I been making a list of applications I’ve learned about that used on Iphones and sometimes Androids etc. Most of this info came from the KSL radio show The Browser.

2300ERwait = text to find out wait time at different emergency rooms
466453 (spells out of goggle) and you can get dumb phones to be smart phones. text to that number and put in movies and zip code.
airmobs= share your data time with othes and you get credits. usedo n android
Air time = face book app will provide video chatting.
Amazon has X-ray = which lets you identify an actor.
Amber alert GPS = new app device for kid that can track kids and notify if within 500 feet of sex offender. For android and is free.
App = weekly ads and sales
Appkiller= will display all running aps and can turn off.
Apps gone free = lists free pass for a day.awareness = it funnels outside noise though head phone. good for bike riders to hear cars
Baddaterescue = app that will call your phone and sound like your boss needs you to come to work and you can get out of a bad date experience.
blackfriday = softwares for black Friday = red laster, retellmenot, blackfriday
boform = provides a master password that can change all.
Book track = adds sounds to when you read a book
Bubble wrap app = can imitate popping bubble wrap. why popular = is a stress reliever.
Bump = can send photos, contact info from one phone to another by bumping phone to your PC or other phone. hit phones together and share contact or a photo. Works across platforms
camera trace = will let you find a camera if it’s used stolen. may even approach police on your behalf.
Card munch = free app take picture of business card and it adds to your contact list. Good for salesman etc. Owned by linked in photo will show up from Facebook etc.
charity miles= app where your fitness accomplishments equal monetary donationes to charities.
Cinamode = Just before the movie you turn off the phone turn on app and you get a reward for not using your phone.
Curb karma = You get 10 automatic parking spots. can buy popular parking spots.
Daily Toaster = =alarm clock app
Earthquake app= apps in Utah from Red Cross. Self-help videos for broken bone, tell where Red Cross shelters are
Eeathriskratings = gives stats on things that can kill you.
Dish Freely app= gives locations of gluten free restaurants.
Disney app = will give you wait time for rides, told of events, bathroom locations, tell restrictions for rides
Draw something = app that lets you play draw something and one co. is having applicants by playing a game against the company.
Facewash= app that will look through your profile that would not present yourself.
Finish = lets you set reminders.
Fit bit scale app: tells you how many steps you’ve walked, what you eat will monitor your sleep, and you write what you eat. Gives BMI.
Flicker = site that looks up serial numbers of photos that each have a serial number; Gadget track serial
FindmyIphone = can help you track your phone from people’s who stole it.
flipboard = lets you see the news
Flodder aps for Mac = It will read hand signals to stop listen to music.
Flux=app changes monitor to match the light of the room.
Foursquare= tells you who you might know who might in the same location/event as you.
Futjizu=app to monitor your skin, app will monitor skin tone etc. color. give you a score on dullness and spots of skin
Gas hog app= gives gas mileage. Rout = map your route to give fasters route.
Gift cards: online services that can buy gift cards at a discount. plasticjungle, gazzel, giftcardcastle. cardpool,
Glyph: for android. Put all your business cards in it. Will figure out the best reward for different circumstances.
Goggle Driver = sinks with cloud and sinks apps from anywhere. Free up to 5 gig
Gold run app= let you hold an olompic ring. let you pose with any sports trophy.
Good habits: iPhone: habit to do every day put it in app and you click it off. Do habit because don’t want to break the chain of success.
Google wallet = tap phone and you pay for your product at such places as Macey’s grocery.
Groupshark = music free?
HavardX = free classes
Health app= in the works to take picture of pill and will tell you what it is.
Highlight app = lets you know if you have a connection with someone. by accessing characteristics that are in common and it comes from Facebook info. It gives info to you saying so and so near you is also friends with so and so.
Home snap = application take a photo and it will bring up info about house. Square for footage, lot size, taxes, may work for any home. Does bring in mms database and other stuff. and uses gps to determine which house. Has stealth mode. just uses satellite so you don’t have to take a picture. = invention ideas
IAWriter= best way to write text on Ipad.
Icried: you rank it by tear drops to label different videos.
ifoolish = changes iphone into a idoodle.
IPhone battery = Battery magic = just lets you know how much time you have on your battery. but will not lengthen time.
I speech = App that can say things in Bush’s or Obama’s voice
Isys = let you pay for bill via phone?
itune match = keep track of what music you bought.
Kiddo-z = Google crone extension that will restrict access of gaming sites
Lazytruthfactfinder= works with google and gmail. app will send you an automatic response
Leaf snap= tells you about different leaves.
Linked in today =lists news by specialty.
Liveness check used on android so that jellybean can confirm that your face matches with uses eye blinking while opening app.
Lumoback=is a monitor attached to phone that will give alert every time you present bad body posture
Look out app: (android app.takes a picture of the person who stole your phone. before battery dies, a feature called Signal Flair it records its current location
Lostkidz=app to find kids.
Meet me: lets you find a center place where two people at a distance can meet.
Mobile wallet = pay for services/merchandise. May be available in summer 2012
MVF = most valuable follower. how many followers your followers have. mvf
Myfitness app = used to help with exercise or run.
Myfitnesspal = app to record your eating habits.
Myggra pprotn = mobile apps to tell places that have mosquitos problem.
OneID= one login for all accounts. = verifies identity by control device.
Onepass: One pass is a program that saves, maybe encrypts passwords,have a phrase,and use special characters.
OOVOO=12 people video call. Facebook and iPads will have ability for group video call.
Outbaack=is required to make whatever dish you reqeust and customize your juice or substute any product. Once employee had to go get items for a uniqe order.
Passbook app: app will store all your store coupon cards that you can scan at the bar code and get your discounts.
Peoplepower 1.0 apps show you how much energy you’re using. Has component that will let you remote control turning off switches etc., gives national averages and quizzes.
plasticjunge: get refund on gift cards:
Podcast app.= new app, just offers pod casts.
Pogo plug = allows you to hook up to any hard drive at home turns it into a personal cloud to store material and it will automatically backup
Pogo seat = will show you which seats are available and you can pay exta to move down to the lower levels of the stadium.
Pole tracker = app to see all the poling’s on politicians.
Saper= app. uses the magnetizer and can detect land mines.
Space apps on line = application that uses nasa’s mass amount of data. = go to
Super diet genius = apps for dieting = create meal plan for you and shopping list that has foods you like.
Query = app for marketers or manufacturer. Used to scan a display and answer questions, look in apps to see if someone is wanting info in store.
Quick pay app = use a QR scan app. and you can pay parking spot and the app will tell you how much time you have left. Someday may tell what parking spots are available.
Racoo = lets you hook up to different video netflix, hulu etc.
Rail rador = will let you know thqt a rail si coming wioty having to look for it.
Redlasor= scan bar code tell you price of an item and price comparisons of item from competitors.
Readwriteweb reviewed running apps = get running hard to read, fitme-o=not useful. 10Krunner he liked.
Rent Social = database that notifies others about rental places.
Reverse phone lookup good for prank calls, calls in the middle of the knight, service called anywho, telimarkers, smart limits phone service some co. provide you can block certain callers. Mysterious number on a paper wrote down.
Run$Good = app where your fitness accomplishments equal monetary donationes to charities.
Rode dog = app that will monitor someone’s IPhone to see if it is moving and od a barking sound if they are texting while it is moving.
Scout app = give traffic info, speed traps info
Shazam = record a song and help you identify it. Takes 15 second. Can see what music is used for a commercial. can offer recommendatons based of your current likes.
Shop instant shoe = tool that measures your foot and have a shape memory alloy and the soles get molded to the foot /shape
SignalGeru =Crowd sourcing traffic app = says that if you drive 38 miles you will miss red lightsWaveCraze might be another app.
Sleeptalkrecord=will record what you said in your sleep. IPhone. Lotion and jell sanitizer, baby oil
Snapshot=tracks your activities for 30 days
snapjack= app that can wipe out twitter.
Snip snap: app that replaces coupons. Instead of cutting it out take a picture. Combining all the people who are click on the same coupon. Store can scan bar code on coupon and later you when coupons are about to expire. Can do a search. Not doing grocery stores yet.
Spotify=free access to music. with ads
Sports board: analyizes the skill sets of sport players.
Streaks: calendar put in task.
SuperHeroAR=scan QR code at locations around Wal-Mart. You can play super hero games.
Taxcenteral = app on android that can check tax refund status and basic tax questions.
Terrafuga = flying car. Wings can fold up. Is a plane/car
The Holy Grail: of fraud = created at BYU that shows you which business might be good to be invested in. Software uses techniques to reveal info that companies may want to hide. This can help you. determine if this company is legit. Has 90% accuracy
Thesuperpack app = will tell you who finances a political ad (such as super packs). And points you ton nonpartisan sources i.e.:, political fact
The tracking app = app that will track stolen equipment.
Tooth fairy app = will tell the going cost for teeth. Some now pay $3 a tooth
Top 10 must have Ipad apps = mixal = social art making app, , simple writing app and great save files on icould , tweet bot = ; Kindle ap Janie’s recipies, hoot sweet, wonderlist = to do list app, , garage band, mr reader = news attrigator, twickle = scroll by tweets.
Torchtracker app= lets you follow the Olympic torch
Tree id = app that you can identify treesTweets: big companies will monitor tweets and will often respond to a complaint or request for a discount.
the twittertimes = will orgainzie tweets.
UbberSense: what ever sports you play you recdord yoruself. they pin point errors in slow motions when copare to professionals.
Uber app = will call a professional driver, adding taxie, a hybrid, and limo, and ice cream truck
udottraffic app = for iphone and android gives you traffic info, road weather, accidents etc.
UFO News = apps to give reports on strange events.\Uso offers lounges for military families in airports
Unbabyme = app that replaces baby pictures and terms
Vine twitter= app sharing only videos. they can only be 6 sec long.
Virtual fridge lock = every time it goes for an unauthorized snack it will send a notification that you cheated.
Voice Tutor = app that determines your voice type. Teachings breathing techniques
Wedding Ugs= boots with wedding themes.
Xloverblocker= app on phone. when you call your old partner it will call other people.

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