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This was a workshop at Toastmasters conference on how to discover your identify. It is based on a true story find the essence of you. William Boardman.


  • What stories do? Share an idea, inspire us, entertain us, paint pictures, and connect us. It’s about the human experiences.
  • When you meet someone you just met and you can share stories of one another and connect with each other.
  • You will each ant to create a story that tells who you are, what defines you.
  • We’re going to write our own obituary: an obituary describes your life, gives a history.
  • An obituary wants to tell what is the essence of you. The End.
  • Maybe include a favorite quote ie “a rising tide lifts all ships”
  • This project is to help you determine what you value.
  • Your life story has 3 lengths. 30 min to grandchild. B. 2 min in an elevator. 3. One line that defines your essence.
  • Provide a story that is a good example of what defines you.
  • Success book: document your success. Document all your successes in a binder book. Graduation, degrees, awards, experiences, list rankings you’ve achieved. This will remind you how successful you are. The nature of the human mind is to see our own faults.
  • We don’t realize how phonemical we are. People will often complement and the person will swipe it away
  • Maybe the success book and document what people said about you.
  • When someone is kind, post that acknowledges of their kindness on Facebook.
  • There are there awards and certificates. License. Ham radio, where have you traveled. School programs you’ve attempted to do. Someone who obtained their DTM would warrant into success book.
  • Your acquaintances wish you well. Friends help you now.
  • What are your successes at work?
  • If you faced challenges and overcame those challenges.
  • Did you overcome an injustice?
  • Family and friends may have a shared memory that can be documented.
  • See has other observations of others about you.
  • Book: the story factor. You can give your opinion to someone by sharing it in a story.
  • Book: thinking fast and slow by Danial Kaheman.
  • Persuasion:
  • Book: never split the difference. By a hostage negotiator.
  • Are there any old stories that have changed with new relating and perspective?
  • Conflict> who or what have you overcome.
  • Always use humor in your story.
  • What do others appreciate about you?
  • If you ever get a thank you card, write those cards down in your journal.
  • What are your passions? Work may not be your passion. What exits you?
  • What are your happy moments? Show how smart you are.
  • Your success and failures in life and success override your failures.

Do you have something to add? If so please provide feedback in the comment section of the blog. Thanks

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