Writing recommendations: 


While attending life the universe and everything symposium, I attend the panel on writing. I lost the title, sorry. I got some great ideas and wanted to share my notes. Any inaccuracies or misinformation in any of these notes is the fault of the note taker.

  • Set up rhythm and word choice in the beginning of a unique characters diction. And then had to speak normally elsewhere with an occasional reminder of how they rightly speak otherwise you to slow the reader down trying to wade through their diction.
  • You can use contractions
  • Be careful of using any unusual words that can stop the reader from reading.
  • Make sure your dialogue feature character
  • Every word isn’t impactable.
  • Listen to the radio shows of NPR. It’s good to listen as they bear down to the central points
  • Each character has their own agenda.
  • As a test, pick a topic. Have each character with their own different opinion on that topic. They will sound different.
  • Stark raving mad TV show check it out.
  • Create a short booklet of about 100 pages long. Have the book contain the first chapters of various books you’re written. You can distribute these short books to cons and wee what new readers you can get.

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