Food or recipes:

I will learn various interesting tid-bits about food and recipes and so I thought I share some of them here.

Asparagus = the best place for your asparagus is the refrigerator. Snap off the ends, and then stand the asparagus upright in about one inch of water. It will keep for seven to ten days post harvesting.
Carrots last longer with the tops off; in fact, topless carrots can keep up to eight months. In your root cellar
Cookie, cooking a single cookie: melt butter and cook just one cookie in a fry pan.
Cookies = good cookies, butter can’t be too soft.
Cook first batch as a stand-alone cookie to test the oven then proceed cooking the others don’t waste dough.
Corn = Sweet corn will maintain its freshness longer if it’s chilled as soon as possible after harvesting – ideally to just above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. So stick it in the fridge, preferable in a perforated plastic bag (for moisture retention).
Dash” is not associated with one specific measurement; it is estimated to be between ? and 1/16 of a teaspoon
Fresh deli meat = is only good for 5-6 days
Deo: perfume candy that makes you smell like roses. (Didn’t work for radio hosts) 4 candy for under 145 = recipies
Eating out:
1. Put half of a meal in a To-go Box.
2. For side dishes get vegetables instead of fries.
3.put fork down between bites.
4. If you plan to have desert then maybe skip the bread.
eggs= boild egss last 7 days in the frdige becasue shells or porous. boiling removes the manufacturers protective spray.
energy bars have about the same amount of calories as a regular candy bar.
fish: how to make a slight firm crust on skin forfish. sprinkle a little sugar on one side of the fish, sear it and put a little sugar on other and sear and put in oven at 400 degress. need pan that can be put in the oven.
Foods for a brighter smile – apple, cauliflower, carrots, celery, strawberries,
Juice: drinking juice – so much sugar. 100 % juice is okay. Pure juice gives you fruit need. Limit to one a day and drink ‘light’.
Lazy Larry or lazycakes = food to help people to sleep. Brownies that have melatonin in them.
Meatglue = (transutanimate) used from yeast. you use the powder on stew meat and glue it together makes steaks. Reformed meat in packaging or word ‘refuginate’ on the label.
Onions: preserve onions: store them in panty hoes.
Onions and potatoes are not good storage bedfellows. Each emits gasses that speed up the other’s deterioration. Store them separately
pasta (dry) will last 1-2 years if storied in a sealed container.
Pizza: prevent chewy pizza. Put water in glass with reheated pizza.
Potatoes: way to keep potatoes from sprouting: store them with our apples.
Potatoes: pealing hot potatoes put in cold, icy water for 5-10 seconds
Salad greens turn yellow = Pears, like apples, produce ethylene gas, which can have a discoloring effect on certain neighbors. If your salad greens turn yellow, check for pears (or apples) in the vicinity – and then move them to another part of your refrigerator.
Saving money. = put sign on box of things that need to be eaten first. “eat me first”
Soda: bottle of soda and want it to get cold. Get paper towel, put around, and put in freezer for 15 min. will be ice cold.
Sweats: if eat treats do it in the morning with breakfast and you can spend rest of the day to get rid of the calories.
Tuna Paste = salvageable meat on a fish. the scrape of left over, put it in a cube, and put in tuna or sushi used to hold sushi rolls together.
Turkey: Cooking turkey = Put an ice pack to the top of a turkey before cooking will make the turkey tender. About 15 min. before cooking put the ice pack on the top of the turkey to make it cool. Than remove it before you cook. Dark meat comes up to heat slower. By putting in an ice pack on the breast both meats will cook more evenly.
Turkey: 1-800butterball has a call center to ask turkey question.
yogurt with fruit lasts in fridge 7-10 days. without fruit 2-3 weeks in fridge.
vegetables = Chopping can actually cut out many of the nutrients in a lot of your vegetables, so if you can, leave them in large chunks. Also avoid peeling edible parts (e.g. cucumber skin) – much of the nutrition in fruits and vegetables is in the skin.

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