Published Works:

Pocket Troubles


Mike doesn’t like attention. Let his best friend have all of it. But for his tenth birthday, he has more than enough attention with an unpredictable birthday shirt. Strange things are happening that involve him, his entire class and perhaps the world. Every attempt to make things better only makes it worse, turning Mike’s school field trip into chaos.

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Operation Middle School Madness


Thomas is obsessed with his military video game WASP. He dreams of being a Special Ops soldier. But pretend becomes real when he moves to the cold of Alaska. Valuable equipment is being stolen from a military base. The base, family and country are in danger. Thomas and Jake must employ all their skills of game playing to catch the culprits’ behinds the thefts. They don’t have to look very far to find the key suspect at their very own school.

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In Production:

Troll Bait


Kevin’s dad is a famous geologist. Countries and corporations from around the world seek his advice. Kevin has found that his Dad’s friends are a big contributor to his success. But relationships between his dad and his ‘friends’ have become strained. This is first realized when Kevin learns of the strange geographical problems that are starting to increase around the world.

After an earthquake, Kevin finds geode rocks that float as they act as an intricate alarm system. And his house is floating. On a camping trip, Kevin is hoping that he will be able to meet his dad’s friends and continue the relationship that has been so prosperous for his dad and in turn save his world.

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Troll Bait Ch. 1

Off the Playground


This anthology contains a collection of stories of kids’ strange adventures some of which contain magical elements. They include: Magical glue, Sand that can freeze time, The test of honor, Clothes that can transfer abilities, The conquest of tree houses and moving rocks to name a few.

Life on Planet Weird


This anthology is a collection of stories of a boy’s life on the planet Raasen . Bruce and his family are part of a colonization ship that chose Raasen as their new home. Upon arrival, they find that their home has a few unexpected surprises.

Additional books are currently in the works: The books listed are either done, in production or they’re awaiting covers. If you would like to be notified when a particular book is ready, please send me an email so I can put you on the notification list. Contact me through Thanks.

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