Health Suggestions:

I will learn interesting things concerning health. See if any of these interest you. Inaccuracies are my fault. Take the proper precautions before implementing:

3D printers = Someday might be able to use 3Dprinter to print out medicine prescription.
8 oz juice drink 120 caleries and a lot of grams ofsurgar
15 yr old = found way to detect pancreatic cancer
26% more saliva on glad on side for cell phone users.
75% of what you taste is by what you smell.
A for arteries and also away (as in blood away from the heart)
Accidents = when there are bad weather conditions, call police and tell them you are relocating at the next exit or safe spot on hightway so as to avoid bad condtions for police officer ando ther drivers and it will not count against you.
Acney= ingredient in brown sea weed= can help fix scoring from zits.
AC253 = university of Alberta= ac253 = found a drug that helps with Alzheimer’s.
acid reflux= less salt can help. Also chewing sugar-free gum for a half hour after meals as well as antacids.
Addiction to face book.
1. spend a lot of time thinking of face book
2. you feel an urge to use face book
3. use face book to forget about personal problems
4. tried to cut down on face book use with little success
5. became restless or troubled if prohibited from using face book
6. use it so much it has a negative impact on your job.
Alcohol =too much alcohol you might find yourself with a healthy bone fracture. It weakens your bones.
Allergies, What helps = broccoli, kale-spinage, collard greens, stinging metal capsules, butter burr, elederbierries win, jicke, onions & garlic
Alka Setzer fed to seagulls might make them explode.
Alzheimer’s fix should be available in about six years.
AntiBackeria: kids exposed to anti bacteria stuff become more vulnerable to allergies because their immunities are lowered.
Anti-oxygent = olive oil, tomatoes, bananas, chicken, peanut butter
avoid getting sick
-wipe down your cubicle
-wipe down the microwave handle,
-wash hands with sope and warm water 20 sec,
-stay hydrated,
-vitiman c.
-don’t touch your face
back pain: men health’s suggests do situp to build abs, if you build your abs that helps keeps your spin stable. change your position frequently (very location of stress on spine; sleep on side, pillow between legs. sleep on back pillow under knees sleep on fron, pllow under belly; sit on an exercise (swiss)ball 15 min a day, adjust your car seat so you can see a full view of the road when you head is on the head rest, drink milk to get vitiman d; stop sitting on a wallit (think wallet puts pressure on sinnetic nerve.
Bad breath = drink water
Baldness: mouse hair follicles can be transferred to humans who have a problem with baldness.
Band-Aid that can monitor wound to let you know if you’re healing
Belly fat = getting rid of fat from your midsection can only be accomplished with a full body workout, which will reduce your overall body fat percentage.
Bone = Cast on bone can monitor the healing process of bone getting fixed and monitor flexibility, will help heal better.
Brain: nactivity can lead to a quicker deterioration of your brain’s memory warehouse, the hippocampus. An active lifestyle may actually strengthen it.
Bullies: How to help in bully situations:
– is the authority figure in the child’s life extremely harsh or overly permissive.
– questions to ask if child might be a bully =
1. does our child disobey or talk back to you
2. Need to be in regular communication with your child.
3. how often does child play violent video games and try to reenact the game or movies ot tv shows.
4. how often is the child left alone.
– a study says that school age kids whose father works more than 40 hours a week.
– stop bad behavior on the first time. If child has a temper tantrum show its not acceptable behavior. If you allow those behaviors once they’ll do it again. and younger children will learn how the oldest child is handled.
Cancer sores = coconut water = similar benefits to a sports drink, coconut helps with hydrations better than water, canker sores helps fungal infections in the mouth
Cartoon channel has videos on how to stop bullying.
Charley horses or cramps = pickle juice = helps with cramps and charley horses.
Cold= to prevent sickness after being outside in a storm = put on dry clothing
Cough =help with cough, dark chocolate, honey,
Corn = technology where medicine can be grown inside of food such as corn.
Binky use: tip to stop using binky use
– binky fairy some and collect them
-cut off edge and say is broken
Biting fingernails runs in the family. If do can hurt our teeth, can cause an infection.
Burn = if get burned while cooking, quickly cube a raw potato makes a paste and put on burn and it will sooth it.
Burns = Immediately immerse arms in cool water, for 10-15 minutes,
-gently wrap the burned area loosely with a sterile bandage,
-and rush to the ER with arms above the heart.
-Don’t remove the damaged clothing, until the area has cooled completely, or better yet, leave it, until you see a physician.
-Removing clothing on a burned area of your body can tear the skin and cause infection.
-In addition, most definitely, blisters should not be broken, as they too can easily get infected.
Breakfast skippers = new study says tend to weigh more, and several other additional habits like sugar drinks or high celery snacks. eat less vegetables.
Bristle from barbaque brush can dislodge and get in food.
Cancer treatment = will cater to individual cells = genome sequencing can be created to address that specific cancer.
Cancer: Dogs can tell cancer by smelling breath. Machine being created that do the same.
Canker: How to handle concur swore = Put vegetable oil on concur for about 3 times a day.
capsules: self regulating med that will disperse meds when need is triggered. for radiation & diabetes etc.
Club 33 by pirates of the carabian there is a green door that has a 33 on it in Disney land. Need a reservation and a 5 star restaurant. available to corporate sponsors. members also get back door access to all the rides. You still have to pay for the meal about the cost of a day pass.
Colds: If you pop some zinc at the beginning of a cold it will reduce the cold a couple of days earlier
Colds = symptoms of the common cold, such as congestion and pain. It is also valued for its preventative health benefits; so make sure ginger becomes a big part of your diet!
C-Pack: portable substitute to a c-pack. = rubber bands. cost $120 a mo.
Cranozab = medicine that can break up plack on the brain that can causes dementia (maybe altimers)
Critters: How to prepare home to stop critters from coming in to our home
-Scorer the house and look for any holes. put grade over exhaust. Put Steele wool in good for mouse
-copper mesh wool than adhesive spray
-stick-it pads
-check roof for holes
-clean up your yard.
check wood piles for habitation. have it away from 40 feet from home. .
-recycle wood.
-if you have moles put juicy fruit in holes.
-put out poison. (die inside your walls) if have a big infestation call for professional help.
Cut or wound = It takes one to two months to completely heal a wound or a cut. To speed up the healing process, clean the wound immediately with soap and water for five minutes. Then, gently pat dry before smothering antibiotic cream on the wound and sealing it with a bandage. Keep in mind that alcohol and hydrogen peroxide harm the tissues and can delay healing.
Depression of mothers: one reason mothers may feel more depressed is because they don’t have a chance to see progress as easily as someone at work who might do three things on one day but a mother’s projects (their children) is the years in the making.
Depression: Signs in men to determine if sad or is depressed (clinical depression)
-If you’re very tired or if can sleep 12 hours.
-stomach/back ache
-road rage tendency
-if sad every day
Detergent pods = look good and kids are eating them.
Detox = A lot of detox accessories are often scams.
Diabetes: When you have diabetes, your insulin levels are too low to break down the sugar in your blood for energy, so your body breaks down fat instead.
Dieting=raises hormones to stimulate hunger. best suggestions for daily life = takes stairs, or eat one less on such and such day or add healthy items for today.
Digestion =Full digestion can take anywhere from 24-72 hours. Once you eat something and it enters your stomach it can take anywhere from six to 8 hours to pass to your small intestine and then to your colon.
Doctors: What doctors look for when looking for a doctor
-does that doctors keep up on the latest research
-malpractice record, board certified
-communication skills and listening
-they practice what they preach a skin doctor that has a tan.
-helpful staff
Dogs = some dogs can smell who has cancer, some can tell if someone has low blood sugar
Dogs beg for food at the table not for the food but to be part of the social interaction with the rest of the pack.
Drako = injection being created that will address viral related virus. From MIT researchers. Will turn a patient’s own cells to attack bad cells and helps with colds, flue, and leukemia.
Dyslexic =People who had dyslexic also have a problem with distinguishing voices as well
Earphones: Can listen to headphones for less than 2 hours it can damage their ears.
Eating: if you eat more than 2100 calories a day = you’re susceptible to memory loss.
Eating: the bigger the plate the more you eat. put food on smaller plate and will usually eat less.Eggs= good for 3-5 weeks and up to a year in the freezer (out of their shell)
Energy drinks: intermountain says energy drinks are drugs.
Exercising before breakfast may lead to more weight loss than exercising later in the day. Working out earlier in the day can curb one’s appetite in the morning, and may ultimately lead to consuming fewer calories during the day. Ginger is known to be one of the best spices to alleviate
Family Meals: families eat together are normally more healthy than those who don’t most likely because they’re eating more homemade food.
Fat: takes 3 hours for fat of a meal to attach to your body
Fatigue comes right on the heels of dehydration. A glass of water may be just the thing you need
Fatigure = Reach for that hard-boiled egg. Noshing on protein-rich foods will reverse the direction of that afternoon slump.
flue= after you have a flue shot do a 90 min exercise workout and it will double the postiive effects of a flue shot.
Food: when food goes bad = date on can means optical use time.
Food born illnesses= can be identified from food of last 24 hrs. when it happpens notify the health department.
Foods dogs shouldn’t eat = chocolate, avocado, Guacamole and chips, grapes, raisins, gum, candy, or anything sweetened with zioental.
Food: food that will help you feel full 1-cottage cheese 2-nuts 3-smell of mint suppress hunger 4-vinegar (apple cider) or vinegar on salad 5-spicy food. 6-drink a glass of water before each meal 7-fruit that has high water content.
food portions = if you average at around 2000 calories a day,save 25% of your evening meal for lunch tomorrow. Not each so much, have lunch ready.Frige = Recommended temperature for a fridge = 25-38
Frostbite: if you suspect you have frostbite, immediate get out of the cold, cover the frostbitten area with a warm blanket and trek to the emergency room asp
Fruits/Vegetables: eating a lot fruits and vegetables will help you break habit of cigeretts probrably because it makes you feel full; and fruits and veg don’t make cigeretts taste good.
Fruity smell to breath = When fat is broken down it produces byproducts called ketones. That fruity odor you smell on your breath is caused by your body trying to get rid of one type of ketone—acetone.
fruit-toast in drinks = may trigger a person to eat more.Gas stooves have highter nitrus deoxide thant electronic
Green sheen on meet = called nighttride burn, testing being done to see if its harmful.
Haggle: How to haggle = don’t worry if it makes you look cheap; get more with honey than vinegar, learn to haggle on the phone, , you need to practice, point out you’re a good customer, try the phrase – can you work with me? you must be prepared to walk away.
Hands clean: test clean hands. Peal potato and before peal second potato wash your hands, put in a jar and the one is pealed with dirty hands will have more mold.
Health: Don’t eat after 7 pm.Just eat something healthy. If eat too much it’ll keep you up because of indigestion.
Eating Healthy
– Check out or phone 800-833-8707 co code REI
– Choose
– Variety in food i.e. different colors of vegetables.
– More raw.
– Eat meal in the morning.
– Portions, healthy fats
– Choose my advice on eating, servings etc.
– Get protein from a food source rather than protein shake or bar
– Limit saturated fats.
– Seek out foods that have omega 3. also helps depression.
– Don’t skip meals during the day and having a big meal in the evening. Work on 3 square meals)
– Choosing small meals every 3 hours. increases metabolism and trains you into eating small portions.
– Snack ideas (nuts that fill your hand is a good serving size). humus with celery
– Once cup about size of your fist or a tennis ball for cooked vegetables and 1/2 cup grain
– 1 oz. is about the size of your thump
– 3 oz. is about the size of a deck of cards or palm of your hand.
– Half of plate is fruit and vegetables.
– Frozen vegetables are packaged without salt. you could rinse off vegetables for canned.
– Processed foods often add sugar, salt and fat. chose foods in whole and natural foods. i.e.: frozen.
– Use other herbs and spices is a good alternative to salt and they provide health benefits.
– Ingredient list gives you items listed by weight. if sugar listed first in a cereal then its heaviest in sugar. Dash is good alternative to salt.
– Meal samples: vegetable stir fry with beans and rice. meat stew with vegetables and rice.
– Cook extra food to make a lunch meals.
– Tools that can help cook, rice cooker, steamer, .
– Store frozen berries and greens like spinach in freezer.
– Art of eating
1. Sit down for your meal
2. Eat as much color to your plate as possible.
3. Keep snack on hand,
4. Chew food completely
5. eat with others or eat outside to relax body.
6. be aware of portion sizes,
7. increase your physical activity.
8. Chewing foods can help break down food so digestion can observed more of the nutrients.
9. Savor your food.
Heart attacks = Happen most on Monday Mornings.
Heart: way to keep heart younger=if you restrict cloric intake that will help.
Heart = heart transplants = ucla created a cooler that keeps the heart beeping the whole time. Heart can be transplant globally.
Heart burn =
-stop heart burn = eating candy
-sleep a little sitting up
-candy corn doesn’t’ cause heartburn.
-chocolate = HERSHEY’S kisses or dove but limit to three.
-gum or hand candy okay. Indirect effect as cause swallow air that can later cause guard.
-avoid king size candy bars
Height sickness = If prone for height sickness = ifefophen.
Herbs (bottled) usp certification/verification there will be a mark on the bottle that the contets are more acurage to what you wxpect to get.
Higs boson = god particle? =may explain what fives particles mass., may help us understand the underlining structure of the entire universe.
HIV virus = Put marker on infected cell and attack only cells that are infected with HIV without hurting unaffected cells.
Hording is being considered a mental disorder. 55 of the population is known for having this.
Hording is an early sign of dementia for older people.
Human face; bbc inside the human body = created a time laps to see how the human face is formed. see it at
How to support a man being depressed/ down (from a counselor on show. 1.convert peace not passion = wife finds some comfort to bring to the relationships.2. give man distance and space with the pattern. Go see a movie you’re away from the issue. (Give a little bit of a distraction. 3.communicate about his pain when he is ready. Let him bring it up not the wife.4.wife’s goal is to let the guy vent. Is the husband looking for advice, a solution or just wants to vent. l and most men don’t ask for advice. Just provide support.5,when men talk they keep their egs up. they want to maintain position.
Hydrated enough = check if you are hydrated enough: That was an easy one. Use your intuition: if you’re thirsty, get hydrated! You can also tell by checking your urine; if it is a dark yellow color that means you need to drink more fluids. Another indicator is your mood. If you have a headache, feel lightheaded or tired, or cannot focus, lack of hydration could be the culprit.
Hydrogen peroxide in the mouth can cause nausea or vomiting, can burn mouth or stomach, stomach ulcers, or uptioures of the colon.
Insomnia = can’t sleep=hand full of cherries.
Imsomia: If people cn’t sleep very well it might because they might be afraid of the dark. If you can’t sleep than get up and do soemthing someonhwere else until you get tired.
Injury in sports will be reduced more if the person plays in other sports besides their chosen. It lets other muscles be exercised.
Introvert= is a motivation (don’t want to socialize.)
-get overwhelmed in big groups.
-being alone feels as an activity,
-may want to hide someone were,
-not mingles and seek people out,
-prefers a few close friendships,
-Just don’t want idle conversation on phone.
-gets stressed if performer wants participation from audience
-wants participation from audience
Kids: Times when parents should help kids stand up for themselves when not getting chosen or something. otherwise let the kids be the adult.
1. any time where there is a breaking of principals
2. saw pain
3. or it was permanent.
4. identify what the coach expectations.
5 if coach is not getting paid then volunteer to help.
Kids: To protect kids from kidnapping by stranger have a password to confirm that info is from parent.
Kidney transplants will work with any blood type. Program that will cleanse blood so that it does not matter particular what blood type you need. Kidney’s transplants get rejected because of different blood types. With the cleansing of blood, kidney transplants will not be as problematic.
Lawn Furniture: self cleaning lawn furntiure = from germenay.
LDL patterns A and B are used to refer to the size of cholesterol particles in the blood. Those with pattern A have healthy large particles. Those with pattern B have unhealthy small particles, which may put them at greater risk for heart attacks.
Lice=go through the hair piece by piece to get out lice
Likapean in the blood are 55% less likely to get a stroke. anti oxigent. Tomatoes have a high quanity.
Loud punkish music (distant) arousing listeners emotionally. becasue it sounds like animals in distress.
Luminal = Quick test to be able to decide if an infection of bacterial or viral. People becoming immune to medicines. A different type of glow will tell you what kind of infection you have.
Lummi mask = head mask that provides imagination for sunlight to wake up the wearer In place of a sound alarm.
Mantra = Repeating a word or sound such as “om” can help calm and focus your mind, directing it away from the source of your stress. Mantras are often used in a type of meditation called transcendental meditation, which many people find very relaxing.
Mayonnaise good 2-3 mo. after expiration date.
Medical scams: Way to catch if you’re ordering medicines on line = if medicine is spelled wrong may not be a legit site.
Milk= will stay good a week past sale date. milke will last 3 mo. in a freezer.
Milk fashion = material made from substandard milk
Muscle strain = tart cherry juice before a run can minimize our muscle strain
Myth: wearing fingernail polish will turn your nails yellow. no
Myth: bruising your hair 100 times will make it more shiny. no
Nap:15-20 min nap will let you recharge longer is bad, boost memroy, health, , lower heart dease, more creative, boost perormsnace.
Nap suggestions: need to lie down, no cafine near time of nap, take naps at same time each day. alarm set to 15-20 min.
Nausea. =flat ginger ale = good for nausea.
Nickateen vaxeen = turns your kidney into a antibody factory and prevents the positive stimuli of wanting to smoke. You will never be able to smoke again for a life time. brings up the question if it should be given to children.
Nutmeg smoke gives you a buzz
Obese: better to be obese rather than too thin with smoking
Obesity = TV in bedroom is a key contributor.
Oxidosin= homone that encouraes men to be more loyal to married relationship. Now distriube thoguh nose spray
Pain becomes less when someone is distracted = the spinal cord will sent less stimuli to your pain threshold.
Palm oil=good for cancer.
Parents are less likely to catch a cold than non parents. probably because parents are keeping things more clean and that is why
Pickles = good for a whole year in the fridge.
Possessed hand = tokoyo hand =will let you take over control hand to enable you to play an instrument.
Potty patrol = new dippers. = when there is a wetness = a little song is turned on.
Rasins: snacking on raisins reduced glucose levels.
Radio active band aid =new patch placed on skin cancer/tumor healing cancer.
Salad Dressing: certain salad dressing (mono unsaturated fats i.e. corolla oil base dressings ) = helped body absorb nutrients of vegetables of salad.. Also don’t need as much dressing to satisfy.
saving $ for medical
-buy generic medicines.
-see if non generic if similar bugs do the same thing but are cheaper.
-pharmicies can also give generic
-don’t take tests you don’t need.
-don’t go zpack crazy – antibiotics will not help you
Save $$$ for school stuff:
-try out cloths to see what still fits and than you make make a list of what to purchase.
-Pencil bag or bag= use a zip lock.
-Don’t need pencil sharpener
Shyness is a trait
Silica (bumps inside the nose) will give forensics the ability to better determine time of death
Sleep apnea = Often those who have sleep apnea is also related to those who have dementia. Related to reduced oxygen.
Sleep deprived people eat more
Sleep habits: increase sleep contributes to gaining weight and gain to diabetics. raises hunger hormone. are also likely to eat more calories.
Sleep = How to sleep
-clench each muscle from feet to head
-imagine your body is getting filled up with sand from bottom to top.
Sleep Walking: 8.5 million in us are prone to sleep walking. may be related to depression or anxiety can trigger. usually there is a family history of sleepwalking daily exercise can help. cpap machine might help.
Soy beans soaked in warm water = may create a cancer anti cancer 120 Fahrenheit
Staying active and working = you live longer.
Retirement and Ways to be more healthy
-May stay more healthy the longer you work before retirement
-Look for opportunities where you can still use your skills maybe do less hours. (oncore career); or work as a volunteer.
-Look for a plan to contribute to others besides yourself i.e. charitable organizations etc
Sun burn: things that are said to help.
1. Condense milk
2. Towel in milk
3. Apple vinegar
4. Baking soda as a thin paste
5. Lavender essential oil
Stress = Sitting at your desk to make a report for your boss or preparing to present to that huge client can not only stress you out mentally, but also physically. Placing your weight on your feet helps to reduce the strain placed on your lower back
Stress = Avoiding stress for family circumstances =
-relocate to different part of room.
-keep in perspective where this even is just for a short period of time
Stress: gives ideas to beat stress
-understand how stress affects you
-mediccaton hleps some people
-calmer music
-exercise regularly
-if someone bothers you, put as many people between you and the peson who bothers you
-spend time with friends.
-control what you can control and let go what you can’t
Stroke = Signs of a stroke: face drooping on one side when smiling; one arm drifts downward when holding arms up, speech slurred or strange sentences.
Sunshine will make you happy.
Toenails = Ingrown toenails = cut straight across on toenails or it can cause ingrown nails.
Toilit Training for boys: Can use cheerios to teach a boy how to hit the target.
teeth: eating sugarless gum after eating candy could cut your cavity risk.
Teeth: plack on teeth can contribute to cancer.
The mermaid = new camera device, swims for colonoscopy exam
Vacation: not having vacation is bad for your health.
Vacation: Ways to take a vacation = 1. normal economic meals during most of vacation and maybe splurge at one meal 2. more weekend trips. 3. maybe be a tourist locally
Veins bring blood to heart which I use the V like a funnel directing blood o the heart
Velveek = new weight loss pill. for adults who are obese who has medical issues such as high caleresteral or diabetes, used with healthy life style. to officially sign up in organ transplant in Utah. And tell your family. 1 donor can impact 9 lives.
Yogurt good 7-10 days after sale date. Frozen 2 mo.
Weight: study = to burn the most fat need to go 10 hrs without eating
Weight: Easy ways to lose weight 1 -stress makes people gain. find ways to relax. 2-those who keep their house warm will be heavier 3-too little sleep try for 7.2 hrs. sleep
weight = lean people tricks
– don’t diet
– food journal stresses you out
– don’t go fat free
– sit down to eat
– slowly eat your meal
– serve a plate
– move around (do things you like to do)
– watch less tv
Weight influenced by gut flora
-whole grains
-eat non-digestive carbohydrates
Weight: Lose weight: increase intake of vegetables, fish and poultry, whole grains, cook only with olive oil.
Whiskers on the hand may give blind people the ability to sense conditions around them
XOPC=multi-touch surface. tbl that is also an ipod. called XO-Desk or Teacher can write on board and it’ll show up on desk, open a book pg will show up on student’s desk..
zpack (zeropithian. antibiotic pill. can increase likelihood or sudden death. specially if has health issues. may cause unnormal heart rhythms. When you use it a lot you became used to it and it loses in effectiveness.

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