Forgiveness between a couple:  



There are notes taken for this week’s marriage and relations class. Any inaccuracies is the fault of the note taker.

  • Forgiveness could be considered looking at the value of someone else over their shortcomings. Accept them in spite of their shortcomings.
  • when someone forgives another they feel at peace and lighten the weight of grudge in my heart
  • Gordon B Hinkly: forgiveness is the greatest virtue. …
  • Pride can get in the way of forgiveness.
  • If we come to talk about an issue to each other and not let the resentment build, it works better.
  • Matt 6:14-15 forgive your trespasses and the father will forgive yours.
  • In most cases, we are married for a short time before we offend our spouse. To develop a solid marriage we need to address conflict and ask for forgiveness.
  • To be effective in apologies, they must be sincere and heartfelt.
  • Many times contention in families is due to people not willing to apologize for something they did.
  • A good apology is to also state the things that you did that was the cause behind the apology.
  • In communication, the spouse needs to tell their partner of why they felt bad to help their partner understand them.
  • Sometimes people are willing to forgiveness once they have a chance to retaliate against the hurt they gave. Maybe giving a partner the silent treatment a bit aft the apology.
  • Sometimes the hurt partner needs to feel that their partner knows that they are truly sorry. Maybe provide an act to compensate.
  • Hurt feelings don’t just go away; sometimes it takes an act of the atonement to truly cleanse the hurt.
  • Longtime guilt that can last for years also needs the atonement to cleanse.
  • When tempted to give a partner the silent treatment, just tell them lets come back a little later. I’m not ready to talk yet. That way the partner knows you are not ignoring them.
  • The silent treatment can make the partner feel helpless.

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