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Here is more great writing advice from Life, the Universe, and Everything. The theme of the presentation is about book covers images. It’s a continuation of the book cover panel. Any misinformation is the fault of the note taker.

  • Does the image influence the mood of the book?
  • Does it alter the rules of layout?
  • Is there room or an obvious place for text?
  • A book cover is used to create an emotion.
  • Does it set a mood or expectation?
  • We look in a cover in thirds. Create grid lines on a book to see what is shows where. 9 grids in a cover.
  • You only put author if they are a big name. New people.
  • Google the rule of thirds.
  • American view left to right.
  • You need to have figures in the book facing the way that the book opens. The image wants to invite people to open the book
  • Your image needs to provide room for text
  • Contrasts are good.
  • Faces will always draw you in.
  • Attractive bias: is they are pretty, people buy it.
  • Cut off head or eyes covers trying to make the book universally relatable.
  • The use of colors: can google it
  • Book in a series should look the same.
  • Need to remember your book as a thumbnail.
  • Interview cover artist’s knowledge of 3, motions etc.

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