Difference between minor and miner


Difference between minor and miner

I still get messed up on properly using minor/miner. In one of my writing groups whe read a manuscript where I was using it improperly and it reminded her of a scene in the wonderful movie Galaxy Quest. One actor says to the other its miner not minor talking about small aliens. What a great movie. The fact that some of it was filmed in Goblin Valley in Utah was great too. I met the guy, David Howard, when he attended Life the Universe and Everything symposium at BYU a few years ago. He came up with the plot. He is a delightful and talented man. Ahh but on to business.

Miner: An individual who digs tunnels and brings minerals out of the ground. If I use the stereotype, I often think of guys covered in coal dust that are minors. E as in hE is a minEr.

Minor: A child or teen that is still under age, something less than what it is being compared to. Since big OR small and tall OR short is a means of comparison I think of the last of the word minOR as the way to remember which minor to use.

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