8 step solution publishing access:


I believe I got this info from a workshop I attended.

 Ask why a book is effective.

  • You become an authority whenever you do something that you are living.
  • You as an author will evaluate. And how to get speaking engagements.
  • Books and never thrown away. We need to focus on more than book sells.
  • It is not about how many books to sell and how your books sell you.
  • The primary objective of your book is to show how your book can help you as the author.
  • Provide lectures, speaking engagements, business opportunities.
  • Wright the right content. Interview people who are experts in the information you want to share. Be a reporter. Learn how to interview people.
  • Design awesome covers. Need to touch upon psychological trigger points.
  • Captive reads for existing businesses.
  • Boost your sales.
  • Get free publicity this includes global the city.
  • Get other people to pay for everything. Show them the social benefits of promoting your message.
  • Make a decision. Rich people make a decision and run with it. They rarely change their decision.

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