Notes from for Legislators District 60 and State District 15 delegate meeting


I was called last week to be a replacement delegate. I went to the delegate meeting on Wed night and these are the notes I took on the candidates. I went to the different candidates and asked, “Why should I vote for you?” I then took notes. When I talked to other delegates, there were a lot of complaints about how bad the communication system was between leadership and the delegates. One State Central Committee, candidate expressed concern that he didn’t know about Wednesday meeting until the day before.

I sent emails to some of these people and some replied giving me their websites in case you want to read more.

Any misinformation is the fault of the note taker.

County Party Chair

Ryan Boudwin

  • In his next term, he would like to concentrate on promoting the Republican message.
  • Q: What are your feelings toward the various tangents of the Republican Party? We are a big tent. If we can agree on 80% on issues we are good.
  • Q: What is your explanation on the citizen complaint that a signature candidate was not promoted by the Republican Party as the cactus candidate was? Ryan said that the rules of the party require that they have to be official candidate of the Republican Party and those are the people we can promote. The Signature candidate did not meet the rules of the party to be a candidate.
  • Pointed out things he promised that he says he accomplished.

Rob Craig:

  • Previously the party treasurer
  • He feels that there needs to be a better representation to be done between the leadership and the delegates/ people. He has been disappointed with the poor communication.
  • He wants to establish more feedback between leadership and delegates/citizens and get more ideas from the ground level.
  • He wants to improve the Republican image.

Stan Lockhart

  • He withdrew from the race. He is in support of another candidate.

Craig Frank

  • He said he met the promise of getting 500 people involved in the traveling tour of politicians. He has as new goal to make it 1000 delegates/citizens
  • Previously, he was a rules guy. Had to make sure party procedures were followed precisely.


County Party Vice-Chair

Joshua Daniels

  • Not present

Karen Ellingson

  • Wants to improve the reaching out effort of delegates/citizens
  • Supports and wants to protect the cactus system


County Party Secretary

Kristen Chevrier

  • Likes writing detailed notes so that there is more accurately of minutes in the meetings. That way when those notes are accessed years later there is more clarity on the point of the conversations.
  • She wants to streamline the cactus system.
  • She was involved in grassroots groups and in the education program
  • She has been involved in Republican Party for 25 yrs.


Heidi Balderree

  • I feel I can offer a new perspective. She’s been involved for several years. I can see issues with new eyes. She has a goal to respond to emails/communications within 48 hours.
  • For education, she has a master’s degree in HR and resources. He has contributed to campaign committees.
  • Has worked with various organizations to improve her skills.
  • She is a current precinct chair.
  • Others asked for her help in their organizations, because of what she has accomplished previously.


County Party Treasurer

Amelia Powers

  • She withdrew from the race. She is in support of another candidate.

David Lamb

  • Not present


State Central Committee filings;  SD 15 – 4 Seats (they give advice to Republican leadership)

Donald Monson

  • He supports conservative values.
  • Likes and has done work in support of charter schools and to have their funding just like public schools have.

Josman Cereceres

  • He worked for Jason Chavez campaign.
  • Wants to get ideas from those he represents and get their ideas up to leadership.
  • Like both the cactus and signature process for people to run for politics.

Cole Souza

  • Not present

John English

  • Not present

Richard Jaussi

  • Not present

Val Peterson (Legislator)

  • Not present

Keith Grover (Legislator)

  • Not present

Margaret Dayton (Legislator)

  • Not present

Peggy Burdett

  • Not present

Arturo Morales LLan

  • Not present


Do you know any of these people? Go ahead and give your feedback in the comment section of this blog.


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