication.
Hybrid cars: 2/3 of current hybrid cars owners do not purchase a new hybrid when they be a different car. Survey says hybrids good for a lot of stop/go city driving. Not so useful in commuting a long distance driving. Need to get up to recharge the battery but then stop.
Journal of consumer research= both men and women interpret red meat as manly meeting. most masculine meant you can eat = medium rare is most masculine, followed by hamburger, most famine food. = chocolate
Key board = research: 90% use their right thumb on their space bar and second most popular key is the back space so a new keyboard is being planned to have the left side of the space bar will be a back space key
Life; Living in higher altitudes helps you grow longer.
Nearsightedness: more time outside helps prevent near sightedness.
orange = hot coco in orange color makes coco taiste the best, better journal sensory studies.
Photos: Photos showing your left side of the face is usually considered more attractive. (pupils get bigger if more pleasant.) if a photo is taken lean to the left.
Potato chips = What a salt craving is indicating is a stress hormone fluctuation. A study by the University of Utah, demonstrated that people who meditated before reaching for that salty snack, reduced their stress hormone by 25% and ate about half as much. Shark shield = Sharks hunt pray by detecting nerve activity told by scientific America.
sleep study from Harvard looking at deep sleep. found out that blood pressuer goes down. how know if get deep sleep = have to do over night sleep study. If you feel rested is a thing to look for.
Soda: CDC says kids get lower grades when they drink a lot of soda.
spray on tans = big report says how dangerous they are. Spray seeps into lving aperdermis, and inhaling the fumes.
stronger smell foods people have a tendency to eat less.
Time: How to give people a sense of having more time = have them do other tasks that involve helping other people. (such as being a mentor or charity hours) paper: giving time gives you time.
Treavel: Air Travel by Jason Steffen (astro physisis. Gives a new way to load
-left windows isles first
-right window isles
-then left middle isles
-right middle isle etc.
-distributes people to different areas of the plane instead of a group of people all in back etc.
Weightlessness at the space station = influences, dulls taste.
Width to height ratio = (wide face) are usually people who are less social, more aggressive, bigger heads also seen as more presence,

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