Here are more notes on a great panel at Life the Universe and Everything SF/F symposium. The topic is on Queries.

– Gather all the information you need on agents and your query is well phrased with your personality so that you can take away the stiffn3ss of an overly worked query because you want to create an emotional connection between the editor or agent with your letter. They want to determine if you are bankable.
– You want to create different lengths of the pitch. Go to add pitch on twitter. We have to do a pidgin hundred 40 characters. There’s also which madness on March 11. And that pitch is limited to 35
– Remember the three C’s under the pitch clarity, concise, compelling. It must have an emotional book in the longer pitch in these contain the hero. The goal of the book the obstacles and the consequences of failure. The consequences may be personal to the character. The one quote says death of a person is a tragedy of the death of a nation or world is a statistic.
– Look up Bloglines in Google. Also check scriptee.com
– You don’t need the name of the character. The magazine publishing house has good examples of concise examples of book outlines.
– Don’t like Pictures
– Look at the back cover copy of books that have been published to get examples of concise plot.
– You do tell how book ends in a pitch.

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