The value of supporters


The Roots and twigs story telling retreat got canceled due to insufficient numbers of attendees to make the event worthwhile. That’s a bit sad for those of us who have prepared presentations. Guess that means I can spend the weekend trying to finish up the new scenes to my YA book Pursued.

The cancelation makes me realize how important it is for people to support an event or cause. It’s not fun to work so hard on putting something together and no one shows up. My key example is when I did Etcetera One and had a movie director; a previous mayor, a judge and a historian give presentations at a local library on their specific fields. It was a bad turn out. I wager principals of the county schools didn’t think the event was worth notifying their teachers about, which is sad.

When I hosted a political gathering where two candidates spoke and greeted citizens, that worked out okay because I was able to invite state and county delegates. The delegates wanted to make informed decisions. Now the story telling retreat didn’t go through. I’ll have to remember to try to support activities just to support those who put them on. I’ll have to learn the trick to making people excited about wanting to attend or support something.

Kudos to anyone who hosts an event and extra kudos when you know how to get people excited about your event. Good job.

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