Places for Rent suggestions:


I have a friend who is looking for a new place to rent. Hummm what a great topic for our blog of lists? For your reading/ renting pleasure.

– Things to ask: if you are only there during the week, a small place might do just fine. If security is important, then a ground floor flat may be out. If you have a car, then a parking space is a must.
– make a to do list
– Google: Type in your city or county name with some characteristics you desire, such as “walkable,” “historic district” or “charming downtown.”
– Furnished or not?
– Craigslist & Newspapers — Housing Wanted, “apts / housing” section
– Find Realtors that Deal with Rentals
– Look for Houses That Are Not Selling
– Try Bing Maps’ Bird’s Eye View. Just type in the address, hit Aerial and then Bird’s eye for an overhead vista of the house and the neighborhood.
– pay for utilities or not
– schedule movers several weeks in advance and you can price shop
– search online for your city and the words “moderate income housing”
– check out membership mom groups will have an email loop that you can join before you move to your new city
– Tub, shower, shower attachment?
– In college or university in your city, Sabbatical Homes are temporarily vacated by college staff
– laundry facilities
– for a potential neighborhood, contact the citizens’ association to see if they can offer any advice on finding rentals in the area
– purge and donate old clothes, furniture, and accessories
– yard and/or garden area
– Interested in a house you found online, try checking out the neighborhood with Google Maps’ Street View.
– Location schools, stores, park public transportation?
– affordable rent more challenges because more people are renting rather than buying
– pack an overnight/ one weeks bag so you can live out of that while to settle in
– on lines ads may be more recent than newspapers ads
– Email everyone and ask about the city your moving to. Once you make the connections, ask what neighborhoods they like best
– Share accommodations with/without landlord?

Rent sites: type in the maximum rent you want to pay by zip code
Homefinder: rentals, houses for sale, foreclosures. Exactly what it sounds like, this will connect you to local listings.
Hotpads: interactive map to find a new place.
I Am Moving: take care of letting over 1,500 organizations know where you’re going lists reputable movers in your area. Learn tab and get all sorts of details about a neighborhood
Padmapper: interactive map to pinpoint all of the rentals
People With Pets: A resource for people who are looking for pet-friendly new homes.
Sociallisting: taps into your own friends via your social networks Operated by the official National Association of Realtors, this site is legit.
Rent Jungle: choose features you can’t live without, like a fireplace or hardwood floors,; by zip code
StreetEasy: only in certain metro areas
Trulia: houses, apartments, local realtors.
Zillow: real estate network on the web


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