I’ve always been interested in the genius of Tesla, so of course, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to attend a lecture about him and to see some displays of some of his technologies. I attend such a presentation at western-con 2016.

Any inaccuracies or misinformation in any of these notes is the fault of the note taker.

  • 1884 Tesla migrated to the US
  • Tesla work for Thomas Edison. Edison told Tesla if you can improve the efficiency of certain equipment I’ll give you $50,000. When Tesla did it Edison says that was a joke. Tesla quit
  • 1887 industrialists funded Tesla to improve the lightning bolt
  • Tesla built the first AC motor
  • Tesla worked for Westinghouse
  • There was a war of the currents was between Edison and GE and Tesla and Westinghouse.
  • 1890 Tesla built a transistor that could transmit electricity through the air.
  • Tesla built the Tesla coil,
  • 1891 he built the carbon ball lamp.
  • 1895 he build a wireless slam it was lionized and ionized
  • Tesla never married. He was considered an eccentric. He hated germs so he didn’t like to shake hands and wore gloves. When you go to dinner, he used a pile of napkins to clean the plates and utensils prior to eating
  • Tesla would invent an item in his head then he would sketch about for the machinist to construct and it usually worked the first time.
  • 1895 his lab burned down that contained all is working papers. He fell into a deep depression
  • Because building contractors sought out the cheapest bidder to install electricity the buildings there was a high amount of building fires. Because of that insurance companies created a list of standards that had to be followed if a builder wanted to have insurance coverage.
  • P. Morgan as Tesla did hold off on the patents and he tore them up. He knew he could create new things
  • Tesla created the first x-ray but information got burned in the fire
  • 1898 he created a radio controlled boat but the Navy was not interested
  • Colorado spring experiment created ball lightning

Do you have something to add, about this wonderful, inventive man’s life? Please share.



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Undeniable marks of a universal flood:


I attended a Book of Mormon / preparedness conference. I listened to a lot of lectures on a science called the Universal model. It presents an alternate explanation to the creation of the earth and how rocks are created. Here is the UM relationship to the flood and evidence of the flood happened.

I am trying to type in science terms and phrases and many things not accurate. I got as close as I could. Fumbling with the keyboard did not help. The inaccurate information is the fault of the note taker.

  1. Hydro fountain mark: 1985 MT. St. Helens. No lava came out Mt. Helens. Most that came out was steam and ash. Exploded so violently, it went thousands of feet in toe the air. Hgrdo water driven explosions
  2. Also an example of yellow stone.
  3. Sand mark:
  4. Erosion mark: Grand Canyon or Jordan Petra canon see massive erosive things happening. Mars had a massive flood as well.
  5. Depth mark: 30k feet of water
  6. Carbonate mark: how Limestone Mountain formed.
  7. Salt mark: largest rock crystal in the world. Salt dome tabasco is made on an island in LA state. Silt on an island with top of a salt come 99% salt
  8. Oil & gas mark: how to find it? You can find oil look next to the salt domes. Salt, gas, and oil related to each other.
  9. Coal mark: why is it not forming today?
  10. Pyrite mark (fool’s gold) not forming today except for very few places.
  11. Ore Mark:
  12. Surface mark: includes surface rose or dessert ?
  13. Diamond mark
  14. Depth mark: major sand deposits in the United States are close to Salt.
  15. Loess: grown in loess type of sentiment
  16. Hyprethem: water pressure and heat. A special environment that existed before the flood.
  17. Obsidian origin: used to make arrow heads. A Dr. could use it as a scalpel. It’s glass. Not being formed today.
  18. Basalt Origin: has not been sent to form on land because its only grown in a Hyprethems.
  • Obsidian contains up to 3% Water.  It gets created under 3K meters depth. Is how it is created.
  1. Sand mark: 1000 high sandstone no biologicals in it. Crystals that made up sandstone is crystals. It is the certmen between the crystals are red. Grains are consistently the same size.
  2. <can’t read my typing here) created pure sandstone.
  3. Ore mark: all sand in the world has magnetic (Ore) that was created by bacteria during the flood.
  4. Salt mine: geologist whose current model for salt deposit and accumulation only on evaporation of sea water
  5. Na (sodium) and cl (clodian = sale > no has to be a catalyst need balance agent. Combine these chemical eletens and HTO/ water = salt water.
  6. Ore mark: minable ore deposits are really freaks of nature. Ore follows little pathways vid hot water/pressure. All ore has a biological component today. Not being created today except in a few places. Ore got created by major forces such as a flood.
  • Tag mound is an ore factory: other forms of minerals are being created from the pressure.
  • Superior erosion ore mine have vents.
  1. inclusion mark.
  • K-T boundary theory: this is the place that identifies where the dinosaurs died. On top of the mound is Omitius material indicates flood without the universal flood, the modern worlds as we know it today would not exist.

Do you have something to add? If so, please do so in the comment section of this blog.



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Notes from for Legislators District 60 and State District 15 delegate meeting


I was called last week to be a replacement delegate. I went to the delegate meeting on Wed night and these are the notes I took on the candidates. I went to the different candidates and asked, “Why should I vote for you?” I then took notes. When I talked to other delegates, there were a lot of complaints about how bad the communication system was between leadership and the delegates. One State Central Committee, candidate expressed concern that he didn’t know about Wednesday meeting until the day before.

I sent emails to some of these people and some replied giving me their websites in case you want to read more.

Any misinformation is the fault of the note taker.

County Party Chair

Ryan Boudwin  ryan4utah.com

  • In his next term, he would like to concentrate on promoting the Republican message.
  • Q: What are your feelings toward the various tangents of the Republican Party? We are a big tent. If we can agree on 80% on issues we are good.
  • Q: What is your explanation on the citizen complaint that a signature candidate was not promoted by the Republican Party as the cactus candidate was? Ryan said that the rules of the party require that they have to be official candidate of the Republican Party and those are the people we can promote. The Signature candidate did not meet the rules of the party to be a candidate.
  • Pointed out things he promised that he says he accomplished.

Rob Craig: www.rob4chair.com

  • Previously the party treasurer
  • He feels that there needs to be a better representation to be done between the leadership and the delegates/ people. He has been disappointed with the poor communication.
  • He wants to establish more feedback between leadership and delegates/citizens and get more ideas from the ground level.
  • He wants to improve the Republican image.

Stan Lockhart

  • He withdrew from the race. He is in support of another candidate.

Craig Frank

  • He said he met the promise of getting 500 people involved in the traveling tour of politicians. He has as new goal to make it 1000 delegates/citizens
  • Previously, he was a rules guy. Had to make sure party procedures were followed precisely.


County Party Vice-Chair

Joshua Daniels https://m.facebook.com/Josh4ViceChair

  • Not present

Karen Ellingson

  • Wants to improve the reaching out effort of delegates/citizens
  • Supports and wants to protect the cactus system


County Party Secretary

Kristen Chevrier http://kristenchevrier.weebly.com/

  • Likes writing detailed notes so that there is more accurately of minutes in the meetings. That way when those notes are accessed years later there is more clarity on the point of the conversations.
  • She wants to streamline the cactus system.
  • She was involved in grassroots groups and in the education program
  • She has been involved in Republican Party for 25 yrs.


Heidi Balderree

  • I feel I can offer a new perspective. She’s been involved for several years. I can see issues with new eyes. She has a goal to respond to emails/communications within 48 hours.
  • For education, she has a master’s degree in HR and resources. He has contributed to campaign committees.
  • Has worked with various organizations to improve her skills.
  • She is a current precinct chair.
  • Others asked for her help in their organizations, because of what she has accomplished previously.


County Party Treasurer

Amelia Powers

  • She withdrew from the race. She is in support of another candidate.

David Lamb

  • Not present


State Central Committee filings;  SD 15 – 4 Seats (they give advice to Republican leadership)

Donald Monson

  • He supports conservative values.
  • Likes and has done work in support of charter schools and to have their funding just like public schools have.

Josman Cereceres

  • He worked for Jason Chavez campaign.
  • Wants to get ideas from those he represents and get their ideas up to leadership.
  • Like both the cactus and signature process for people to run for politics.

Cole Souza

  • Not present

John English

  • Not present

Richard Jaussi

  • Not present

Val Peterson (Legislator)

  • Not present

Keith Grover (Legislator)

  • Not present

Margaret Dayton (Legislator)

  • Not present

Peggy Burdett

  • Not present

Arturo Morales LLan

  • Not present


Do you know any of these people? Go ahead and give your feedback in the comment section of this blog.


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Spelling alliances: 


Good: alliances

Bad:  alliences

Alliances are created by people who share the same goal or mindset. Notice that the first and second vowels are As. They are the same and thus share the same value. AlliAnces.


If you have a better suggestion, please feel free to share in the comment section of this blog.


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Writing recommendations: 


While attending life the universe and everything symposium, I attend the panel on writing. I lost the title, sorry. I got some great ideas and wanted to share my notes. Any inaccuracies or misinformation in any of these notes is the fault of the note taker.

  • Set up rhythm and word choice in the beginning of a unique characters diction. And then had to speak normally elsewhere with an occasional reminder of how they rightly speak otherwise you to slow the reader down trying to wade through their diction.
  • You can use contractions
  • Be careful of using any unusual words that can stop the reader from reading.
  • Make sure your dialogue feature character
  • Every word isn’t impactable.
  • Listen to the radio shows of NPR. It’s good to listen as they bear down to the central points
  • Each character has their own agenda.
  • As a test, pick a topic. Have each character with their own different opinion on that topic. They will sound different
  • Stark raving mad TV show check it out

Do you have something to add? Please do so in the comment section of this blog.

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Finding valuable content for your Facebook page: 


I watched a video made by some Utah toastmasters’ members on Finding valuable content for your Facebook page. This is my final notes from the video. This knowledge can be used in multiple areas.  Any misinformation is the fault of the note taker:

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O03fG4puVUo&feature=youtu.be

  • Finding valuable content to put on your page. Always keep it related to the club or their interests, like to put in information about members, their accomplishments etc.. Someone who won a contest or maybe someone is under the weather.  Steps: the more your page ‘likes’ other pages. The more you will get a page feed. It’s like your own personal newsfeed but it’s for pages that you have liked.  Admin will like other pages like other club, Ted talks, public speaker websites, storytelling or nation toastmasters. Maybe sites that are funny.  It creates a page feed of article that you can access and post on your page. One you liked something you share that link on your page.
  • The way to get your page to like another page:

Go to the website or article you want to like.

Click on the more/ […]

Scroll down until you find is an option to ‘like as your page’. There is all the pages you’ve liked as a page. (open the arrow to see your list)

Go back up to the pages feed. You will see the news feed of all the pages you like.

Chose the page you like.

Go to share button click on the […]

Chose share to a page. Select […]

You have a choice select to a group or page. Select page.

Confirm what page and type something in.

  • Underneath the section where you type, you have the option of clicking on the button [ ] to make the feed look like you’re the source. Many people ignore that as they like to give the original site credit for their content.
  • Go ahead and post it. It shows up on your page. This helps you add wonderful content to your page.
  • Some administrator will post a google voice. Where someone can call a toll free number and it will translate verbal message a phone and then it gets transcribed into an email and sent to the person you indicate.

Q&A Section:

How to boost a post:

  • Hit boost post.
  • It will prompt for a credit card.
  • Once you’ve done a boost you can alter what type of audience to target.
  • Start for $5. Test it. To see which audience gives you best results
  • Might be best for promoting an event.

Where can you create a web page?

  • Thorough toastmasters, you can access a website template. They have agendas already on-line. You could fill out your assignments on the page.
  • For your club, it is recommended to have multiple club members an admin in case if someone leaves. Have at least two or three who are admins to your Facebook.
  • May have to create a new website if you can’t contact the old admin. Try to contact the first admin and ask them to add you as an admin. Someone creates a new page and merge the old people over by inviting them to the new page.
  • Go ahead and google ‘Toast Toast’ is a toastmaster’s employee in charge of the website. Do it from the search box on TM’s website. Whoever is in your club membership could be admins.
  • The admin is the one who can add or kill/remove people from the list.
  • You could add a person to your Facebook page as an editor so they can add but not as an admin.
  • Free host toast is club website for providers not through toastmasters. If you use that there is a header for Social Media links. When you edit that page the person who provides the site helps forward your info.

How does Facebook compare to word press?

  • Word press is an option to setup a password. Your web name/path will have word press as part of the name.
  • If you choose to you toastmaster’s web page people report it has a very easy web editor. TM even has help files to help. Or you could post a question to ask for help.

How to view your web page as a visitor would see it?

  • Let’s say you put some content under the about box of your page and you want to see how it looks.
  • You need to be an admin.
  • Got to about your page.
  • Click on the […] There should be an option to view the page as a visitor.


If you use Facebook a lot and have additional tricks on how to promote an organization or yourself, please feel free to share your knowledge.


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What is a paradigm? 


What you have experienced will influence how you filter and interpret things.

Here is an object lesson to teach this concept.

Ask your students what is the worth of two dimes?

They will say 20 cents, as this is the worth of today’s dimes. But here’s the twist. But here’s an alternative view. Two dimes from the years of 1854 to 1964 contained 90% silver and were at that time worth 20 cents. Those two dimes minted then were 20 cents but today their actual worth, because of their silver content, is now worth $2.93.

Use this as an example of a paradigm.

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The difference between freedom and liberty:


I think the following are notes from an Eagles forum that I attended in 2015.  These notes are from a presentation given by Jim Norlander. Any misinformation is the fault of the note taker.

  • Where in the Constitution doesn’t order same-sex marriage, abortion, pornography?
  • Declaration of independence is the spirit of the Constitution Ark of the covenant.
  • Our founding fathers gave us laws influence by the laws of God. Anything that violates God’s law would be against the law in the United States. One line of the Constitution, we hold these truths to be self-evident
  • Second Corinthians 3:17
  • James 1:25:
  • James 2:12
  • Liberty is an adherence to God’s principles.
  • The preamble of the Constitution: is securing the blessings of liberty.
  • When legislating each law we must ask, does it maintain liberty? Who doesn’t serve?
  • Never lose our freedom to protect liberty. Galatians 5:1
  • Justice Breyer says the Constitution is a living document as circumstances change that the Constitution would change.
  • John Adams said the Constitution is written for a moral and religious people

Do you have something to add? Please do so in the comment section of this blog.


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Spelling Rhyme:


Good: rhyme

Bad: ryme


I consistently spell this word wrong. A long so church song/ hymns will ryme. So if I can remember Hymns rHyme maybe I can remember rHyme.

If you have a better suggestion, please feel free to share in the comment section of this blog.

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While attending life the universe and everything symposium, I attend the panel on revision. I got some great ideas and wanted to share my notes. Any inaccuracies or misinformation in any of these notes is the fault of the note taker.

  • Revision is a reconstruction of work that may provide new information. Once you have a list of drafts you can go back through and see what you can keep, modify or take away.
  • A revision can make the plot stronger if the reader does not get what you intended; There are alternate ways to revise.
  • Some writers will read the previous scene before writing the next thing to get them in the mood of story
  • Some authors will do succession of passes with each one dedicated to specific form of editing such as timeline, clothing, passive voice, dialogue and to make sure the dialogue is different.
  • Also have a pass on descriptions and sensory details.
  • Dialogue should match the characters and the tension. All dialogue should have a purpose.
  • For each moment of tension in the story can change the direction of the story.
  • See that each scene moves the story along. If it doesn’t then maybe consider cutting.
  • Don’t put anything in the book that you don’t want your characters to do.
  • People tend to gloss over long paragraphs.
  • Some people read the last chapter first.
  • Have someone else read your chapters to you. Ask yourself questions about how each character is different.
  • Print a hard copy you will often catch more that way.

Do you have something to add? Please do so in the comment section of this blog.

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