This is a page that gives interesting tidbits about different business. Most of the info is things I’ve heard on the news. (inaccuracies are my fault)

2016=cars that have gps directions display on front windshield of car
3 D map = Microsoft connect = provides 3 D mapping and creating a virtual map inside building. Long
7/11: 16 million slurpies are sold at 7/11 each month
Air lines will sell lost luggage
Airlines will now charge passengers for wanting to sit by each other.
Amazon now developing a smart phone
Amazon will provide offering for people to sell blog content for 99C a month.
American girl dolls = have a new doll that has no hair. for cancer.
Amazon offering Time limits kids= kids allotted time to share kindle.
Amazon received a patent that will have a surface one side good for night and the other for day viewing eInk.
google annual transparancy report = bus reports when goverment wants info or to remove certain off the web. This service is also being provided by other social media companies such as facebook
Apple license agreement. what you use for Serie will be recorded and stored.
Apple’s Serie voice program apples IPhone voice app does store some info on their translate site when you use the app for any purpose.
Apple has patient = sensors to determine if phone is dropped and will provide air bags or puffs of air.
Apple created ability to reduce the viberations of a phone set to vibrate to not have the phone ratle so much if it reaches a certain level of volume.
Att serve = any phone that has been stolen it will not work on ATT network.
Bathtubs that are 3K viberscistic. bug tub vibrates to the invisible speakers.
Best Western=using forensics scan to catch more dirt.
Brazil store will analyze items on a shopping list and will print recipe on back of receipt. store will analyze items on a shopping list and will print recipe on back of receipt.
Boy scouts now offering a welding badge, to encourage new people to welders to replace one that are retiring.
Bubble tastic=bacon flavored bubbles with bubble machine
Business cards = made of concrete
Carsafe = uses the front camera a focus on you. to anlize alertness and gives warning if you don’t have a good response time.
Catebery chocolates= create chocolate that will not melt. Eating experience will be the same
Certain magazines offering for $10. get access to most major magazines.
Cloud companies; Many cloud companies do not confirm emails are accurate and thus compromise security. When you sign up it should give you a verify email. and might be a security flaw.
Credential: where individuals are able to access online services from multiple companies using a single user name and password.
Diet cococolla in south america is too expensive in bottles so will put in zip lock.
Disney channel by 2012 will only permit advertising for more healthy food.
Disney and other places will have little scent sprayers to encourage visitors to buy cookies etc.
Disney selling scents that will represents the Disney parks.
Downsize fitness= no skinny people permitted to join gym
Doritos locos tacos = by ataco bell
Doritos: pumpkin and spice, white chocolate peppermen and cinimman andsugar
Dyson= vaccume that will catch long hair befoe it gets caught in briseles of vacuume.
Facebook has software that monitors chats to look for irregularities and uses key phrases that predictors use in the past to lure victims. it flags someone if they trigger.
Facebook has 50 mill accounts that are fake. some used to create fake ‘likes’ for companies who pay for it.
Facebook: paid to promote = face book options you pay $2 to post something on friends sites.
Facebook = will delete deleted photos. They were saving them in the past.
Facebook: feature has a blur feature to hide faces of someone doing protests. (could be used for
Facebook= only the most liked posts will be the ones that show up on your wall.
Five sneaky ways to have shoppers to byuy more: 1. 10 for 10. you can get the same savings if you buy one. 2. walk through the store to get the high demand things (strategic shopping) 3. bigger shopping carts 4. precut vegetables and fruits 5. items at the casher counter
Four days to get cheapest airfare: 1. thanskgivnign day 2. dec 18 before prices go up 3. march 20 europe 4. june 1st asian airline
Fracting = techniques to get gas out of shell rock. blast water into release gas., stresses natural faults, can contribute to earthquake tremors.
Kick it technology that you kick in bottom of car and it opens up your trunk. good for if you have groceries. = Put invention up on internet. red-it found out some projects are a scam.
Kit cat pops= kit cat candy bars put into pizza dough.
Galaxy phone. Hi galaxy will turn on the phone without you having to touch it and have voice commands.
Gamefly=video games version of netflex like spot-it-fy
Gas stations: Europe = Camera at each gas station look at license plate. no insurance or not registered = get no gas
Google Academy: Google has a teacher academy = you can become a teacher of Google.
Google maps = offers virtual tour of white house
go into google plus and put as private otherwise it will broadcast all the stuff you have done a search for.
Google street view = taking shots of different spots of the world.
Grappa = makes a reusable shopping bag, inside base has mesh like padding like a helmet
Grilled cheese baggies. Put in bag and toaster and make. Can be used up to 50 times.
Grocery stores are replenished on suplies 17 times a day
Groog furniture = you can rent a suite that has their furniture to see if you want that furniture = half popped popcorn, free shipping at the moment.
Honda will monitor driving patterns that will analyze driving reactions and help prevent traffic jams.Husksten street store = selling salt made out of human tears. Different taste to the salt depending upon how tears were created.
JC Penny = renaming themselves to JCP.
Las Vegas = installing a Zip line in Vegas =to see the strip of downtown Las Vegas
Lays has blt chips (bacon lettuce and tomoato) potato chips.
Lego land = now has an area dedicated to star wars
Magellan jets = rent out private jets.
Marianna vending machine = offering medical Marianna. Machines will have finger print certification, camera and locks
McDonald’s Executive Chef Shares ‘Secret Recipe’ of Big Mac’s Special Sauce:
Microsoft working on new laptop that uses speakers to sense body motion to give commands.
Movie theators: Some theaters being provided with moving chairs and odor chairs. $8 extra
Movies at home: PremaCinima= 35k to install and each showing of a movie is $500. Can feature only current movies as they come out.
Myfruityfaces= eatible stickers to put on fruit and begtables to amke them fun to dea.
NASA= manned outpost, gateway spacecraft to explore moon and asteroid belt.
Neclaces: how to prevent necklaces into knots. hand towels holder (or straws) that is a little stand that has an arm extended on it.
Nison Leaf electronic car = has ability to power your house from energy in your car to your house.
NORAD = tracks Santa as he travels and gives info about country where Santa is.
Norstrom is partnering with British clothesline Top shop to sale their clothes.
Olive oil prices are dropping because people in the countries who produce them are buying cheaper alternatives.
Opower = will provide an App. that will socialize energy use. compare energy consumption
Perpetrated bill=separates customers bills by tearing off bill per each customer who are in a group at a restaurant.
Piza patrone= day in june (23) if your order pizza in spanish, its free. (maybe June 23
Phone co. is going to slow down high use data transfers, thus discouraging excessive streaming
Profrated bill can tear individual orders from ag roup orde from the bill.
Quod Core Processor = twice as fast load faster,
Quantum sensations = created a quantum sensation spray = gets you instantly drunk for 30 seconds and then quickly feel better
Qriket: in Toronto making QR codes profitable for you. Every time you scan a QR code, you’re entered into a contest. Similar to pay for click plan.
Ranch dressing = by hidden valley = wants to be a standard on a restaurant table like catsup.
Real estate are asked to check homes for mineral rights for cut in natural gas since co. might drill other people’s properties.
Renttherunway = rent a fancy dress
Restaurants: some restaurants are putting 5 digit code on receipt and people can pay bil on their smart phone.
Returning policy of different stores
-don’t open present or get paid
-landsdnd =pay onw return shipping, can return to sears (heard)
-best buy = free return for online and no restockeitn nov 13- jan4
-kobellas 90 day creit
-cosco 365 days if on line pay and shippig
-mayceys / = 180 days
-norstrum = return anytime
-Kols = return any time cash or credit
Samsug= developing bendable phones.Scam: usp sticks or flash drives are left in parking lot for employees to put in comptuers that have install malware.\
Satis= smart tolit = will lift lid, will pay music through speakers, hand free flusing, let you keep a diary of your deposits
Scam = people call up customers and say there is an error being sent to Microsoft. and verify the source.
Shazam is working on providing info for TV shows
signs of a business Grinch= getting/not getting bonuses; kind of Christmas no more huge bashes.; , have phone on during holidays, give flex time on hours., give an appreciation review., do company activity of helping people in need.
Socialloot = Co. in Australia. if people like your tweet you get paid.
Social teeth= like a version of kick starter where people can pay for political ads. you can donate $ to their cause.
Softbank = offering smart phone with build in radiation detectors.
Sore throat = marshmallow eat two or three
Spaceportamerica=private company to offer space flight.
SpaceX= private company that is involved space travel
Staples will have 3 d printers on sites. $500 printers
Term use = create a goggle maps of very public building
The ever purse: charges batty by put phone in bag. Offers two charges. Someday may be able to be put into the pocket of clothes
TheSenseofDeparture= perfumes that have smell of a certain international locations
Toyota is developing a scanner will warn give quick warning of when getting closer to other cars etc.
toygeru= toy rental company.
Wal-Mart permits opportunity to pay on line and you have 48 hours to pay a cashier
Wal-Mart is partnering with bank= now offering mortgage, (already offers health insurance), auto loans and student loans..
Walmart offers = through Walmart will send a sample package to your home for $7 a mo to try new things but you have to fillout the survey. it will help the store determine lets you crowdsource new products
virgin Atlantic = has been cleared to test their space plan.
Viral Videos: If video starts to go viral = attach it to adds and you can get monrey.
Volkswagen = developing hover car that uses magnetics.
VMW car manifacterors= customizable dashboards. Digital car displays being created to position different displays Cornell created robot = can pick up your room. It can learn tasks.
You cannot control= country of Portuguese has a hamburger has an edible wrapper

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