Drawing on the power of Jesus Christ in our lives


Notes from a talk. Any misinformation is the fault of the note taker.

  • Check out Russel M Nelson may 2017 conference.
  • Learn of Christ by Study the scriptures, prayer and to serve in our calling fully.
  • In the topical guide (on page 240 it has a list of 18 pgs. of Jesus Christ references. This may make a great way to study the scriptures for a yr study.
  • Document on the website called The Living Christ. > Link
  • The atonement is an act performed by Jesus Christ. The verbs that represent the actions of Christ’s atonement. Broke, suffered, paid, blots out, deliver, repentance,
  • We are insufficient to be saved; it requires an act of Christ to fill the gap.
  • We have a tendency to move forward and view the rearview mirror of our past mistakes. The atonement can cleanse our past when we repent. We can direct our attention to moving forward.
  • If we invest time in learning of the atonement we will gain increased faith in Christ. Faith motivates us to action.
  • Some people will do a morning affirmations of positive thoughts of themselves and their positive relationships with Christ and God.
  • Mark 5:24-34 a woman touched his cloak
  • Just be grateful
  • Israel was told to remember the Lord.
  • Lord healed 10 leapers and only one said thanks where are the other 9?
  • Why didn’t we give thanks: things are ok and we don’t think to thank God.

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